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Manage your tabs.

Image from store Keepin' Tabs – tabs manager
Description from store Features: - Search by title and URL (just start typing - no need to click search first) - Keyboard shortcut to open the extension (see below) - Order by domain - Drag to re-order manually - Reload - Pin / unpin - Close - Use the up, down and enter keys to navigate your tabs list - Select multiple tabs to perform actions on Your can open the extension with a keyboard shortcut: Windows – Control + Shift + K Mac – Command + Shift + K **NOTE ON KEYBOARD SHORTCUT** If you find that the keyboard shortcut does not work for you or you would like to change it to something else then go to the Chrome extensions preferences (chrome://extensions), scroll to the bottom and click "Keyboard shortcuts" and you can set your own here. **NOTE ON PERMISSIONS** Keepin' Tabs requires permission to "Read your browsing history". This is a slightly misleading description of this permission as your browsing history is not actually used, only the current state of each tab you have open is read to retrieve information such as the page title, URL, etc. No information about your browsing history is read or stored - the only thing that is stored is your choice of list view (compact or expanded). Read more about this permission here: https://developer.chrome.com/extensions/tabs#type-Tab. Feedback can be emailed to [email protected].

Latest reviews

  • (2023-06-03) Samuele gg: Icona poco visibile sulla barra per chi utilizza temi scuri, assente un contatore di schede sull'icona sulla barra. Ottima estensione e una delle migliori in circolazione, interfaccia ampia con tutte le informazioni in chiaro con apertura di una finestra pop-up; gli aspetti positivi sono molti: loghi visibili dei siti accanto alle schede; visibilità del dominio al passaggio del mouse sopra i titoli; presente il contatore della finestra; 2 modalità di visuale dell'elenco; presente una barra di ricerca, il riordino delle schede (e di eventuali gruppi di schede) in ordine alfabetico (assente la scelta tra crescente/decrescente). Infine presenti i tasti: chiudi scheda, aggiorna e fissa scheda (molto utile). Nel complesso l'estensione è indispensabile. Hardly visible icon for those using dark themes, no tab counter on tray icon. Good extension and one of the best out there, wide interface with all the information in clear text with pop-up window opening; the positive aspects are many: visible logos of the sites next to the tabs; domain visibility on hover over titles; window counter present; 2 list view modes; present a search bar, the reordering of the tabs (and any groups of tabs) in alphabetical order (absent the choice between ascending/descending). Finally present the keys: close tab, refresh and fix tab (very useful). Overall the extension is indispensable.
  • (2022-06-07) Дмитрий Дмитриев: Долго заружается
  • (2021-12-21) Facts Machine: Very clean product. Designed well. Does the job spectacularly. Looks like it is a feature which came with Chrome originally, that's how well it's made. Indispensable.
  • (2021-07-25) Rogerio M. Souza: Working very good! Thanks!
  • (2021-07-07) canon lu: why its window gets so big
  • (2021-03-19) Ronan: Great extension. I used it for a long time in fullscreen mode, but in the latest update of Google Chrome there is a similar feature (Ctrl + Shift + A), so the extension is no longer needed.
  • (2020-02-01) Viktoras Bulavas: Very convenient, please add the possibility to resize (wider and taller) and change the font size (Ease of use)
  • (2020-01-31) Rob Roos: Great extension. I would like to see the possibility to change the name in stead of "Window 1" and so on. Is that possible?
  • (2019-04-02) Yuki Da Costa: It's got intuitive UI which helps me close unimportant tabs quicker and easier. I just wish it had a little longer vertically.
  • (2019-01-17) Martin Lichtblau: Looks great but limited functionality. Dealbreaker: **searches only within the active window!**
  • (2018-09-27) Vitaly Zdanevich: I want dark theme and open new urls from it (useful for fullscreen mode).
  • (2018-09-08) tmplinshi: It would be nice if the first item is automatically selected when searching.
  • (2018-09-04) Nicholas Borko: Unobtrusive yet powerful, best tab manager I've found.
  • (2018-08-25) Jay Goldberg: Search should search title instead of url. <Enter> should select the first result.
  • (2018-06-12) Ken Zhang: Nice extension. One suggestion, when search tabs, press Enter button jump to first result in search result directly would be perfect!
  • (2018-03-22) Станислав Носков: Отлично!
  • (2018-03-19) Crieloue Gilles: Finalement une bonne extension pour gérer les onglets ! Et vraiment très propre. Le seul truc qu'il me manque, c'est le clic du milieu pour fermer les onglets dans la liste.
  • (2018-01-16) Barnabé: Très pratique!
  • (2018-01-03) Sune A.: Doesn't work for me. Only shows the current tab (in a window with 8 tabs) with no options-bar. Sometimes it shows correctly, but there doesn't seem to be any consistency to when it does. 9/10 times it just shows the current tab, which makes it pretty useless. Sad cause the design is nicer than most other tab-extensions. For others with the same problem, Tab manager is similar in function (though not as pretty) and does the job for me.
  • (2017-12-16) Ruriko Maiya Kashiwazaki Kusugawa: Me gustaria que pudiera hacer mas, ordenar por url, ordenar por fecha de apretura o mas reciente, ordenar por mas antiguo, agrupar o mover un grupo de pestañas al principio o al final. Creo que la extension tiene potencial pero no a sido utilizado. Pocas personas creo abren mas de 5 paginas. Pero las personas que se dedican a la busqueda y consulta de informacion tenemos mas de 50 paginas (creo mi limite a sido 180 usando varias ventanas).
  • (2017-12-06) M Git: Very excellent. Many pain-point features in a wonderful UI. Combined with the shortcut to open extension and the quick-type search ability, browsing around tens of tabs is more than smooth and swift. Anyone who encounters must give this fantastic looking extension a chance.
  • (2017-11-24) Martin Juul: Excellent tab manager. It does what it says on the tin, and is simple to use.
  • (2017-11-10) Way Lu: super smooth and useful
  • (2017-11-07) Gersivan Oliveira: Ótima!
  • (2017-10-11) haikubox: Simply the best tab management extension for Chrome. It has everything: search (with proper keyboard focus capture), ordering and even ability to drag, ping, refresh and close tabs. And all this packed into nice looking UI. Love it.
  • (2017-05-29) JerStar36: Clean look and makes finding tabs a lot easier - great extension!
  • (2017-03-03) Junaid tanoli: One star less for no number of opened tab on icon.Its good.
  • (2017-01-19) 郦枫: 有个小地方能不能改进:关闭标签时能否让列表不消失,这样可以很方便关闭多个,不用再反复点开来节省时间
  • (2017-01-17) Volodymyr Yevtushenko: Excellent
  • (2017-01-14) Christian Kogler: Great app. Very fast and easy to use! One suggestion to improve: If you type something, the first entry should automatically be selected, so you can just press enter instead of hitting the down-key before. Would be an awesome addition!
  • (2017-01-11) Apha22: Lo que hace básicamente en resumen, es ofrecerte un buscador para cuando tienes muchas pestañas abiertas y necesitas enfocarte en una en especial. Ya sabes como cuando usas màs de 4 pestañas y google refresca automáticamente la pestaña que vuelves a utilizar pasado un rato. Este programa te lleva directamente y sin refrescar a esa pagina.
  • (2016-12-26) Denis Savenko: Awesome! Realy fast and pretty.
  • (2016-12-20) Blake Blacksmith: Great way to search in all tabs. Very useful for research!

Latest issues

  • (2020-03-01, v:4.0) Владимир Меренков: Полоса прокрутки не движется за вкладками
    В итоге сами табы переключаются, а увидеть что там после 9 вкладки стрелочками не получается(
  • (2020-03-01, v:4.0) Владимир Меренков: Идеально, осталось только плитками сделать!))
    В остальном пока лучшее приложение из всех перепробованных. Поставил на ctrl e)
  • (2019-06-30, v:4.0) Ol: Sort tabs
    It is possible revert sorting as before press on button "AZ"? Few houndreds tabs is messed up by one click! :(
  • (2019-06-05, v:4.0) Truong F: Add feature remove duplicate tab
    Please add feature remove duplicate tab
  • (2019-01-31, v:4.0) ind Craig: Dark / Night mode toggle.
    Please add a dark / night mode toggle. Even better if you allow the user to choose the colour value.
  • (2018-12-21, v:4.0) Rainbow Warrior Princess: BUG: When close button in tab list is clicked, tab entry is not removed from tab list
    When I click on the close button in the tab list, the tab entry is not removed from the tab list.
  • (2018-11-13, v:4.0) Multiple window search
    Love this tab manager. It's the best looking out of all of em! The only thing that's missing for me is multiple window support. I would love to be able to search for a tab across windows. Do you know when that might be coming? Thanks for your hard work!
  • (2018-09-08, v:4.0) tmplinshi: Selecting first item of search results automatically
    It would be nice if the first item is automatically selected when searching. Thanks.
  • (2018-08-25, v:4.0) Jay Goldberg: Search does not search title of page, only URL
    Seems like a large deficiency.
  • (2018-06-19, v:4.0) Rainbow Warrior Princess: Amount of opened tabs for active window on badge
    Please add the amount of opened tabs for the active window on the badge/add-on icon.
  • (2018-02-24, v:4.0) I can't unsort tab
    After "sort" i can't get back.
  • (2018-02-19, v:4.0) J K: don't close the extension window after you close a tab
    keep it open


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