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Send tabs you don't use to into hibernation to save up on memory usage

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Description from store Is Your computer slow? unresponsive? Are you the type of person who keeps lots of tabs open all the time? Tab Hibernate to the rescue! Tab Hibernate puts all your unused tabs into sleep mode. that way they don't take up memory or CPU usage. Your PC will be faster, Battery will last longer and your computer will be more responsive! We would love to get your feedback and improve. if you like our extension please rate us and leave a comment.

Latest reviews

  • (2023-09-13) Ju: Löst keine RAM Probleme und schließt auch noch alle Tabs
  • (2023-08-13) Terry Canaan: OK, but you can't wake up local files open as tabs. The only way to restore them is to open the file again.
  • (2023-08-04) R P: Please for the love of God, don't install this! The extension doesn't auto wake on edge and also I had 1000 tabs, the wake up all hibernated tabs button doesn't work! Wasted an entire day because I used this extension!
  • (2023-07-18) Michael Park: Does what it says it will do... kind of. The unfreeze all won't work, and the functionality for setting it for a certain site or not is restricted to one single window i have open. tons of tabs everywhere and this isn't cutting it. had to manually go through and free up all the tabs (unfreeze them). thank goodness the extension saves the urls in a format that if i had to dump it and free them all by cutting and pasting urls i could do it, but still. Think there's major conflicts with OneTab. Over all nice idea, but wish it worked the way it was intended. {RUNNING Lenovo Chomebook}
  • (2022-03-21) 卫斯特: Hi,Main function works well. Hope to have dark preview in hibernation, thanks
  • (2021-09-23) 黄磊: 非常好用的一个chrome插件,极大的节省了我的mac的内存!
  • (2021-08-01) Nobody: Some of the inactive tabs i click won't refresh no matter how many times I click it.
  • (2021-07-09) ACYNED: Pretty good, but I can't hibernate tabs in different windows!
  • (2021-02-25) Chris Boston: Works as advertised. Has enough configuration options to keep me happy, and keeps me in control of my RAM/CPU time. Keeps Chrome in check. Thanks!
  • (2021-02-17) Mashrul Amin: Does not work on incognito tabs!!
  • (2019-08-11) captain obvious: does not work on multiple windows. hibernate tabs only in first window
  • (2019-08-08) Dan Violet Sagmiller: This does not hibernate pages. It shuts them off and replaces them with a link to start the page again. I.e. if you have anything partially filled out, it gets lost, unless there is JS saving it somehow on the fly.
  • (2019-07-25) Alec Larson: Love this extension! My only gripe is that it doesn't work for multi-window workflows.
  • (2019-03-19) Joseph F: This extension is a life saver for me it stopped 100% CPU usage caused by chrome dead in its tracks. I love it it took care of my problem.
  • (2018-11-06) Zip Zap: Very broken extension. Sometimes I'll just be on an active tab and then it will just close instantly on me. I'd be in the middle of a long comment on YouTube and then it would be lost forever once it goes into hibernation. The "disable hibernating on this tab/site" doesn't work either after a while-- I'd be on Gmail, for example, and the extension would tell me on that tab to "disable hibernating on Spotify.com". Disabling the extension will permanently delete all hibernated tabs, and even using "reopen tab" will not bring them back. I don't recommend getting this.
  • (2018-09-29) Сергей Кореневский: I work with 2 monitors, And I use 2 window with match tabs. This extension NOT working with 2 window. Very bad.
  • (2018-04-11) A Land: is developer still supporting this?
  • (2017-11-16) Manuel Erfurth: Suggestion: #1 The Screenshot function doesnt work and I think this is a REALLY important aspect (because often you don't know what is actually in the tab and wheter you actually need to use it). prefereably the screenshot cover the entire page vertically, so that I can scroll. Maybe it could possible to adjust the screenshot quality to save memory, if that is an issue at all #2 I think it would really be better (at least as an option) if the tab online woke up when I actually clicked. #3 auto-hibernate doesnt seem to EVER happen (set it to 1min). hibernate all works.
  • (2017-10-08) Carl Kuang: It worked just fine for months, but recently it was just frustrating for me. They first changed the hibernating page from src/app/hibernate.html to app/hibernate.html, made all my hibernating pages 'PAGE NOT FOUND' altogether in one morning, I had to manually change their urls to get them working again. It's just too annoying when you have tons of pages hibernating -- which I think IS the point why people use this plugin. Then today, they changed the page from app/hibernate.html to just hibernate.html, made all my opened hibernating pages disappeared. I had to gone through the browsing history thing and search for 'hibernating' to get them all back, and manually change the urls again. What's more, my user settings are gone, too -- though there are just a few toggles. I really want to love this plugin, and it did help me a lot. But I'm scared to see it auto updates again.
  • (2017-10-06) Yahowah's “House of Wisdom”: for months it has not been able to correctly identify the website that the tab was on. It would identify random sites as youtube or something else. No site was identified as the site the tab was on. Youtube was google so at least it did not hibernate them. Also I could never find a way to contact the developer to submit the problem. If you want to know the bugs, make it easy for users to report bugs, otherwise keep your crap off of the web store.
  • (2017-03-18) MDCigan: The following functionality should be added yesterday. There needs to be an option to select DO NOT HIBERNATE for a particular tab or tabs. Assume the following scenario. 5 windows open with 200 tabs. Tab hibernate is necessary to maintain the addresses of the various tabs and not lose them, but to greatly reduce the memory usage of 200 tabs. However, there are reasons sometimes why it is IMPERATIVE that a tab not be hibernated such as losing data or information stored on the page and when it goes into hibernation and refreshes the info is gone.
  • (2017-02-07) maryann conti: Using on Chomebook. The option to hibernate does not always respond. I had to disable then enable several times to make it work. App also tends to delete tabs; I find them missing then have to go back in my history to find the tab I was referencing during my research/reading. I want to love it just as I did when I first added to my Chrome so I will keep it in mind and be sure to check back in the future to see if it has been fixed/improved/updated. All for it but for now this is not working out for me.
  • (2017-01-11) Csaba Kertész: This addon is really nice. There can be some simple usability improvements in the next version: 1. Option to disable auto-hibernate. 2. Easier/quicker way to hibernate the current tab: - click on the header "Tab Hibernate on ..." would also hibernate the current tab - move the "Hibernate this tab" to the top/right. 3. Configurable shortcut to hibernate the current tab?
  • (2016-12-15) The Precious: This is a must have extension for people who does multitasking and people who work online alot. CHROME SHOULD RECOMMEND THIS EXTENSION UPON INSTALLATION VERY USEFUL EXTENSION.
  • (2016-10-01) Richard George: I've tried all the Tab Hibernating extensions I can find and after many months of use I've concluded this is the only one that is dependable as well as not getting in the way and being simple to use. Only annoyance is that when returning to a hibernated tab it doesn't recall where you where on a page, so you have to scroll back down (if you can remember).
  • (2016-09-04) Rob Normandin: Good but why can't we choose tabs to exclude from being suspended?
  • (2016-08-05) Berny Cantos: Nice extension! It allows me to focus also, hibernating all the tabs I don't want to use right now, but keeping track of them. I usually work with no less than 12 chrome windows and lots of tabs and it's been quite useful. Thanks! PS: I would suggest to put a link to the github repo in the main description, since we developers tend to prefer open-source projects over closed ones.
  • (2016-06-18) Hamid Reza: in hibernating mode , i disabled this extension and all my tabs are gone, what can i do now? i had to from history, return my pages one by one and add an option for stop loading tabs in chrome startup and When I return to a hibernating tab, the page reloads , it must not reload , because it uses net bandwidth in reload.
  • (2016-06-03) Chetan Dubal: Awesome app.. Does exactly what it says.. hiberanates unused tabs and saves buck load of ram.. love it..
  • (2016-05-03) Mourad Mokrane: Awesome and very useful. It sometimes fails to recognize the current tab's URL, but restarting Chrome usually does the trick. Nice extension! Thanks! Daniel
  • (2016-04-16) DA CA WA: Fantastic. This one works really well. I have a problem with the latest series of ubuntu derived distros, with both Chrome and FF choking up very quickly. This extension has made Chrome usable again. Thank you.
  • (2016-04-06) Hyunho Cho: 1. "hibernate this tab" button 2. auto hibernate feature on youtube page It doesn't seem to work in version 49
  • (2016-02-28) Patrick Riley: It definitely helps with the memory usage, however there's one annoying issue that I can't seem to resolve. When I return to a hibernating tab, the page reloads. This causes me to have to search through the page to find where I left off. If I'm in the middle of an article, it can take a while to find where I was. This issue may cause me to have to find another tab suspender.
  • (2016-02-26) k: Finally one that really works! For comparison, latest version (2.61) of "The great tab suspender" has bugs like not preserving favicons and tabs titles. Tabs suspender does not save RAM because it always saves screenshots, which takes up RAM anyway. And the last Tab Hibernation (with moon logo) is not working at all. So this one is the last one standing and going strong!
  • (2016-02-16) Ravi Rajendra: Works nice and saves good load of memory on the system. Thank you and keep improving. One small feedback, after waking it will good to delete the last history item as it is having the screenshot link in it.
  • (2016-02-04) Just Gary: This extension is really good, does what it says on the box. Would be easier to live with if it could hibernate single tabs in the second & subsequent windows; they never appear on the control panel.

Latest issues

  • (2022-09-04, v:0.3.2) Antonio Sun: Has anyone here successfully contact the author?
    Just want to confirm...
  • (2021-09-03, v:0.3.2) D. Lee: why max. 120 minutes ? :) - please allow up to 5 hours, please
    After trying so many tab hibernation plugins I finally was VERY satisfied with yours. Compliments!! And while I think I know your idea behind limiting the max. time to leave a tab active, I do really need them to be active much longer depending on the website. Would it be possible, to raise that value 120 to 300 ? And that's leading to the next point: If i could define max-active-times depending on the host and/or Url I'd be soo happy, since some website aren't import, some need to be opened longer for work purposes, etc. I think other users would find these options also very helpful. Yet just changing the max active time to 300 would be tremendous, and I'd spend 20 USD if you could enable that. Promised. ( more I can't/shouldn't - i am a single freelancer with somewhat limited income these days )
  • (2021-06-30, v:0.3.2) Frontier789: Add seconds.
    The plugin is very good. Add a segment from 0 to 60 seconds, please! The plugin will be super!
  • (2021-02-12, v:0.3.2) idir belaid (Kuchinawa): Keep tabs icons
    can you please keep tabs own icons after, and not put the extension's icon, so i can recognize where i am, all hibernating tabs take the extensions icon after i close then i open the windows (black cloud and moon), the tabs are still hibernating but they don't have their icon, i'm confused by that, can you please update it ?
  • (2021-02-11, v:0.3.2) Val Brerund: Extension isn't letting me hibernate individual tabs
    The extension is reading every tab i'm currently on as a New Tab only, and isn't registering that it's a different tab that it hasn't hibernated. The hibernate tab button is basically useless, leaving hibernate all as the only thing working. I can't seem to get this issue fixed, making working with this extension very tedious and time wasting.
  • (2021-02-10, v:0.3.2) Chris Faye: Safety
    Knowing what just happened with The Great Suspender and not seeing any privacy policy stated, how can we be sure that this is also not run malware?
  • (2021-02-10, v:0.3.2) Jim V: Program sorely needs two improvements
    The program sorely needs two tweaks. It needs a dark or black screen option for suspended tabs. It also needs an option to unsuspend all in the current Window as well as all tabs in all windows.
  • (2020-09-06, v:0.3.2) Waan waan: backup in case of data loss
    is there a way to restore the data of the tabs that have been put to sleep?
  • (2020-04-02, v:0.3.2) Angel Aspeytia: Not showing correct website when trying to disable hibernate on that url
    Showing other urls as what will be kept active, not the current active tab or browser website, is this being updated at all?
  • (2020-02-01, v:0.3.2) Chris Gordon: Hibernation Control Issues
    -Enable/Disable Hibernation on tab/website does not always reflect the active tab when extension is selected. -Does not seem to respect 'Auto Hibernate Time' setting.
  • (2019-03-11, v:0.3.2) Ali Salari: Issue with Sites using + in URL
    If there's a + In the URL of a site (Primarily Google+, yes, I know its going away, but others too) - when you come out of Hibernate, the +Does not translate back, and stays Encoded. I can manually change.. but still a pain...
  • (2019-02-14, v:0.3.2) Is this extension still supported?
    Just curious if this extension is being kept up to date with newer version of Chrome. Thanks.
  • (2018-12-31, v:0.3.2) Reigen Pott: Tabs
    in the past when tabs are hibernated i still could see the icons of the site. now i just see the hibernate icon hot can i change that? sorry for bas english
  • (2018-11-01, v:0.3.2) Robin Singh: hibernation issue on certain websites
    Hi there it is not hibernating certain websites, even when I enable it and refresh the page straight away it automatically selects disable hibernate on this page
  • (2018-11-01, v:0.3.2) Robin Singh: not hibernating certain websites
    Hi there it is not hibernating certain websites, even when I enable it and refresh the page straight away it automatically selects disable hibernate on this page
  • (2018-08-03, v:0.3.2) Raj Sahae: Wakeup current window
    Currently, there is a "wakeup all tabs" functionality. I would like a feature to wakeup the tabs in the current window only, not all windows.
  • (2018-07-26, v:0.3.2) Devi F: Tab Hibernate incompatible with Google Hangouts extension
    When both Google Hangouts and Tab Hibernate are installed in chrome, tab hibernate shows the google hangouts extension id instead of the url for a website- this makes it impossible to change the auto-hibernate status for websites while google hangouts is installed. Please fix this incompatibility!
  • (2018-04-11, v:0.3.2) A Land: Can't disable hibernation
    If I have more than one window open, the extension only allows me to disable hibernation on the last active tab from the first window. I have to move the tab from the second window to the first in order to disable hibernation.
  • (2018-03-20, v:0.3.2) Loknath Bharti: Does not hibernate on its own
    I have tried different number of minutes from 1 to 10 for auto-hibernating, but the auto-hibernate is not working.
  • (2017-10-16, v:0.3.2) Sebastian S.: Please fix dead tabs ASAP
    Hey Daniel, You wrote on 10/7 that a fix has been deployed, which shouldn't take longer than 24h to reach the chrome web store. What's the issue here? I urgently need to resurrect some of my 50 tabs, so please make it happen. Thank you!


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