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RingCentral for Google

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Description from store Seamlessly integrate your RingCentral communications and collaboration solution with Google Cloud to create a powerful business communications hub. The RingCentral for Google Chrome extension makes it easy for your teams to access key RingCentral features without leaving their persistent Google applications, simplifying workflow and increasing productivity. Features: Calendar: Schedule and join RingCentral Meetings and audio conference calls Chrome browser softphone: • View your complete communications history (voicemails, faxes, and messages) • Active call control features (multi-way call, transfer, record, flip, etc.) • Combine your RingCentral and Google contacts in one easy-to-search screen • Click-to-dial or Click-to-SMS phone numbers within favorite G Suite applications such as Gmail, Docs™, Google Calendar™, and Chrome browser Benefits: ► Seamless integration with Google Chrome Connecting RingCentral with the web browser you use every day allows you to automate tedious tasks in your workflow for added efficiency and ease of use. ► Streamlined business communications The RingCentral for Google Chrome extension reduces the need for users to turn to other tools while working in their persistent Google applications. ► Productive team collaboration The ability to efficiently schedule and join conferences evolves your team collaboration, keeping projects moving forward in a productive way.

Latest reviews

  • (2020-07-04) Joseph Jones: Crashes every time a call comes in
  • (2020-07-02) Pasha Simmons: great
  • (2020-04-07) Igor Belopolsky: The inability to change the ringtones is very detrimental to every day work
  • (2020-04-03) Joe Nava: it was good and i enjoy it allot. but why is it that i cant pin a participants video?
  • (2020-04-02) Володимир Беркич: Working with breaks... needs to be deleted and installed to get to work...
  • (2020-02-28) paulo ramos: for some reason i click so sign in and the page does not load at all i have turned off my untivirus and the fire wall and nothing happens. I cant upload a pic but here i will copy asnd paste what it says This site can’t be reachedapi-rcapps.ringcentral.com took too long to respond. Try: Checking the connection Checking the proxy and the firewall Running Windows Network Diagnostics ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT and when i do a trouble shoot this comes up Problems found Your computer appears to be correctly configured, but the devide Detected or sourse (api-rcapps.ringcentral.com) is not responding
  • (2020-02-27) Sun Times: Keeps crshing is not working properly they need to fix this bug.
  • (2020-02-27) carlos pizarro: i cant even log in anymore to the app, it's so frustrating
  • (2020-01-07) Kenneth Ofosu: Good App, however has some limitations when used on Chrome, The Chrome app does not allow me to view the HUD, nor allow me to edit status for others to see, for example status is Busy, I can customise the status to Busy (Lunch). Are there planned updates for this?
  • (2019-12-25) 林金章: A very nice extension.
  • (2019-12-22) Mike Shick: This extension is ok. What has been really frustrating me is that whenever I post on many forums, a huge Ringcentral Icon pops itself inside of the post without my knowledge or ability to see. Sometimes, I'm simply denied the ability to post, and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get rid of the stinking icon. Why is this occuring?
  • (2019-12-19) Romel Lagundino: so slow
  • (2019-12-19) Jacob Barlow: I cannot set this software up to play its ringtone through my external speakers but the rest of its audio through a headset. Therefore it is not practical to use with a headset. Therefore it is not practical to use in an office environment.
  • (2019-12-18) Shamandeep Singh: why have this option when it isn't going to perform or limit the functionalities if you cannot keep up with it. It seemed to give me issues at first, after playing around got it to finally work than after couple days, now when i click to dial, no app pops up. Phone connects and i have no control to disconnect or see the app because it does not pop up anymore
  • (2019-12-11) Jon Trelfa: I can't get it to work. I log in, it sends me a security code via email, I enter it, then get this message: "Sorry, we can't recognize the device. Please use other device or browser and try again." Not a useful extension if I can't log in...
  • (2019-11-20) Murray Sellars: Love the concept, glitchy in execution. Restart it 4 or 5 times per day!
  • (2019-10-05) Doggie Joggie Manager: Unfortunately, I can only say that RingCentral's Chrome Extension for Google has actually gotten worse and worse over the years. I don't know if they're not putting any focus on it now because they're trying to push their glip app, but it's kind of maddening and I'm seriously considering canceling my service entirely and looking elsewhere for my cloud phone needs. One consistent issue I've had is that the SMS "inbox" list view of all the most recent texts fails to display names from Google Contacts, and so only displays numbers. This makes it really annoying to not be able to see names, especially when that's one of the main supposed benefits of this integration - that the app is supposed to be able to read your contacts from your Google account. The contacts do appear in the "Compose New SMS" view, but not in the inbox view, so it's not as horrible as it could be, but still kind of a basic failure that creates a lot of annoyance. I have tried authorizing, un-authorizing, and re-authorizing, which is the process that is supposed to enable access to the contacts, but a few months ago that stopped working, so now I'm just stuck with this problem. Again I've used this extension for probably 4 years, and there have been periods where it works fine. And then beyond that I have a number of custom google apps scripts that I use in running our business, and a couple months ago the RingCentral extension has started creating weird conflicts in my Google Scripts, like making things run really slow and messing up of the display in some of my web applications UIs, which kind of adds insult to injury. This took me about a month to figure out, but it was pretty clear when all my problems got resolved instantly when I turned the RingCentral extension off. It's not like my needs are complicated - I just want to be able to send texts (which it does do fine), have the extension properly display my contacts, and not have it mess up any other unrelated apps I'm using, but the RingCentral Chrome extension for Google even bungles these minimal requirements. The feeling you get using this extension is that the RingCentral tech team doesn't really care about maintaining it or making it stable, which is really unfortunate.
  • (2019-09-17) Keith Knox: Worked well until last week, now it vanished for my entire 270 employees (Mac and Windows using Chrome( Opened up ticket with Ring Central. Not working well now with RC Rooms which is what we need.
  • (2019-08-28) Kevin Matvienko: I`ve just changed my working device and can`t logg in, it is asking me to change browser... Can You please advise what to do?
  • (2019-06-21) Kimberli Sur: everytime I get a phone call or ringcentral call, my laptop will not stop ringing until I remove this extension. It doesn't matter if I pick up the call on my laptop or cell phone, or I ignore the calls -- the ringing is constant and will not stop. my colleague is having the same issue on his mac and this extension. we're having to remove extension and re-install multiple times a day.
  • (2019-06-17) Alexandra Gonzalez: Keep receiving error. "Request limit exceeded. App will resume in 60 seconds" this keeps going on over and over and does not allow calls or text to go through at times.
  • (2019-06-05) Damijan Cavar: Extension does not even have a field where I can add a meeting ID to join. Not everybody has an account.
  • (2019-06-03) Carlos Ventura: De duck is this??? i can never be in meetings cause it doesn't load the participants videos... it is awful.
  • (2019-05-28) Jonathan George: A good start RS but the extension needs to have the option to be "heavy" or "light"! I can not send attachments via SMS, I cant listen in on employee calls etc. etc.
  • (2019-05-13) Hugh Smith: Was and has been working PERFECTLY. However after the latest ChromeOS update (74) now get my own voice echoed back once. I have initiated a call. Does not happen with other WebRTC calling applications and does not happen if you make the call with Glip.

Latest issues

  • (2017-06-20, v:3.1.0) Microphone
    I can't answer or make calls because the microphone is disabled. I've tried several fixes but none have worked. How do I fix this?
  • (2017-05-22, v:3.0.9) Wade Whiteside: QuickBooks Online stops working
    This app has caused my QuickBooks Online to stop working in Google Chrome. This happened on multiple computers. Please let me know why this is conflicting.
  • (2017-05-19, v:3.0.9) cant fax
    can't find fax out button, can't access fax number
  • (2017-05-18, v:3.0.9) Notifications are not working in Chrome
    I have RingCentral chrome extension installed on my PC and I'm not getting any notification pop-ups. I'm looking for some assistance if possible. I've followed some instructions on the web but nothing is working.
  • (2017-05-11, v:3.0.9) Andrew Berman: Soft Phone
    Hi. I use my soft phone to make calls from my desk. Is there any way to have this extension ring to the soft phone as opposed to my desk phone? I already have other calls ring to the softphone, but this extension only rings to the desk phone when I click to call. Thanks!
  • (2017-05-11, v:3.0.9) Thomas Muehlherr: Interferes with QuickBooks Online
    This plugin blocks the loading of the client data in QuickBooks online Accountant version. Too bad. I liked it a lot otherwise.
  • (2017-04-14, v:3.0.8) Benjamin Taub: Schedules unrequested conferences in calendar?
    On at least two occasions, when I added an appointment to Google calendar, the plugin seemed to be turning the appointment into a RingCentral conference although I didn't do anything to request that. This was troublesome on at least one occasion when I scheduled a time for me to call a customer and sent him an invite. It turned out, however, that the invite had been changed into a RingCentral conference call rather than simply a time for me to call him. Is it possible to fix this? Ben
  • (2017-03-29, v:3.0.8) Matt Hill: Click to dial
    We used to click to dial from a list of contacts/numbers on a google sheet. This worked great. All of a sudden the numbers in the google spreadsheets are no longer able to click to dial. Why is this and can it be resolved?
  • (2017-03-13, v:3.0.5) Not working
    When I call someone it will not connect on my end. They answer and I keep hearing the connecting noise and then it drops the call. It just started this today. It had been working before?
  • (2017-03-01, v:3.0.4) Jon Calkins: Ext. is not working
    I log into my ext. and it does not come up just cirlcle back to the log in screen. I have doon it several times and it will not work.
  • (2017-02-23, v:3.0.4) Jonathan Leafty: Cannot Log into Ring Central
    Extension is useless.....


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