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A simple new tab page for your browser. Not too much, not too little. Date, Time, Weather, Search – all in a fresh design everyday.

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Description from store Lagom [lá-gohm] 1. not too much, not too little 2. just right Lagom is a minimalist homepage for your new tab page. It features one new homepage a day, every day. Always simple. Just the bare essentials—date, time, weather, type to search, all within a daily fresh design. FEATURES (not that many, we like it that way) º Current Time / Date º Accurate Weather º New Design Everyday º Type to Search the Web ––– Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer supported at LAGOM.IO For feedback, support, love letters, or hate mail: [email protected]

Latest reviews

  • (2020-06-25) Diana Leal: Me encanta! es simple, y es bonita!!
  • (2020-06-24) Boo_Gacha: HI! I really enjoyed this extension. It makes my eyes less sore than the others that i have used. It is helpful and is clean and neat.
  • (2020-04-09) Rani Tri Aryanti: bagus, sangat suka
  • (2020-04-08) Anne Le: I like how it is simple and minimalist. It doesn't include many things like the other extensions, which is perfect. It can also change themes every day. In conclusion, I'm in love with this extension.
  • (2020-03-29) nawras malek: Best extension ever!!!! Its so refreshing getting to see a new design every day plus it tells me everything i need including time, date and the weather.
  • (2020-03-28) Ana María Durán: Es buena, sin embargo, constantemente muestra una ubicación que no corresponde con la que la ubicación en la que realmente estoy y no encuentro una configuración para establecerla correctamente,
  • (2020-03-20) Murderous Vibes: really helps me when i want to know what weather is it, the time, or day
  • (2020-03-12) joonmoonssi: i really loved this extension and have used it for about a year or so. lately every time i open a tab the drop down settings keep coming down and it's really irritating because it prevents me from seeing the layout, which is the reason i downloaded it to begin with. hope a patch comes through to fix it soon so i don't have to remove it.
  • (2020-03-10) emily hwang: This is probably the best extension/theme I've ever used. It's so simple, yet it gives you everything you need and just looking at the page gives me a sense of relaxation. Its so minimalist and pretty
  • (2020-02-27) natalie nicolis: for some reason my background isnt changing and its really annoying..
  • (2020-02-17) Yuri Nobematsu: I really enjoy this theme. simple and beautiful. One sad part of this theme is it won't show up your correct location and temperature. Country is usually right but specific location is wrong most of the time. Even locations on google is correct. I hope company fix this problem asap:)
  • (2020-02-02) Danyal Zafar: Boomer - best extension
  • (2020-01-23) Alexander Wheeler: Very useful for telling the time if you dont have your phone or a watch and your alon and there is a tiny crack in you screen where it tells the time.
  • (2020-01-14) mikahatestocutonions: Is so aesthetic and sometimes I'm lazy to go find the clock area of my laptop so yeah
  • (2020-01-09) Azhai Boggs: Very minimalist! I love the modern look and how luxurious it looks!
  • (2019-12-21) aurcraa: Really good and aesthetic, but here are some issues. The extension was last updated in 2016, so technically, the extension is just the same. Also, it would be neat if we could like change the text colors, time zones, etc so it could be more compatible for people who live in a different time zone.
  • (2019-12-12) Emilia Parada Martín: Alguien sabe como cambiar el tema???
  • (2019-12-09) Roza Bahta: I really liked this website because its aesthetic and easy to use. Although it would have nice to be able to chose what design you want. And how do you change the weather? To where your area is? Overall i really like it and it just calms my OCD just by looking at it. Now i have an excuse..
  • (2019-12-06) elizabeth obu: It has a very minimalistic and aesthetic to it but I would prefer if we could choose the themes.
  • (2019-11-25) Alasdair Macdonald: not too much, not nothing hasn't changed my life just a little nice thing like a biscuit with a coffee in a bright cafe on a dark day
  • (2019-11-20) Brandon_Yay: I want to be able to change the theme, but overall, Perfect. Just right.
  • (2019-11-18) Téva Troyon: simple, épuré ,propre ! TOP
  • (2019-11-17) dawn: best tab extension! i'm generally quite a fussy person and get tired quickly of seeing the same thing everyday, so this extension is perfect for me :) the designs are amazing in their own minimalistic way, and it's a pleasure to open up my laptop to a fresh tab page every day!
  • (2019-10-23) Rory Smyth: Great extension. Just wished that there was a dark mode, which shouldn't be very hard to implement.
  • (2019-10-17) Myra: I love it, but I can't change the weather location from SF and that makes me want to go back to Tabby Cats or find something else. I live closer to NYC so at least having the option to select NYC for weather would be better. Overall, beautiful and lovely to look at.

Latest issues

  • (2020-03-08, v: TEOH official: Change the Theme
    How to change the theme ourself?
  • (2020-03-04, v: KEYONNA LOWDER: changing theme
    how do i change the theme?
  • (2020-01-18, v: Nicola Lee: location
    does anyone know how to get the correct location?
  • (2019-12-26, v: Bryen Graver: Blank Page on New Tab
    Hello! I love your extension. However, I've recently run into the issue where on a new tab page, Lagom just opens as a blank white page. Even though it's installed, nothing shows. I've re-installed Lagom and cleared the cache, but it doesn't seem to be fixing it. Any other fixes to try? Thank you!
  • (2019-05-30, v: tiffany jen: Ask...?
    Why I download the English version, but it shows me the place of the name is Chinese? Where can I reset? thanks
  • (2018-11-24, v: Kate Springs: Time isn't right
    The time in my extension isn't right, even though the date and weather are. Can this be fixed? Thank you!
  • (2018-09-04, v: Stefan Uddenberg: Location is incorrect
    As a result, it doesn't display the correct weather.
  • (2018-06-21, v: hope you can see
    This page is very concise and very much liked. But its search engine didn't work. Look at the author can see and improve, it is best to customize the search engine.
  • (2018-05-17, v: Deepakshi Dhand: Weather and Loading
    It won't show the accurate weather as it is not picking up the location and also it takes so long for Lagom to open up and show the background
  • (2018-04-28, v: Ryan Zofoa: Weather
    I have been scrolling through your support page and finding that people are saying that the location is never right. I myself don't understand because my weather and location is perfectly accurate. I'm loving this extension. Thanks for making it!
  • (2018-04-28, v: Weather
    It has never had the correct town of weather and it is a bit annoying considering I have been using this for 1 year. It would make me love the app much more if it had the correct weather for the correct town.
  • (2018-04-26, v: jacky Broutin: WANT TO DESINSTALL IT
    Please send me how to disinstall the Lagom front opening page, I want my own page when I open Chrome. PLEASE HELP Can't find the way to get ride of Lagom at the Chrome opening Thanks
  • (2018-04-06, v: Arielle Bedwei-Brooks: location
    The location is often wrong, can you fix it please?
  • (2018-03-26, v: wrong location
    The extension is beautiful and I love the different design everyday, but the location is way off and I don't remember being asked to allow access to location, so maybe there could be an option to statically set it.


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