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Blocks distracting websites until you've finished your to-do list.

Image from store Prod — Block Distractions. Reach your Goals
Description from store Prod blocks time-wasting sites until you've finished your to‑do list. That's the basic premise of Prod, but it has other ways of gently nudging you to be productive. Every aspect of Prod is designed to make productivity easy and time-wasting hard. REVIEWS: ★★★★★ — ”This is the perfect productivity app: simple yet powerful.“ ★★★★★ — ”Best to-do list I've ever used. I love how it opens on each new tab and is so simple and clear.“ ★★★★★ — ”Clean, easy to start using right away. What else can you want?“ ★★★★★ — ”Great app with a great UX and a sleek design. Time to get work done :)“ ★★★★★ — ”I needed this app so much. Thank you, it's perfect.“ Read lots more in the reviews section FEATURES: ✔ Prod replaces your new-tab page with a simple, satisfying to-do list. ✔ Blocks time-wasting sites and redirects you back to your to-do list. ✔ Create scheduled and recurring tasks ✔ Prod doesn't show ads, collect personal data, or bug you for money. ✔ Now and then, Prod will provide you with a tip to improve productivity and happiness. (More on this below) ✔ A minimal design and user interface to help you focus. HOW PROD MAKES MONEY: Prod doesn't ask for money, show ads, bug you to upgrade, or anything annoying like that. Paid for versions of Prod for iOS and Android are in the works. PRIVACY: This Chrome extension doesn't collect any data, personal or otherwise. Version 2.0: · A cleaner, calmer canvas for your thoughts. · New incentives for being productive. · Intuitive options page. · New system for productivity tips. Version 2.0.1: · Clearer instructions for blocking websites Version 2.0.2: · Minor bug fixes · Removed ping noise Version 2.0.3: · Minor bug fixes Version 2.0.4: · Added Analytics Version 2.0.5 · Options no longer blocks list · Improvements to layout and design Version 2.0.6 · Added a share with email button in the options page Version 2.0.7 · Bug Fixes Version 2.0.8 · You can now add to-dos from the task bar Version 2.0.9 · You can now block specific URLs, e.g. news.google.com or www.buzzfeed.com/quizzes Version 2.0.10 · Bug Fixes Version 2.1.0 · Add Pause Options, use with caution · New options design Version 2.1.1 · Lots of minor updates Version 2.1.2 · Now compatible with Firefox · Minor bug fixes Version 2.1.3 · MInor bug fixes Version 2.1.4 · Removed Google Analytics · Minor Bug Fixes Version 2.1.5 · Various bug fixes Version 2.1.6 · More various bug fixes Version 3.0.0 · Huge Changes - lots of new features for more information visit prodtodolist.com Version 3.0.1 · Some small bug fixes Version 3.0.2 · Fixed issue with scrolling on the blocklist Version 3.1.0 · Updated Visuals, the ui is now much clearer and easier to understand. · Some bug fixes and performances improvements Version 3.1.1 · Quick fix for scrolling issue on Google Chrome

Latest reviews

  • (2021-12-27) Felipe Ramírez: I can't edit the settings of the app as of December 27th 2021.
  • (2021-09-14) Lolo Miller: This is what I have been looking for for the last 5 years. It is perfect and elegant and easy and has all the tools i need to stay productive. I literally love whoever made this. mwah!
  • (2021-08-24) such a simple yet effective tool
  • (2021-08-18) Илья Плотников: Thank you!
  • (2021-08-11) Todio: Free, block unlimited amount of websites, productive functions, shessh
  • (2021-07-26) Nurul Khairiah: Clean and minimalistic design. Love this so much more than Momentum. I can see myself using this extension everyday. Wish I can buy the developer a cup of coffee. Amazing work!
  • (2021-04-24) Eva L.: Perfect, I instantly fell in love. Super clean design and effective functionality.
  • (2021-01-18) Mohammad Anwar: Just what needed to avoid distraction and get focused.
  • (2021-01-18) hugo: This website is good and the interface is very nice, helps stay focused, but the eyes are pretty disturbing. And If I block youtube.com I can't listen to music, there should be a way to unblock a specific url to a blocked website in my opinion. If you don't mind these Prod is the perfect extension for you.
  • (2020-12-12) drewbob01: Prod is one of the greatest things you can add to your web browser. No more distractions, just a beautiful, simple interface to remind you of what matters! Thank you Nathaniel for your work on Prod, it is appreciated.
  • (2020-11-24) Jack Mickelson: This is an amazing extension! Every window you open up shows you the things you still have to do so that I never forget to even check, it does it for me. Additionally the design is very good looking, although it uses only 1 color, the use of lines makes it feel a lot like an actual notebook, creating a homey feeling. I love this extension and can't see a better implementation of something like it.
  • (2020-11-24) Darsh J.: Love the new update. Appreciate it and Keep it up. One small thing to fix would be the scroll bar. The bottom arrow is mising and I can't scroll all the way down. Thanks
  • (2020-10-27) Jean Ravenclaw: It's so good, does everything it should do and it's so simple! I only wish that it could have more customisation in the new tab page, because it feels a bit too dark for me and I prefer a lighter shade of near-black. I also use new tabs a lot for being redirected into a website, so it would be great if you could add a setting for the new tab page to be a normal new tab plus prod.
  • (2020-09-28) Greg Chambers: Prod has great potential but I found it falling short of what it promised. The TODO list looked great, but trying to transfer my bullet journal tasks to it, I found that it quite quickly got very slow to the point of unresponsiveness. The task list was only at about 20 tasks with most of them being daily recurring tasks. The other main feature, the block list, didn't seem to work for me. I tried "Facebook", "facebook", "facebook.com" and "*facebook.com*" but no matter what, Facebook would load for me still. These seem like bugs that are not intended, and the UI design and intent seem to be there for a great tool. However, with these issues in place, I find it is not usable by me.
  • (2020-08-15) Le Turiaf: Intuitive, simple, effective, and powerful. The creator has done an unbelievable job on this; I'm excited to see what future improvements they bring.
  • (2020-08-02) DANOLD: honestly, its terrific, does exactly what it says, lets you block list some websites from yourself. Would be nice to have a black(night) theme. But seriously fantastic Back after the new update, very clean
  • (2020-08-01) Tim Raedsch: This extension is worth gold.
  • (2020-07-18) 陳威丞: so great to use it ! thank you very much
  • (2020-04-07) Works really well.
  • (2020-03-18) Masha Ivanova: Все пишут по-английски, а я оставлю на русском) Это расширение гениально и пока, кажется, не имеет аналогов. Плюсы: 1 - Конечно же, лаконичный дизайн! Оно напоминает мне специальные текстовые редакторы, которые оставляют тебя наедине с чистым экраном, чтобы ни одна лишняя кнопка не отвлекала тебя от работы. 2. Идея, заложенная в расширение: составь список дел на сегодня и, пока не выполнишь дела, расширение будет блокировать те сайты, которые тебя отвлекают (например, соцсети). 3. При этом нет никаких запретов и злобных ухищрений, чтобы усложнить жизнь пользователя и оградить его ото Зла. Все мы прекрасно понимаем, что это так не работает, ведь любое расширение можно удалить за пару секунд. 4. Ограждение от вредных сайтов основано на доказанных психологических приемах: вы можете зарыться в любые глубины интернета, но для этого придется совершить пару лишних движений мышкой, и на этом пути вам будут предлагать сначала самые мягкие варианты "согрешений" - от 5 минут. Если вы попытаетесь зайти в любимую соцсеть, на экране появится фотография глаз, пристально смотрящих на вас. Неоднократно видела информацию об исследовании, которое установило, что такая простая фотография, размещенная над раковиной, увеличила сознательность медицинских работников и заставила чаще мыть руки (что критически важно для врача/медсестры). Минусов пока не наблюдаю. Как человек, опробовавший десятки непродуманных и, соответственно, не помогающих расширений, я очень рада, что появляются новые и очень даже толковые варианты.
  • (2020-03-11) Daniel: Works really well, nice simple and elegant design.
  • (2020-03-08) Christopher Guzman (Goose): It those eyes. They really shame you into getting on with your work! Haha. This is a great productivity tool. I'm going to love using this in the future.
  • (2020-01-25) Jessie Rose: Very simple and easy to use to do list! Love it!
  • (2020-01-19) Vikasini Mahalingam: simply ideal. It helps you keep tabs on what your goals are, blocks sites temporarily, and has a sleek, peaceful design. Thanks John!
  • (2020-01-12) Dimeji Coker: Best task manager ever!!!
  • (2019-12-23) Gustavo Zapico: One of the best productivity apps online: simple, clean and effective. Lean user interface with special focus on GTD without distractions. It's FREE but with real value.
  • (2019-12-11) Harshdeep Kaur: Loved it
  • (2019-11-20) Stella Ji: !!! its quite inconvenient that there is a big blank of space above the task list. I understand it is for the pair of eyes to stare into your soul but it would be much better if the space is usually gone, only to appear when blocked sites are detected. The big waste of space is annoying as my task list is long and i can only scroll down by clicking the page down button on my keyboard.
  • (2019-10-12) Naveedh Samad: Great for those who are easily distracted
  • (2019-10-10) Gabrielle Blust: I feel like this extension has helped me more than any other productivity extension. Instead of simply blocking the sites that distract me so that I just pull out my phone instead, it holds me accountable for what I set out to do. I set a goal, I achieve the goal, then get to treat myself with Facebook. It's perfect positive reinforcement.
  • (2019-08-16) Ahmad Imran: Great minimalist todo list extension for Chrome - can't praise it enough. Give it a try but keep in mind that it is for simple, quick and focused list making. This is not an alternative to Todoist perhaps, this is at different level. I use it in combination with Todoist - anything within 3 days goes on PROD and anything longer than 3 days goes on Todoist. This way the clutter and short term actions remain on Prod and get cleared straight away. I intend to write to the author and propose a few subtle tweaks and additions if at all possible. I hope he/she will respond and incorporate if possible. Well recommended extension. Keep it up and keep supporting/developing it. It is a great asset to Chrome extensions repository. Well done.
  • (2019-08-15) Dat Nguyen: Use this to improve your productivity.
  • (2019-08-03) X FefenVeentha: Works very well
  • (2019-06-24) Hoa Miss: great : simple, effective
  • (2019-06-06) Dagny Deutchman: Holy balls, so simple. So great. Cannot recommend enough.
  • (2019-04-04) Julie Lum: stunning. beautifully simple with a great concept, expertly executed. best blocking and productivity method i've seen in a deliciously beautiful package. classy and clean.
  • (2019-03-14) Thomas Bunting: Helps me stay on track throughout the day, Would like to see dark theme support with the new chrome version 73.
  • (2019-03-05) This is the best extension I've ever used. Thank you for creating this. I wish there was an option for checking all the todo list items I've crossed out, and integrations with other services like Todoist. It would be very awesome if you can open source this and let people customize it to their will.
  • (2019-01-19) Elizabeth Agresta: A friend recommended Prod to me, and it's really helped curb my impulse to "reward" myself with time on social media or YouTube when I'm working against a tight deadline.
  • (2019-01-11) Thomas Hutterer: Very nice extension but still missing a pause option outside the options tab. For ex. I have blocked youtube but sometimes I need to see an informative vid. for just 2 minutes for my work and I hate to go to options everytime.
  • (2019-01-04) Alison Cobb: The perfect blend of simplicity and accountability. The interface is elegant, intuitive, and has really helped increase my productivity, as well as my team's.
  • (2018-12-18) Joshua Santiago: It's rare to see a so well designed minimalist design for to-do lists that integrates the web-blocking.
  • (2018-12-15) Silvan Reiser: This is great. The most valuable plug in i use
  • (2018-11-24) Elli0t: a very useful tool
  • (2018-11-16) brandon knight: Found this out of the blue. Really simple, only takes a few minutes to learn. Probably one of the most basic, yet useful website blockers I have used. Just start a to-do list, block the websites, and get to work!
  • (2018-11-12) Sibylla Phipps: I love this! So simple and easy to use. The design is beautiful and it has genuinely helped me to get on with things. Everyone should get prod!!
  • (2018-11-10) Alex O'Bryan-Tear: Definitely the best site-blocking extension I've come across - a beautiful minimalist aesthetic, very flexible and easy to use, and full of clever little details that'll help you keep focused!
  • (2018-11-08) Linards Jukmanis: Great idea, nicely executed.
  • (2018-11-03) Alec Ober: Helpful! Keeps me staying on topic. Relaxing atheistic too. It really shows me how natural procrastinating is to me, watching myself open and close reddit every 20 minutes.
  • (2018-10-12) Emily Warren: I never take the time to review things like this, so well done! Keeps my butt in line so I can finish my priorities without being distracted. Beautiful interface as well.

Latest issues

  • (2022-09-16, v:3.1.1) Sean Brasher: Days of the week on the calendar view are off by one day
    Hi! I love this extension and it has honestly helped me be more productive and less easily distracted. I just wanted to let you know something I noticed today. On the calendar view, the days of the week seem to be lined up to the wrong days. So it shows one column as Friday when really that column is Thursday. It is not a big problem but I just thought you might like to know. Thanks!
  • (2021-04-19, v:3.1.1) Mert: I can't block Twitter
    I can not block Twitter, can you help me please?
  • (2021-01-26, v:3.1.1) Tay_957: How do I change it as the chrome background
    Sorry for the very simple question, but I want my old chrome background, whenever I open a new tab, it says the date and the to-do list. How do I disable it showing whenever I add a new tab?
  • (2020-11-20, v:3.0.2) sanjana rao: site cant be reached
    site cant be reached
  • (2020-10-27, v:3.0.2) Jean Ravenclaw: Some blocked sites not getting blocked
    I blocked wix from my websites, but www.wix.com still works
  • (2020-05-17, v:2.1.7) Bảo Phạm Quang: new tabs
    can you guys add an option for the user to keep their new tab
  • (2019-11-13, v:2.1.7) Gage Blust: Blocked Sites Still Accessible
    I have two blocked sites, Facebook and Twitter. The extension effectively blocks Facebook, but I am still able to access Twitter.
  • (2019-11-06, v:2.1.7) justin pryor: Dark
    Love your app, but you gotta do a dark theme. It's a necessary requirement these day's guy's. Don't mean to be breaking your ball's. Thank's for the killer app. you guy's kick ASS.
  • (2019-10-05, v:2.1.7) Harsh Singh: Website blocking does not work correctly
    Say you block mail.google.com, you can still access https://mail.google.com/mail/u/1/#inbox What gives?
  • (2019-08-03, v:2.1.7) X FefenVeentha: font for categories
    Prod is great. But how do you type in the large font to make category headings. For example, in the overview you show the word "Branding" in a large type face but I don't see how to do this.
  • (2019-07-09, v:2.1.7) Jordan Clarke: Twitter not being blocked
    Hi there, love the product! One issue: I've added Twitter to my blocked sites, but it's not being blocked. I think it started when they updated the design of their UI, not sure though. Thanks!
  • (2019-04-26, v:2.1.7) Rachel Park: I like it so far
    Any option to change the background colors? (limit it to 4-6) After we cross out the list, I wish I could go back to it for a certain time.. maybe history of past items or something.
  • (2019-04-04, v:2.1.7) Julie Lum: Disabling Tab Page
    love this extension! I do find myself disabling and enabling Prod regularly because I'm a tab for a cause user enjoy having my own tab page. Controlling for the tab setting would be a wonderful addition for users with similar habits
  • (2019-03-14, v:2.1.7) Thomas Bunting: Dark theme
    with chrome now supporting dark theme, would be good to have this plugin do the same.
  • (2019-02-19, v:2.1.7) Jp Davidson: time limits
    would it be possible to block a certain URL after a certain amount of time has elapsed?
  • (2018-12-15, v:2.1.7) Remove the requirement to "view and change all data on websites I visit"
    Suggestions: Remove the requirement to "view and change all data on websites I visit". This will scare off a lot of people as nobody knows if you are collecting any of the data on the websites. Other productivity extensions do not have an equally good approach as yours but some instead just need the right to "view my browsing history", which I am much more comfortable with. Since it appears to be possible it seems like a wasted opportunity to not rather use that way. Almost all major productivity apps have the same flaw, yours could be better.


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