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View web pages you're not sure you trust safely. SafeBrowser is an intelligent blocker of javascript, java applets, flash and ads

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Description from store Protected browsing with SafeBrowser An estimated 1 in 10 web servers are infected with malware (viruses, worms and trojan horses), and your antivirus application is powerless to stop these viruses infecting your computer. Research has shown that antivirus applications only detect about 20% of modern malware. Landing on a compromised server means risking downloading malware that logs your keystrokes, steals your passwords and credit card data, encrypts your files and then demands a ransom, sends junk email to your contacts or turns your PC into a bot (an automated device used to attack other PCs or servers). Every time you browse you take unknowing risks if you browse unprotected. SafeBrowser is a highly innovative, patent pending new service that allows you to view the smaller less well known sites in a protected way, with all scripts, applets, flash and activex controls removed and reported on. SafeBrowser not only tells you the category and reputation of the website you are viewing, but the category and reputation of the 3rd party servers and redirected servers the sites pages are also accessing. Sometimes its these 3rd party servers that are the source of the malware. SafeBrowser is the only service in the world that can do this. Shortened URLs such as bit.ly and goo.gl have their uses, but they're also a malware author's dream. It's estimated that one in five of the pages behind these shortened URLs have viruses or other malware just waiting to download onto your computer. SafeBrowser protects your computer because it does all redirection on the server, loads the final redirected page, strips it of anything that could cause harm*, and sends the safe version to your browser. Once you are satisfied that you are on the site you expected to be, you can always then choose to view that page in a normal browser window. Please be aware that some sites may not display properly or even display at all if they are heavily dependent on javascript, but you can still check these sites reputation and category before deciding whether to view them in a normal browser window. 99% of sites however display just fine. * SafeBrowser cannot detect viruses in images so you still need a good antivirus application to help detect these SafeBrowser does not record your browsing history, and allows you to browser privately and anonymously to the sites you visit with it. SafeBrowser offers a free 50MB per month trial option, or higher browsing limits are available with the pro options.

Latest reviews

  • (2021-04-01) Mark D: Unfortunately this is no longer supported
  • (2019-06-07) Ramiro Mejia Lastra: No funciona con ningún sitio de acortadores.
  • (2018-09-18) 200MB pre mount free ??? are you stupid? tor browser let you free life time , just like bankers liars and hypocrite. everyone if you are want to test your stupidity test this occupation.
  • (2018-04-17) Drake Arce Jhonz: ok
  • (2018-04-12) ErickMX: ES UN ASCO
  • (2018-02-03) Hemanta Das: Good
  • (2017-12-29) Amjad Khan: good
  • (2017-12-03) Camdyn Saludo: Doesn't confirm my email address properly. Waste of time, don't install.
  • (2017-11-02) Aeonian Lance: Как им пользоваться?
  • (2017-09-29) danny thorn: its cool
  • (2017-09-27) Diego Shurin: una porkeria
  • (2017-05-04) Descarguenlo YA!!! :D
  • (2017-04-20) Cesar Roman Maquera Ticona: bery bery good, thank you
  • (2017-03-29) Raksha Swasan: ok
  • (2016-04-19) mansoue abdelgalil: شكرا
  • (2016-01-01) Breyner Fory: MUY REGULAR,AUN SE VE MUCHA PUBLICIDAD
  • (2015-12-25) edgar ramirez: mala mala muy mala
  • (2015-12-17) Agustín Montenegro: no funciona con linkbucks
  • (2015-12-07) Yeison Brenes: es superior a muchos
  • (2015-12-06) Study room: good
  • (2014-09-05) Giobani Sarmiento: me encata es delo mejor
  • (2014-08-13) Davis Graham: Awesome. Defiantly recommended for public or insecure connections.
  • (2014-07-19) Christina L. Watts: very poor, doesn't do what's supposed to do
  • (2014-07-13) Joe Sullivan: garbage absolutely ... they say "SafeBrowser cannot detect viruses in images" ... images are considered as DATA and are not like an APPLICATION. Data is not executable !!! I think this extension is itself a piece of malware, which track our details, which website we visit, it can control everything, so I consider it as a malware itself. Uninstalled.
  • (2014-07-13) Jean J. Hayes: kind of rubbish ... useless... Removed !
  • (2014-07-03) Pedro Anak: New version is much better. I like it. It's a great idea that every one should use
  • (2014-04-15) M J: very poor

Latest issues

  • (2020-08-29, v:1.4.1) Mahdi Sahrai: "ERROR for site owner: Invalid domain for site key" please fix this
    "ERROR for site owner: Invalid domain for site key" please fix this.
  • (2020-03-23, v:1.4.1) captcha is broken
    "ERROR for site owner: Invalid domain for site key" please fix this
  • (2016-02-25, v:1.4.1) Aqeel Khanafere: not working!
    It doesn't work anymore. It doesn't bypass any of the ad sites anymore.
  • (2016-01-05, v:1.4.1) Corey West: Slow
    Some times it makes websites that i us all the time not come up like you tube some time the thing will make it were it will not come up or it is really slow at times. Then there is time that i can not get on to Facebook because Safe Browser just makes it to safe form thing. Have a nice day and hope you guys can fix this because it is not fun to have to put up with all day because i have to make it were i have to go on anther PC or just have to take it off. Thank's have a nice day.
  • (2014-11-05, v:1.2.0) Angela Farfan Ö: virus de facebook
    pues un malware esta invadiendo mi cuenta facebook necesito ayuda para que se elimine y ya poder entrar a mi cuenta


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