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Your wonderful to-do & task list to make all things done and get life well organized.

Image from store TickTick - Todo & Task List
Description from store Your daily must-have to-do & task list to make all things done and get life well organised. What's new? - Fix issue with Gmail Split View P.S. This feature asks for permissions to access your data on website, tabs and browsing activity in accordance with Google Chrome Permissions. ** TickTick for iOS available now! https://itunes.apple.com/app/tick-tick/id626144601 ** ** TickTick for Android available now! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ticktick.task ** TickTick is a simple and effective to-do & task list, which helps you to make everything done and witness all important moments in life. TickTick’s cross-platform apps enables you to manage tasks on all your devices such as iOS, Android and Chrome. Besides, it allows you to backup & sync tasks on TickTick.com, where you can elegantly arrange your time & schedule. Life can be so different with TickTick at hand. TickTick Chrome Extension’s key features include: - Sync all your to-do’s across all devices - Recurring tasks and instant time reminder - Drag tasks to rearrange order - Create subtasks in checklist - Add notes to tasks - Plan agenda in calendar view - Classify tasks into folders & Archive completed tasks - Instant count undone tasks - Share task list to collaborate - Convert google emails into tasks Stay in touch: Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ticktickteam Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tick-Tick/114408518756703

Latest reviews

  • (2021-03-19) The 2 Sisters: So bad! Hated it! Litterally! 😡😡😡😡 who needs to-do list 📃 while you can write it!
  • (2021-03-11) Anthony A. Taylor: You're so funny and cute!
  • (2021-03-09) Siew Jia Xuan: I loved it very much about this To-Do List app. Even though the main function is same with the other to - do list apps , but I love this the most because writing notes & putting priority is the function that I like very much . It can also put the tag and classify the task . For premium version , we can also have the agenda & calendar. Highly recommended . 👍
  • (2021-03-08) L L: 微信登陆去哪了
  • (2021-03-07) Alireza Qa: I think its better than others simple and useful in free plan
  • (2021-03-06) 510519101 AMAN_GUPTA: At the time of adding time and date in my task, Calender got cut .
  • (2021-02-27) Roy Tam: For those who has not yet tried this app, it is a must to try this app out! I started using this app since last year. It have been helping me organised my life very well. Compared to other To-do apps, I would say this one comes with a much better designed! 還未用過它的,真的要快點試試!我由疫情期間開始用它,它設計的功能非常貼心,真的非常非常貼心,而且我也曾經寫過建議給團隊,他們都很耐心的回應我,謝謝!老實說,沒打算再轉用另外同類的應用了。
  • (2021-02-08) NCT BEST BOYS: i love this but rated 4 because it suddenly stopped working and i don't know why. it helped me with tracking my projects so far but when i was about to check the list again, i can't even click on it.
  • (2021-02-08) David: It's most annoying feature is that it often logs me out, then invites me to sign in again, and then sends me an email to tell me that someone signed in. Yes Yes Yes !! I know that. It was me. You asked me to do so. If you didn't keep signing me out, it wouldn't be necessary
  • (2021-01-31) Y.F Yang: 好用。但刚发现其 /scripts/contentscript.js 在网页加载时会用掉大量CPU,不知道在做什么。请提供选项禁用历史记录API使用、右键菜单添加等。
  • (2021-01-28) Çağla Aytaç Dursun: Çok iyi.
  • (2021-01-20) hui zhou: 没法登录呀?
  • (2021-01-19) Jada Reid: Really like this. Very organized. I had a bit of trouble opening the extension after I downloaded but I now just keep it as a tab. I LOVE the tags, makes everything organized. I would like if you added a notebook (idk if you have one already). Other than that, good! It helps me complete my homework!
  • (2021-01-09) manfred gschaider: bin in der Testphase - mit ABO. Bis dato sehr gut, Was mir konkret fehlt sind Videos auf Deutsch. Es gibt sehr viele Kombinationsmöglichkeiten und vor allem die Druckmöglichkeit und die "KAN BAN" Ansicht erweitert das Ganze sehr.
  • (2020-12-22) Krzysztof Płocharz: Awesome todo list. Synchronizes with Android and has web interface. Chrome plugin could load slightly faster.
  • (2020-12-09) Sebastian Grandes: Tick Tick es la mejor aplicación de entre todas, yo mismo lo comparé con las demás y es realmente completa. Esta versión de extensión puede mejorar enormemente, ojalá en poco tiempo sea mejor.
  • (2020-12-03) 향숙: 모바일버전만 오래 쓰다가 크롬버전을 이제 찾아서 찾아서 깔았는데 진짜 좋아요
  • (2020-11-24) Андрій Філенко: It would be great if it could be possible to set task list as Chrome's home page
  • (2020-11-23) Probly: Best
  • (2020-11-19) Carolina Montoya Morales: Solo es buena si la tengo en mi celular, aquí es bastante molesta por que si hago una lista nueva aparece el nombre que se le de la gana, si marco como hecho algo no aparece en mi celular, los hábitos no aparecen ademas me gustaria que se pudiera abrir en una pagina de Google y no que abra otra cosa
  • (2020-11-19) Alper ian: add to tick tick doesn't work correctly. stuck on popup loading screen
  • (2020-11-17) Lam-Tung Nguyen: This is by far simply THE BEST task manager I have ever used in EVERY aspect!
  • (2020-10-30) Gangesh Gudmalwar: Support sucks on this
  • (2020-10-23) 許家偉: 會偷跳廣告,還藏在桌面最角落,偷偷摸摸地,垃圾應用,不建議安裝
  • (2020-10-19) Mert Daglaroglu: I've just installed Ticktick and app's itself looks good. However Chrome extension is against the entire idea of extension because it opens a popup which will work in the background. I was expecting an on-screen solution like Check Plus for Gmail or many other ones. Hope they improve this.
  • (2020-10-18) Дмитрий К: Ставить расширение ради того, чтобы открыть сайт в окне браузера? Это не серьёзно, товарищи...
  • (2020-10-12) cherinet.2020 Kebede: shalom tv mida managere
  • (2020-10-12) Kpop Fans: Can't find best extension than this on whole web store.
  • (2020-10-10) Kaaviyaa .S. V.: It was the best extension for productivity. It includes all sorts of our needs such as to-do list, Pomodoro Technique, habit tracker and calander and so on........
  • (2020-10-10) god Nirmal: titok is best.
  • (2020-10-04) Mohammed Abushawarib: I really Like the Android version. but I find this extension annoying because it opens a new window pop-up instead of an integrated one
  • (2020-10-02) Miguel Ortiz: Recently several tasks just "disappear" ... it is not consistent between web and chrome extension .. the task are re rearranged with no order or logic I used to liked buy now I found not reliable
  • (2020-09-24) Paolo Peraza Muñoz: Very useful to have in chrome up top
  • (2020-09-23) Haonan Feng: 有个硬伤,这个因为网络环境在tiktick和滴答清单之间乱跳,这就很烦,不能出两个插件嘛?
  • (2020-09-23) Ariel H Fellay: No esta en español
  • (2020-09-22) Rafael Gonçalves: button in gmail not working
  • (2020-09-22) Sumanth Kanakamedala: Awesome app.Could you please add dark theme on chrome add on, That's the only one which misses in chrome extension
  • (2020-09-15) Mats D: This extension doesn't work anymore. When I right click and choose "Add to Ticktick" Ticktick window open and dots load and load and load..... This has worked earlier and not sure why this won't work anymore.
  • (2020-09-13) Katherine Busiek: I use it for putting in upcoming due dates for work/classes. It's great for that, I was able to categorize all my classes and specific job areas and using the "Next 7 Days" view has been way more helpful for me than a calendar. Might have to splurge for the premium if I want access to the calendar option. I have occasionally noticed some tiny glitches. For example once I had 2 items showing up under "Tuesday" but you could see on the side it was actually for Wednesday and Thursday. A quick click over fixed it though.
  • (2020-09-13) Kate: Ticktick is the best, it is super helpful and always keeps me on track! It reminds me to do stuff I would've otherwise forgotten. I'm so much more productive with it :)
  • (2020-09-12) Huria Alamgir: It is a pretty good extension but it needs more features. Needs to have more features so it can be more useful. Its also kind of hard to use it because of the way it is set up. I can see it when I make it into a mini screen so I can look at my tasks and do them at the same time.
  • (2020-09-04) Yuki Mo: nice
  • (2020-08-30) Akshdeep RAJAWAT: I love tick tick Android app but How can i play white noise when using chrome extension ?
  • (2020-08-29) eryi: 我的滴答清单是用微信账号登录的,在chrome扩展中没有这个登录方式?
  • (2020-08-19) jiayi c: 打开很慢都可以忍的真的,但是为什么经常打开等半天就显示三个点,就加载不出来了啊呜呜呜(能不能开全凭运气吗哭了
  • (2020-08-19) zh k: 怎么切换国内版和国外版啊,尼玛,没法切换,直接提示账户不存在///解决了,先去官方网站登录一下
  • (2020-07-15) 孔垂鑫: 为什么不能记住窗口大小呢?
  • (2020-07-09) J. Gustavo Munoz: MKBHD Promoted it for a good reason! The feel to this tasks app is very straight forward, after growing accustomed to it, I definitely can say it's helped me stay organized with school and other activities I need to keep up with!
  • (2020-07-06) 李子木: 默认是ticktick,用的是google等快捷登录,为啥不能用qq,wechat快捷登录呢
  • (2020-06-29) Muhammad Fachry Nur Aiman: membantu sekali

Latest issues

  • (2014-06-05, v:0.4.5) Magnus Gustavsson: Task disappears without being added to the list when pressing enter
    About half the times when adding a new task in the top box in the extension and then pressing enter, the new task does not get added to my task list and just disappears. Really annoying. I have noticed that closing the extension window and opening it up again usually fixes the problem. However, it's a really annoying problem as I add most of my tasks through the extension.
  • (2014-04-28, v:0.4.4) Neil Hart: Richt click keeps breaking
    Only fixed sometimes when I uninstall and reinstall the extension. Really frustrating. Also, when it does work seems to be missing the category drop-down box at the bottoam left?
  • (2014-04-16, v:0.4.3) Jesson Zhou: android
  • (2014-03-30, v:0.4.1) Aly June: Slows down gmail labeling....had to uninstall
    Loving it so far. But I noticed that it seems to slow down my keyboard shortcut for labeling and when clicking the label button in gmail. Had to remove because it truly slows me down...and hinders my ability to work.
  • (2014-03-17, v:0.4.1) Evan Wilder: Gmail "Add to TickTick" button opens by itself
    Steps to reproduce: 1. Open an email without any dates in Chrome. 2. Go to the next email that includes dates. 3. The issue is +++The TickTick button opens up automatically. As I scroll down in my email the button covers the message itself. +++The button looks bad when all it says is "Due date !!! !! ! !!!" What kind of craziness has 9 exclamation points? I'm not setting a due date for anything that needs 9 exclamations. Furthermore, why does it open up? It should stay closed until I click it. Here is a photo of the button when it is opened by itself: https://www.dropbox.com/s/krorxaaqf0e1cd7/ticktick.jpg
  • (2014-01-18, v:0.3.10) Website down
    will not sync and website does not come up
  • (2013-12-01, v:0.3.7) LG: reminder system
    I am looking for a task system that will provide a reminder for a time set on a task that will show up no matter what I am doing on my computer. I've notice that your "reminder" only appears on "ticktick.com" browser page. This does not help me as I am performing many tasks on other web sites, applications, etc. Is it possible to link this to the google reminders and notifications systeem? Or are you going to provide some other type of reminder/notification so you don't miss the time you have set for a task. Thanks.
  • (2013-10-07, v:0.3.7) John Kachoris: "Add To TickTick" button is missing
    In my Gmail the "Add To TickTick" button is missing. I uninstalled the extension and then reinstalled it. I closed and then re-opened Gmail. Nothing. It's gone. If I open an email in its own window then the button is there! But the link it puts at the bottom of the TickTick task after I do that does not work. It opens an empty window. Is this a bug with the "new" Chrome (the one with the app icon and no more black bar?).
  • (2013-10-05, v:0.3.7) Agnese Kalniņa: Importing tasks from Google calendar Task list
    Hello! I don't understand how can I import all the tasks I have in my Google Calendar, list of Tasks. Is there any such option? Also, I installed the TickTick on my phone, and there is an option to import GTasks [I have been using GTasks a lot], but the importing is failing all the time. What should I do? Thanks!
  • (2013-10-02, v:0.3.7) Gmail task creation not working
    I have cleared and restarted Chrome but still cannot create a task using the extension in Gmail. It always tells me to login first despite being logged in.


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