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With this extension you will be able to annotate web pages just like you do with pdf documents

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Description from store Notely — Annotate the web The simplest way of taking notes on any web page directly from within your browser. Features: - Click any part of any web page and notes to it. - The note will be saved even if you leave the page or close the browser. - Control visibility of notes, hide them if you don't want to see them - Move notes around the page with drag and drop - Manage all notes in a convenient archive page - Capture screen with notes as png and share as you wish - Export all notes related to one page - Import all notes related to one page - and more to come... Change log: Version 0.1.2 - Add links to github project in options page - enhancement - Change the archive icon to the one used on notely.github.io - bug, cosmetic - Modal overlay don't work - bug - Export notes by taking screen shot of entire page using captureVisibleTab - enhancement - Images in getting started miss responsive class - bug - Add spinner while capturing screen - enhancement - Add pagination to the blog on notely.github.io - enhancement - Add back link in options page when you have navigated into a page - enhancement - Add success alert when you have imported JSON in the import view - enhancement - Responsive class lacks on tables in options view - bug Version 0.1.1 - Notes should be turned on by default when installing Notely bug - Note-taking should be default on when installing Notely bug - Add support to clear whole data base of notes enhancement - Adds links to issues and wiki to notely.github.io enhancement cosmetic - Add support to export whole data base to back it up enhancement - Add support to clear one page enhancement - Update README.md to contain relevant information enhancement - Add space between note and delete button in popup cosmetic

Latest reviews

  • (2020-03-10) Lindsey Leeanna: app doesn't work!
  • (2016-12-10) James Miller: Does Not Work For Me
  • (2016-11-09) Камал Хафизов: Не работает, после нажатия на перо и в любом месте на странице ничего не происходит. In English: Does not work. After pressing the pen and anywhere on the page, nothing happens.
  • (2016-01-18) Dolina Zamkova: Цікаве розширення, але є недолік: цьому розширенню не вистачає функцій колаборації (співпраці). Вашими примітками неможливо поділитися. Навіть передати людині примітки по сторінці методом експорту не є простим завданням: можна ексопртувати або ВСЮ вашу базу ЦІЛКОМ, або сидіти і намагатися правити єксортований файл вручну. Ще не вистачає міток. Було б добре, якби інтегрували: + Notely + Hypothes.is + Web-interface Більш довершеним виглядає F1000 Annotator, але після 30 днів за нього доведеться платити $10/міс.
  • (2015-10-02) Joshua Church: Doesn't work for me. On the website I need to make notes on, any time I attempt to write inside the note (even thought the blinking cursor is inside the note), it will start writing in the page's search field. I can't seem to actually type inside the note at all. Useless.
  • (2015-08-07) John Thomas: Overall good and I really want to like it. But the visibility control, while promising, has two major flaws that make it annoying rather than helpful. 1. I always hide the popup portion of the notes (the circles are all I want or need). But whenever I add a new note, the popup/sticky portions of all other notes on the page automatically become visible again. I have to close each of them individually again to clean up the page. 2. There is no way to change the location of the popup/sticky portion of the note. I can drag the circle around, but the popup portion of the note is always in the same place so I can't place it where it doesn't obscure text. To fix this, I suggest you add another visibility option to just hide the popup portions of the notes (but not the circles). Until then I have to use something else that doesn't take so much of my time to deal with.
  • (2015-05-03) Axel Pantelmann: I like how the notes can float around the screen. You can hide the note or expose it which makes it handy for reviews. For me the most important feature is the visibility. Alex, check your browser features. Make sure you have a working browser. I never had a problem with this product. I think you should provide some details. It's only fair to the developer. How can he fix the problem without knowing what the issue is?
  • (2015-04-22) Music z: cho.. cute..
  • (2014-03-09) Melody Liu: So far it's working fine for me, not sure about Alexandre's problem. Just click the extension, click the feather, and click anywhere on the web page. To see your note after closing it, click the red dot.
  • (2014-02-13) Alexandre Proulx: Never worked


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