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Save time and effort in emails, etc. with ProKeys! Define snippets, do math in browser, auto complete braces, and much more.

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Description from store Never waste a second on repetitive typing and the tedium of copy-paste again. Impress your boss and colleagues with a spike in your productivity! This user-friendly text expander lets you save largish text expansions and associate them with short abbreviations. We support plain or styled text, local and sync browser storage, clipboard macros, date and time macros, dynamic value fields in expansions, dynamic math, omnibox support, and much more! Your words-per-minute will skyrocket, your colleagues will swoon at your productivity, online drudgery of the corporate world won't touch you, and you'll never bother with the Herculean task of right-click, copy, go-somewhere-else, right-click... For more info, visit the Help section inside the app, or watch the promo video on this page. ⋆Snippets⋆ - expand abbreviations Define custom abbreviations, and expand them by simply pressing the hotkey (default: Shift+Space). It can be even a full-length email to your customer! Example: "brb" can expand to "Be right back!" Think of these as "canned responses". ⋆Placeholders⋆ - fields (inside snippets) which can be given dynamic values on using the snippet. Example: snippet "wishBday", which you can use to wish your friends Happy Birthday! Since the name of the friend keeps changing, so you can add a placeholder in the snippet body, as "%name%" (without quotes). It'll be auto-highlighted whenever you use the snippet and you can type your friend's name into it. ⋆Mathomania⋆ - do math without leaving your text editor, and without calculators. Simply type the math expression inside the `[[` and `]]` and press `=` to get the results. (watch the promo video for details) Parentheses and exponentiation is also supported. Example: "[[ 15% * 600 =]]" gives "90" and "[[ (5+6) * 15^2 =]]" gives "2475". ⋆Omnibox support⋆ - use the keyword "pk" to directly expand snippets inside of the omnibox/address bar. ⋆Clipboard access⋆ - use [[%p]] anywhere in your snippet body, it is auto-replaced with the current clipboard data. ⋆Date/Time Macros⋆ - embed short symbols (inside a snippet body) which are auto-replaced their current date and time. Multiple date and time formats are supported. ⋆Date/Time Arithmetic⋆ - can be used to move forward or backward in time in the date and time macros. Supports both relative and independent evaluation of the symbols. ⋆Variables⋆ - quickly type date, time, browser version without having to leave your text editor or look at the clock! ⋆Auto-Insert⋆ - Quotes ('"') and braces - ( { [ -are auto-completed, and you can specify your custom insert-it-for-me symbols as well (like, inserting a '>' on typing of a '<') in the settings. ⋆Tab Key⋆ - can be used to insert 4 spaces, instead of its default function, thus speeding up your work. Notes: - All your data is stored on your PC (or synced across your Chrome sign-ins) and nothing is sent to any external servers! Check the source code if you wish to - https://github.com/GaurangTandon/ProKeys - You can disable ProKeys for particular websites in the Settings. - You can take a backup of your data, restore it, and print it as well. - You are sure of not losing your data as ProKeys stores (on your PC) past 20 revisions of your data. - You can switch between Sync and Local storage. Note that the following few web apps are known to be incompatible: 1. Facebook (only comments and profile posts)/Messenger/Quora - uses improper text editor. 2. Google Docs - as it is a full-fledged editor itself. (But Google Docs comments section works) Contact me at [email protected] if you know of a dynamic web app that's missing from the list above, or to give feedback. Also note that the input of type email and number do not support caret manipulation so ProKeys can't function there (and neither does it work in password fields, for obvious reasons). ProKeys developed with ♥ by - Gaurang Tandon and Varun Singh

Latest reviews

  • (2020-03-30) Chriztoffer Hansen: Enjoy using the extension, with the occasional hic-ups that follow. Were select fields on select web-sites is configured in such a way, ProKeys will not work when writing inside them (e.g. writing a review of the extension in Chrome Webstore). Alas, this is not due to the extension itself, but rather the website, per my understanding. :) Still use it a lot. Especially as a simple drop-in 'template engine' when writing e-mails and ticket replies. With pre-defined replies formatted to my needs. :+1: /Chriztoffer
  • (2020-03-29) Dan: It doesn't save the snippets I created.
  • (2020-03-19) Evan Rodriguez: Doesn't work consistently with salesforce. I have to refresh my page 2-3 times just to get the extension to work. Love it, but it's too frustrating to use.
  • (2020-01-11) Steven Caldwell: When it works it is really great. Just save a backup of your config. I had to uninstall and reinstall it 2 times in the last month. Not sure why it is happening.
  • (2019-12-06) Antony Gaddie: Nice and simple. Easy to use!
  • (2019-11-14) Robert Anderson: This is by far the easiest to use, and functionally robust text productivity tool I have ever come across. It has been a thrill to see this extension progress though different stages. I recommend this extension to literally everyone who browses the internet for more than 3 minutes a month. My boss and coworkers love it just as much as I do now.
  • (2019-10-29) Alexander Andre Gutierrez Sandoval: Excelente extensión.!!
  • (2019-10-10) Karl Erik Steinbakk: I use this every day in my job and it is a fantastic timesaver for me! Thanks to the developer for creating this and the ongoing work with pushing updates and fixes! :-)
  • (2019-09-23) Roberta Bartoli: very usefull
  • (2019-09-16) David Lomax: I just want to say thanks. I found ProKeys a couple of years ago, my first year as an eLearning teacher. Teaching online, I find the need to provide a lot of textual feedback to students, yet I also find myself saying the same things over and over again. ProKeys allows me to, with less effort, give more feedback and more support to my students. You actually allow me to do my job better in less time. By now, I have a library of over four hundred snippets that I use daily. I appreciate it, and my students do as well, not to mention all the colleagues I have shown it to. I wish you all the best in your work, and I thank you again for all you have done.
  • (2019-09-11) Raj Sompura: Great work, save my efforts to make emails.
  • (2019-08-02) The Doctor: Very useful, thanks!
  • (2019-07-30) Michael Knudsen: Good extension, but they really need to stop making it pop up every time I run Chrome. It needs to stay in the background until I open it. Update 7/30/2019 - Adding a star because the developer responded to my comment above and indeed the pop-ups stopped immediately afterward. I think there were just several updates in quick succession. This is a very useful extension.
  • (2019-07-28) Влад Снозик: works only on gmail
  • (2019-07-25) Walfredsson Calderon: This one of the best extensions of chrome saves me alot of time with my work!!!
  • (2019-07-20) Brent Daily: Great resource for providing students written feedback in a quick, manageable way. If you've never tried grading 150 essays and leaving useful feedback for each student, take it from me, this app is an absolute life saver!
  • (2019-07-18) Kyle Godfrey: This extension has been a huge asset to efficiency and simplification. In my role at work I often times have to type out the same thing in multiple locations so to have this has save me SOOO much time. I have referred several colleagues to this and I think it has been just as beneficial for them as it has been for me. Absolutely love it!
  • (2019-07-17) Dave Palese: Great plugin. Save me so much time and effort! Thanks
  • (2019-07-15) Kegan Belendez: I have to re-import my prokeys ALL OF THE TIME. I will literally send an email using my prokeys AFTER importing them first thing in the morning like I have to do every day. Once I send the email and I'm on to the next, I try certain prokeys and they don't work and I have to import again. Seems like such a dumb issue that's easy to fix yet here we are. I shouldn't have to go through all my files and import my prokeys every time I compose an email.
  • (2019-07-04) João Gehlen: Já testei várias e várias aplicações para fazer isso, mas até agora a ProKeys foi a que melhor resolveu o meu problema, é sensacional.
  • (2019-07-03) SRG Residential: Such a time saver! I've been using it for over a year for frequent terms. Recommend!
  • (2019-07-01) Michael Belew: When I first installed the plugin, it was good (maybe 3.5 stars), it had a couple of bugs that did not prevent from working, but were annoying. I am happy to says that just in the last couple weeks the plugin has been updated twice fixing the few bugs that were jumping out at me. I'm not saying that it is bug free, but it is an extremely helpful plugin and considering the cost, I give it 5 stars.
  • (2019-06-27) Pauline Knowles: Really useful for inserting repetitive text as an expander.
  • (2019-06-25) Vinicius Bevilacqua: So helpful
  • (2019-06-24) Dimo Indzhov: Great EXT saves a lot of time ! 5 Stars

Latest issues

  • (2020-06-06, v:3.6.2) Steven Caldwell: URL Macro
    I can't seem to get the URL macros to work. Do you have any examples of use?
  • (2020-06-05, v:3.6.2) Carlos Villar: Several devices
    How can I use it in two different computers with the same chrome login. Since I;m trying to use it in a work computer the download file and restore is not an option.
  • (2020-06-03, v:3.6.2) Chris Reed: Any consideration to add Google Docs support... it would be a massive help...
    Any consideration to add Google Docs support... it would be a massive help...
  • (2020-04-09, v:3.6.2) Jean Claude Nguyen: Single-Digit Month
    The date variables don't include a symbol for single-digit months. For example, you can insert a single-digit day with 'D', but you cannot do the same for month with 'M'.
  • (2020-04-03, v:3.6.2) Vinic Mendes: Prokeys foi desativado no Google Chrome
    Prezados. Desde 03/04/2020 a extensão Prokeys não está disponível e apresenta a seguinte mensagem Este item foi desativado no Google Chrome.
  • (2020-03-30, v:3.6.2) Chriztoffer Hansen: Support for $placeholder to output hex-string
    Dear developer of ProKeys, I was thinking if it would be possible to implement a randomness generator outputting hex-values (i.e. [0-9a-f]) My idea for this is I commonly need to output hex-values as part of defining mac-addresses and part of an IPv6 address for interfaces (being a network engineer, I prefer static defined values). My suggestion is for ProKeys to have a placeholder for outputting a x hex-values as a string, e.g. [[%h(4)]] -> 7f1c, [[%h(2)]] -> 9e, etc. where "%h" is key for for "I want Hex-values" and "(4)" for "I want 4x random hex-values". /Chriztoffer
  • (2020-03-09, v:3.6.2) Tony: Can't use ProKeys in outlook.office.com subject line
    Hello! We are big fans of your plugin here at the office, but since last week we can't use ProKeys in the subject line when we write e-mails in the outlook web browser. Is this something that will be fixed?
  • (2020-02-06, v:3.6.2) Kostas Margiavičius: Feature request
    Hello. Is it possible to add capability for ProKeys to work in the address bar?
  • (2020-01-21, v:3.6.2) Timothy Armstrong: Salesforce text boxes do not take line breaks into account
    Example snippet in gmail where line breaks translate without issue: Hi James, Please let me know your availability this week between the hours of 10:00am and 5:00pm PDT. I ask that you pick 3-4 dates/times as I do have several webex requests pending and want to ensure we get you in a slot. I look forward to your response, -Tim =============================================== That same snippet in Salesforce: Hi James, Please let me know your availability this week between the hours of 10:00am and 5:00pm PDT. I ask that you pick 3-4 dates/times as I do have several webex requests pending and want to ensure we get you in a slot.I look forward to your response,-Tim I'm stoked you allow HTML because doing this works Hi James, <br>Please let me know your availability this week between the hours of 10:00am and 5:00pm PDT. </br> <br>I ask that you pick 3-4 dates/times as I do have several webex requests pending and want to ensure we get you in a slot.</br><br>I look forward to your response,</br><br>-Tim</br> Is there a way though to update prokeys some how to not need that? If you need access to Salesforce, I'd be more than happy work remote work with you using my corporate instance. Either way, I LOVE this software...being in support it saves so much time on platforms that dont have canned responses. Donations coming your way!
  • (2020-01-11, v:3.6.2) Jorge Antillon: Interaction with ChatbeaconPro
    Hi, We currently chatbeacon pro for out live chat solution, it appears that Prokeys somewhat conflicts with Chatbeacon to the level of rendering the application useless and having to close the browser window to re-gain stability. We would like to know if it would be possible for you to look into the issue. regards,
  • (2020-01-01, v:3.6.2) Karen Dallas Hartig: ProKeys issue
    #1: i simply want to know whether the TAB function is an on/off switch. i use my tab button a lot. i'd want to take your tab function at times and then i want to turn it off so i can use my Tab key OEM. #2: PS: I CANNOT LOCATE A DOWNLOAD prokeys on the extensions ad for prokeys, and i read all on that page. #3: what if i need to use prokeys for a number of hours, then disengage it since i am disabled and i work from my home. THANK YOU KINDLY, AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  • (2019-12-17, v:3.6.2) jean-noel pons: modifications non prise en compte
    depuis qlq temps le logiciel ne prend plus en compte mes modifications, ex j avais supprimé l'onglet /6/ , et il ne veut plus prendre en compte le nouveau, ou des rajouts dans les autres . pourriez vous m aidez svp : [email protected]
  • (2019-11-27, v:3.6.2) Nathan Pendlebury: Pro Keys use in Amazon
    I am having issues using pro keys in messages on Amazon. I use 2 different #tags in each message and it only seems to let me use one now. Once i send the message it just shows up as the #dent for example and not the sentence its programmed to do. Please advise
  • (2019-11-21, v:3.6.2) A&M: Deleted Folder Still Appears
    Hello, I deleted a ProKeys folder that I did not need and it is still showing up despite me restarting, etc. When I click on it, nothing happens. It is now the first folder in my lineup, even if I have resorted. It is not listed in my folder list so I cannot re-delete it. How can I get rid of this unwanted folder that I have already deleted?
  • (2019-11-16, v:3.6.2) Carifyn Cathal: Prokeys changing links - & becomes &amp;
    Hey there! First of all, ProKeys is awesome! But I have problem with links and none of my colleagues using it ever encountered anything similar. Every "&" in a link I save in a snippet in ProKeys becomes "&amp;" - making some of the link unusable. Here is an example of what I save: https://support.google.com/mail/answer/3094499?hl=de&ref_topic=7065107 This is how it looks once I use the snippet or clone it: https://support.google.com/mail/answer/3094499?hl=de&amp;ref_topic=7065107 In this case the link is still working despite the change, but I hope it gives an insight on what's happening. I already tried reinstalling the extension, clearing Chrome cache and exporting/importing/recreating the snippet multiple times. I would be very grateful for any help you can give me here, I'm really out of ideas what could cause this. Thanks! :)
  • (2019-11-07, v:3.6.2) Trisha Gulbin: Help enabling
    All of a sudden this stopped working. It says that it has been disabled in chrome. I click on "enable this item" and it takes me to the page for Prokeys in the chrome web store with no option to enable. please help!
  • (2019-10-23, v:3.6.2) Ken Green: How do you get it work in Chrome URL bar (omnibox)?
    I can't seem to get this to work in URL bar.
  • (2019-10-15, v:3.6.2) Chase Brown: Feature Request
    First off, thank you very much for helping my day-to-day at work with repetitive text boil down to just a few key strokes. If possible, is can you add a feature that would password protect or limit the ability to change / edit snippets? I am attempting to encourage our department at work to use ProKeys but the ability to limit access to edit or have an audit trail is the last area needed to really solidify our ability to use ProKeys. Thank you again for your help!
  • (2019-10-15, v:3.6.2) Jawad Sabra: Chrome Cloud Storage
    Would be great if the extension could use Chrome Cloud Storage to sync all templates across devices, that's a very essential feature for me as I work across different machines and I am sure it would be helpful to others too. Below is an example of an extension which uses cloud storage, but it's lacking some other features. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/auto-text-expander-for-go/iibninhmiggehlcdolcilmhacighjamp/reviews?hl=en-US
  • (2019-10-03, v:3.6.2) Kevin Guszkowski: Prokeys Automatically Highlighted
    Every time I enter ProKeys into an email, they are automatically highlighted. How can I fix this?
  • (2019-09-22, v:3.6.2) Tina Harris: Stops working after restart
    Our company asks us to restart our computers at the end of the day, so every morning I have to re-install ProKeys or it won't work. I put my snippet in, hit the hot keys and it does nothing until I remove the extension and add it again and import my snippets again. Having to re-install everyday, while not difficult, is irritating.
  • (2019-09-09, v:3.6.2) len fogelsonger: Prokey activation
    I installed a new version of MAC Operating system SW today. When I rebooted - my Prokeys icon was gone from my google browser. When I try and re-install prokeys it says "this item has been disabled. Enable this item. It will not enable this item. nothing happens.


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