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Your wonderful to-do & task list to make all things done and get life well organized.

Image from store TickTick - Todo & Task List
Description from store Your daily must-have to-do & task list to make all things done and get life well organized. What's new? - New options to show the badge count - Keyboard shortcuts to create new task P.S. This feature asks for permissions to access your data on website, tabs and browsing activity in accordance with Google Chrome Permissions. ** TickTick for iOS available now! https://itunes.apple.com/app/tick-tick/id626144601 ** ** TickTick for Android available now! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ticktick.task ** TickTick is a simple and effective to-do & task list, which helps you to make everything done and witness all important moments in life. TickTick’s cross-platform apps enables you to manage tasks on all your devices such as iOS, Android and Chrome. Besides, it allows you to backup & sync tasks on TickTick.com, where you can elegantly arrange your time & schedule. Life can be so different with TickTick at hand. TickTick Chrome Extension’s key features include: - Sync all your to-do’s across all devices - Recurring tasks and instant time reminder - Drag tasks to rearrange order - Create subtasks in checklist - Add notes to tasks - Plan agenda in calendar view - Classify tasks into folders & Archive completed tasks - Instant count undone tasks - Share task list to collaborate - Convert google emails into tasks Stay in touch: Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ticktickteam Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tick-Tick/114408518756703

Latest reviews

  • (2023-01-11) AaronZac zhang: Very good; would rate 5 if some premium features became free. Like the calendar, the filters, and the duration. And diffidently the estimated pomo to basic feature. Also, can you make the low priority green? Thx. These ideas are wanted by my entire family.
  • (2023-01-07) Rami Refaat Amin: not working on chrome.
  • (2023-01-03) Denis (Happy): Please fix default list. As for now it always INBOX
  • (2022-12-11) Shawn Yee: 添加自定义快捷键:保存到滴答清单 因为目前都是菜单方式,要找半天,移动鼠标,不好用
  • (2022-12-10) Chua Hui Chuan: Can't use. Can't sign in
  • (2022-10-16) 平井伸治: 別ウィンドウで表示されるのが邪魔。 Gmail上にTickTickボタンが表示されるのは便利だし、選択中のメールの件名がタスク名になるのも便利だが、メール内容がそのままタスクの内容として登録されるのは邪魔。 メール内容には、個人情報や機密情報も含まれるため、メールへのリンクだけがあれば十分。 設定で変更できれば便利だと思うが、この拡張機能にオプションは存在しない。
  • (2022-09-26) Frank Zhang: 国内版滴答清单使用方法: 先在滴答清单官方网页上登录滴答清单的账号; 或使用滴答清单官方推出的离线版本。
  • (2022-09-26) Bin Chen: 点击没反应
  • (2022-08-25) Esther包: 最近使用都無法點開視窗,完全沒反應
  • (2022-08-20) Md. Elias: It is very easy to use. Is use this both mobile and computer.
  • (2022-07-28) Aly Apigo - SafeUP: Updating my rating from 2 to 5! They really answer when you reach out to them about issues, it will take some time but they definitely work on it. Good job! Very convenient to use. A must have when you have a lot of things to do- it keeps you on top of things
  • (2022-07-17) Hisham Thabet: soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo perfect i love it
  • (2022-06-24) Jan Biasi (Avior): Loading time way too long, "add to ticktick" doesn't work (at least in Brave) ... Hopefully this extension will get fixed in the future :)
  • (2022-06-22) Artur Soloviev: It's been the best for me, but now it's notifications not working both on android and pc (google chrome). And their support site is quite awful, so it seems I should fall back to my plenty of alarms before I fix this app even though I bought a premium when it worked super well
  • (2022-06-22) SNANA51832: 点击没反应
  • (2022-06-08) Jennifer Burch: I was loving this extension but all of a sudden it stopped letting me use it to add a task to my lists from an email. If that gets fix I would easily change back to a 5 star!
  • (2022-05-09) Thresh momo: 之前拓展能够直接将当前网页添加为任务,现在点击 添加到滴答清单,就是一个任务添加窗口,不再将当前页面网址默认添加到其中,手工添加网址和title十分麻烦。是取消了该功能还是Chrome变动无法获取当前网址?
  • (2022-05-02) infoMASHUP: So good, such an intuitive layout... I could go on. If you haven't found a todo solution, and have tried other programs - TRY THIS ONE.
  • (2022-04-24) Евгений Числов: Очень не хватает возможности применять шаблоны заметок, при быстром добавлении ссылки на страницу в TickTick через правую кнопку мыши. А так приходится делать много лишних кликов, что бы привести в надлежащий вид заметку. Только для этого устанавливал расширение. Думал будут удобные инструменты для работы с браузером, но увы. Простая и менее удобная Web-версия TickTick. Не совсем понимаю для чего оно вообще, если есть и Web версия и настольная.
  • (2022-04-21) Ōkämi‘: I really want to use this but it's not working. Please fix.
  • (2022-04-20) Ilia: На телефоне - отличное приложение, здесь же - по клику на кнопку расширения просто открывает еще одно окно с веб версией - т.е. просто расширение "ни о чем" ибо можно с таким же успехом просто в закладки внести. Нужно как в todoist - по кнопке просматривать, добавлять, отмечать выполненными и переносить задачи.
  • (2022-04-16) Ahmad Salah: Cannot add a page to ticktick
  • (2022-03-29) Kristián Chudjak: let me disable notifications !!
  • (2022-02-01) Noemi Plaza: I loved TIck TIck, I started my working day today, and it is one the extension I used the most, But not it is not working. I try to Troubleshooted, uninstalling it and installing it again, didn't work.
  • (2022-01-30) Gernot Pansy: Tick Tick ist gefällt mir sehr gut, die Extension allerdings ist stark verbesserungswürdig. Warum ladet die Liste so langsam und geht in einem eigenen Fenster auf. Keine Optionen, das ist schon sehr dürftig für eine Premium-Software.
  • (2022-01-29) Stephen Chaplin: So slow since the update, almost unusable
  • (2022-01-10) Koray Küpe: Crashes Chrome after I save a website.
  • (2022-01-09) Naman Yadav: I opened a mail on gmail and saw add this to tick tick option. I clicked on add this to tick tick and didnt want to create the automatic note of the email to clicked on the cross but that closed my whole chrome application window. How the f is that made to work
  • (2021-12-24) 27 Khatale Sarthak Pankaj: Best to do list
  • (2021-12-06) Samuel Tremblay: Because when clicking on the Tick Tick button extensions it open a different window instead of a popup and because this window don't save the last open position, it's sadly an unusable extension for me. Also, the very small delay loading the tasks each time I click on the popup is sufficient to lost my focus. Sum up, using a pined tab instead is the most functional method in my case.
  • (2021-12-03) Malcolm H: I love it because it helps me stay on top of my school work.
  • (2021-11-22) Otávio Alves: It isn't useful... It would be nice if worked like Todoist extension (opening directly e instantly from the extension button). It doesn't behave as an extension, but as a shortcut for a popup version of web app.
  • (2021-11-11) 栾志勇: 打开速度太慢!!!!
  • (2021-11-04) Rafa Lopes Mendes: Gosto muito da extensão. Para mim não apresenta nenhum defeito e atende minhas necessidades tranquilamente onde consigo gerenciar meu dia a dia em home office
  • (2021-11-02) Godofhou The: 能不能把滴答清单和ticktick彻底分开,要不然插件打开滴答太慢了,默认都是优先加载ticktick
  • (2021-10-24) 刘开: 主力笔记软件
  • (2021-10-17) いそぎのたすく: 他の方もおっしゃっていた、読み込みの都度時間がかかる点は改善されていません。 なお、Ticktickサイトの日本語フォントが読みづらくて変更したい場合には、以下の拡張機能の併用をお試しください(この拡張機能のポップアップ表示にも効果がありました)。 [Change Webpage Fonts - Chrome ウェブストア](https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/change-webpage-fonts/afelmehoohjbjfpjbadonkcondbilglp)
  • (2021-10-15) Adriano Gonçalves: Demora meio século para abrir. Acaba não sendo prático e não valendo a pena.
  • (2021-10-02) 余争荣: 为什么不能用微信登陆 why can't use wechat to login
  • (2021-09-25) Philip Rasmussen: Works great.
  • (2021-09-08) i Kou: 只能登录ticktick国际版吗?滴答清单账号没办法登录
  • (2021-08-18) Mohammad Mehdi: Great extension. This really helps me to keep track of my work, and it also provides notifications. Plus, it's not like other extensions where half of the stuff requires premium either.
  • (2021-07-28) ximshhxt: Es muy fácil de usar, puedes clasificar tus tareas con algún tag sobre lo que esté relacionado e incluso puedes poner la fecha o el nivel de importancia que tiene (También hay una función de timer / cronómetro. Me encantan sus funciones. La recomiendo <3
  • (2021-06-26) Darryl Brooks: The due task indicator is beyond broke. I have no overdue tasks and finished my last task for today 5 hours ago, yet it still shows the number that was on there at 5am.
  • (2021-06-17) Max Basok: almost perfect, but could you plese make it work OFFLINE? ❤️
  • (2021-05-24) Purple MONKEY: I really liked this at first. But I really need a to do list which is good quality and is not complicated for some. Overall it is very nice and useful. But sometimes it can be complicated. Making this app a bit easier for younger people would be helpful. (And I am not saying I am young, just saying that this app could be better.)
  • (2021-05-13) Dmytro Shostak: Would be great to enable shortcut for adding a task across browser, not only on extension page
  • (2021-05-12) Jiee Wong: 功能亮点: - 使用QQ、微博、微信一键登录 这个功能我怎么没有找到呢?
  • (2021-05-06) Jeffrey Jefferson: 既然是滴答清单,为什么每次打开就默认是TickTick登陆??为什么不弄一个选项让用户选择呢??
  • (2021-05-04) Adrian Bradu: Works very well!

Latest issues

  • (2014-06-05, v:0.4.5) Magnus Gustavsson: Task disappears without being added to the list when pressing enter
    About half the times when adding a new task in the top box in the extension and then pressing enter, the new task does not get added to my task list and just disappears. Really annoying. I have noticed that closing the extension window and opening it up again usually fixes the problem. However, it's a really annoying problem as I add most of my tasks through the extension.
  • (2014-04-28, v:0.4.4) Neil Hart: Richt click keeps breaking
    Only fixed sometimes when I uninstall and reinstall the extension. Really frustrating. Also, when it does work seems to be missing the category drop-down box at the bottoam left?
  • (2014-04-16, v:0.4.3) Jesson Zhou: android
  • (2014-03-30, v:0.4.1) Aly June: Slows down gmail labeling....had to uninstall
    Loving it so far. But I noticed that it seems to slow down my keyboard shortcut for labeling and when clicking the label button in gmail. Had to remove because it truly slows me down...and hinders my ability to work.
  • (2014-03-17, v:0.4.1) Evan Wilder: Gmail "Add to TickTick" button opens by itself
    Steps to reproduce: 1. Open an email without any dates in Chrome. 2. Go to the next email that includes dates. 3. The issue is +++The TickTick button opens up automatically. As I scroll down in my email the button covers the message itself. +++The button looks bad when all it says is "Due date !!! !! ! !!!" What kind of craziness has 9 exclamation points? I'm not setting a due date for anything that needs 9 exclamations. Furthermore, why does it open up? It should stay closed until I click it. Here is a photo of the button when it is opened by itself: https://www.dropbox.com/s/krorxaaqf0e1cd7/ticktick.jpg
  • (2014-01-18, v:0.3.10) Website down
    will not sync and website does not come up
  • (2013-12-01, v:0.3.7) LG: reminder system
    I am looking for a task system that will provide a reminder for a time set on a task that will show up no matter what I am doing on my computer. I've notice that your "reminder" only appears on "ticktick.com" browser page. This does not help me as I am performing many tasks on other web sites, applications, etc. Is it possible to link this to the google reminders and notifications systeem? Or are you going to provide some other type of reminder/notification so you don't miss the time you have set for a task. Thanks.
  • (2013-10-07, v:0.3.7) John Kachoris: "Add To TickTick" button is missing
    In my Gmail the "Add To TickTick" button is missing. I uninstalled the extension and then reinstalled it. I closed and then re-opened Gmail. Nothing. It's gone. If I open an email in its own window then the button is there! But the link it puts at the bottom of the TickTick task after I do that does not work. It opens an empty window. Is this a bug with the "new" Chrome (the one with the app icon and no more black bar?).
  • (2013-10-05, v:0.3.7) Agnese K: Importing tasks from Google calendar Task list
    Hello! I don't understand how can I import all the tasks I have in my Google Calendar, list of Tasks. Is there any such option? Also, I installed the TickTick on my phone, and there is an option to import GTasks [I have been using GTasks a lot], but the importing is failing all the time. What should I do? Thanks!
  • (2013-10-02, v:0.3.7) Gmail task creation not working
    I have cleared and restarted Chrome but still cannot create a task using the extension in Gmail. It always tells me to login first despite being logged in.


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