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An awesome QRCode generation and parsing plug-in that includes short links, history, and etc. More details may make you love it.

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Description from store Probably the best qr code generation and recognition plugin on the market.Adhering to the tiny but useful ideas, Here are some of its features: 1. Link to edit and qr code is generated in real time 2. QRCode can be cached information, and can be used across the TAB 3. QRCode Title and url can modify and save 4. QRCode can be downloaded and saved 5. Support dynamic IP replacement 6. Support QRCode generation and recognition 7. Support identify the QR code in the video 8. Support history and history import and export 9. More international language support 10. Support offline operation 11. Support for short links 12. Support novice guidance 13. Quick and friendly experience ChangeLog: *** v2.7.0 -2019.12.24 *** Feat: 1. Support screenshot recognition function, you can identify the QR code in the video *** v2.6.1 -2019.12.18 *** Fix: 1. Fixed the problem that the intranet IP (the intranet IP is used to replace the placeholder {{local}} function) cannot be displayed without the QR code 2. Enhance the QR code recognition ability, add local recognition timeout mechanism, 2 seconds without recognition will automatically switch to online recognition *** v2.6.0 -2019.12.15 *** Feat: 1. Added exception log collection, and the abnormal information can be reported back to the developer in time (only reported when an error is reported, please rest assured that it does not contain any user data at all) 2. Optimize the external network IP acquisition logic on the homepage (ip is used to automatically replace the placeholder {{ip}} function), and it is updated only once an hour to speed up the opening of the homepage layer again. Bugfix: 1. Fix setting page to get remote configuration logic, configuration from cache also needs to be processed *** v2.5.0 -2019.12.03 *** Feat: 1. Generate the QR code to show the best match by default, you can also change the configuration in the settings 2. Optimize performance and speed up QR code display Bugfix: 1. Initially load home configuration to avoid white screen issues for some users 2. Configure to load only once a day to avoid repeated requests *** v2.4.1 -2019.11.17 *** Bugfix: 1. Fix the problem that the fast conversion link contains "{{local}}" error 2. Modify the novice guide copy 3. Modify the plugin description 4. Modify the page address of the uninstall plugin jump 5. Add some features to bury *** v2.4.0 -2019.10.27 *** Feat: 1. Add QR code shortcut download button 2. Add QR code shortcut configuration, you can choose to enable or disable on the settings page. 3. Optimize the novice boot flag reset logic to avoid misoperation without being updated by the novice boot. 4. Optimize the appreciation page to solve the emoji expression display problem under windows Bugfix: 1. Fix unconverted placeholder tags (local, ip) in QR code shortcut copy *** v2.3.0 -2019.10.15 *** Feat: 1. Add the right-click menu "Identify and jump" 2. Add a right-click menu "Identify and save" 3. Add home page QR code shortcut link conversion 4. Add Homepage QR Code Quick Copy 5. Add plugin uninstall feedback address Bugfix: 1. Fix title or content changes cause the height of the elastic layer to change 2. Other details optimization Remove: 1. Remove the global QR code short link automatic conversion function (to avoid the elastic layer loading time is too long), replaced by the "short chain fast conversion" function in the first page floating layer *** v2.2.0 -2019.09.21 *** Feat: 1. Add the QR code to identify the pop-up window and settings (support pop-up window, browser reminder, silence three ways) 2. Improve the novice guidance, the function points on the two-dimensional code layer are explained 3. Add a few data points Bugfix: 1. Fix history time format and overflow issues in history 2. Fix the problem that the export history text is truncated Other: The plugin is ready to change its name. The whole network is collected: ) *** v2.1.2 -2019.08.29 *** detail: https://github.com/bailinx/quick-qrcode/issues/4 *** v2.1.0 -2019.08.18 *** feat: 1. Add a newbie guide to let you quickly understand the plugin 2. Added a technical white paper detailing the plugin operating mechanism 3. Add a new operation prompt, click to button will toast remind 4. Optimize the appreciation page, more simple and clear 5. Change the theme icon, I hope you like it. *** v2.0.0 -2019.07.28 *** feat: 1. New settings page, support a variety of settings, there is always a suitable for you 2. New interaction, more tips, avoid misuse 3. Support for short links *** v1.5.0 -2019.06.09 *** feat: 1. Add QR code generation, any element of the page can generate QR code 2. Add the generated QR code to save the history with one click. 3. Added traditional Chinese and Japanese support *** v1.4.0 - 2019.04.14 *** feat: 1. Enhanced QR code recognition, local identification is automatically recognized online 2. Added import and export of toolbars and history 3. Add a Q & A address:https://github.com/bailinx/quick-qrcode/wiki/Quick-QRCode *** v1.3.2 - 2019.02.22 *** bugfix: 1. Fix local IP may get failed 2. Optimize the interactive experience *** v1.3.1 *** bugfix: 1. Fix the problem that the tab cannot be saved after modification *** v1.3.0 *** features: 1. Right click on the image to identify the QR code 2. Use {{local}} or {{ip}} to dynamically replace a local or external address, such as http://{{local}}:6501/ 3. Bugfix and experience optimization *** v1.2.0 *** features: 1. Add the founction of this history 2. Panels can be folded and carried out 3. History can be restored or preview 4. Optimize user experience *** v1.1.0 *** features: 1. Add the function of the pins,Information used to cache the current page. 2. Pins fixed state modify links will be saved in the cache 3. Edit link can be saved using the enter key 4. Other details optimization

Latest reviews

  • (2020-01-21) Day Beauty: 崩溃一次后,就一直默认上次的二维码生成的链接,希望尽快修复。 版本 74.0.3729.131(正式版本) (64 位) ---- 重新安装后已解决,持续关注
  • (2020-01-16) 王洋辉: 很不错的插件
  • (2020-01-11) Disgen Ed: 开发者你好,可否截图识别二QR时自定义截取区域呢?因为有时网页内有好几个二维码不太好分辨哪个是自己想要的
  • (2019-12-28) 非常好!!任何页面(至今遇到的)右键都可以使用!
  • (2019-12-27) wind Wandering: 请问如何识别视频里的二维码? ----------------------------- 老哥NB
  • (2019-12-19) RoyQ Vanish: 反应了几个问题,作者都及时给与了反馈,感谢作者的付出,希望越来越好,会推荐给更多的人
  • (2019-12-12) f于跃: 好用
  • (2019-11-27) Taki Boku: 非常好用!不过遇到个小问题,右键文本或链接生成二维码的时候,不仅生成选中的文本或链接的二维码,还有该网站的二维码(这个感觉有点多余),两个二维码放一起不方便扫描。
  • (2019-11-04) TT Ren: 功能全, 好用! 建议编辑时可以实时生成二维码, 不需要点保存就更好了
  • (2019-09-16) Merlin Fenrir: 应该是很好的插件,但是为啥我就是不能识别二维码呢?右键识别之后一点反应都没有,所有二维码都这样,版本为2.1.2
  • (2019-08-23) 嘉嘉: 老大 保存在哪个位置了?看到楼上的解答没没找到入口 = =
  • (2019-08-07) kai Hu: 咦,他可以直接保存在本地么?保存在哪个位置了?
  • (2019-06-14) Wayne Shao: 正想提一下希望可以把功能放在右键菜单,发现疑似 v1.5.0 已经有了,期待ing。
  • (2019-04-28) Dring Fox: 很不错,尤其是离线二维码无法识别自动转在线识别,希望可以增加个右键菜单,可以把任意内容比如选中的文本也转换为二维码。参照下面两个,这样对我来说就可以取而代之了 https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/quick-qr-code-generator/afpbjjgbdimpioenaedcjgkaigggcdpp https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/anything-to-qrcode/calkaljlpglgogjfcidhlmmlgjnpmnmf
  • (2019-04-11) hdxrie: 不错,界面很好看,目前找到的最满意的一个
  • (2019-04-04) 幻影显形: 界面简洁大方,好评。不过有些二维码无法识别,而在用其他线二维码解析服务可以识别。 比如这个:https://www.onethingcloud.cn/images/pro/code_new.png


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