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Dedicated API for fetching the float value, paint seed, and screenshots of CS:GO items on the Steam Market

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Description from store CSGOFloat Market Checker uses the dedicated CSGO Float API to allow you to retrieve the float values, 3d models, and screenshots of market items directly from the page! GitHub: https://github.com/Step7750/CSGOFloat Note: Items queried will be ranked on FloatDB (db.csgofloat.com) Features: * Allows you to retrieve the float, paint seed, and float rank of any market or inventory item * Allows you to fetch the 3D model and screenshot of the item directly on the page * Fetches all floats on the page fast and automatically on page load * User-definable filters to highlight items with low floats or certain paint seeds * Shows market item stickers at a glance and their wear * Change the amount of items on the page up to 100 Compatibility: * This extension has been tested to work with Steam Inventory Helper and Enhanced Steam * Since this extension doesn't hook and modify HTTP headers to bypass steamcommunity.com CSP, it should have greater compatibility with other extensions. Please report issues using our GitHub issue tracker (https://github.com/Step7750/CSGOFloat/issues).

Latest reviews

  • (2021-04-14) lesha Lite: иза этого приложения инвентарь не работает, они воруют скины и инвентари! "Этот инвентарь в данный момент недоступен. Повторите попытку позже. Попробуйте ещё раз Try Again using CSGOFloat"
  • (2021-04-08) Wind 7: nice work! but it didn't work this days. pls fix the problem,tkx
  • (2021-04-06) Dedy Abdillah: Thank you for this awesome extension, I love it, but hasn't been working for the past 2 days. If I visit api.csgofloat.com directly, it says "Error 1020 Access denied".
  • (2021-04-05) Алексей Воронков: Идеальное приложение всем советую
  • (2021-04-05) Kyu9: Good. But now, doesn't work anymore. FIX pls
  • (2021-03-26) Ty1er: Works just as intended, no virused or nothin. EZ Spending
  • (2021-03-10) DimaMalyarenko: плохо, спустя время приложение стало работать просто УЖАСНО. конечно, если прикол в том, что можно смотреть скины не заходя в игру, но работает то оно 1/10 случаев
  • (2021-02-24) Cezar & Mihnea PH: very useful extension
  • (2021-02-21) MoFi0z1: У меня проблема возникла, не осматривается в 3d обзоре оружие, как можно это исправить, а так офигенное предложение, рекомендую всем. ЛАЙК
  • (2021-02-19) K1nGsh1j: Tnx alot it work perfectly now i dont need to inspeckt every wepon that was pain this is realy helping me
  • (2021-02-09) Dazai: Bueno
  • (2021-02-02) Bartłomiej Ogrodnik: Dzieki dziala, zaoszczedza sporo czasu na szukaniu dobrego floatu.
  • (2021-01-31) Pouya Amini: It has been grayed out and I cant use it for the past few days?!
  • (2021-01-24) PsyMakeUFly: Seed filter not working. Info how to use filter is also complicated
  • (2021-01-17) Vėjas Stalgys: There's a bug, that if you have 100 items on one page, this extension will hide first couple of listings for some reason.
  • (2021-01-11) Makso: Saves a lot of time
  • (2021-01-09) Why See: not working
  • (2021-01-08) Sam Chandler: Saves a lot of time and effort inspecting items. Very useful service, thank you!
  • (2021-01-03) DfCz777: muy util para buscar skins
  • (2020-12-26) euoim: TDM Heyzues approved so I approve
  • (2020-12-22) Tohtori Mäkinen xtras: RIkkoi chromeni erittäin huono lele on runkkari saatanan musta ihoinen henkilö josta rasistinen slurri on (neekeri)
  • (2020-12-17) Ehsan Ashki: best ever
  • (2020-11-02) Дмитрий: Отличное приложение для просмотра флота и 3d модели через хром). Удобно, не приходится открывать cs чтобы посмотреть скин. Спасибо за труд всем причастным.
  • (2020-10-29) Нуркадыр Нургазы: как активировать расширение? я установил, захожу и не работает
  • (2020-10-17) Veslash: nie chce się nawet odpalić ani na chromie ani operze
  • (2020-10-06) Dev Ware: Works like hella great. Recommended to other people trying to snipe floats!
  • (2020-08-19) Escander Beats: its has been greyed out since the first time, so can't open it
  • (2020-08-18) Enzo Matheus: Amei Simplismente perfeito, ótimo para verificar os floats das skins e confiabilidade
  • (2020-08-12) Timon Hendricks: nice
  • (2020-08-05) 20 22: Rly great 1, hope it will keep well even better, i'm glad to donate money to developers
  • (2020-08-04) Lautaro Cammuso: no me ssirve
  • (2020-08-04) Dávid Jakubov: Really good thing, this extension help me a lot when I bought skins, I have best floats :D
  • (2020-08-02) Anirudh Bhardwaj: Cyka Blyat Rush B
  • (2020-07-29) Um Brinquedo: muito bom
  • (2020-07-04) dasherdiamond64: Before this extension I had to do the caveman job of manually inspecting every single weapon in game until I find something I'd want to buy, but since I took so long it would usually be already sold by the time I got back. Now, this extension previews the floats ON THE SITE, so no more opening CS:GO, therefore I'm now able to make faster purchases. This extension literally saved my life. I don't have to open and reopen CS:GO again just to inspect the skin for the float and the sticker wear. Thanks csgofloat.com, very cool!
  • (2020-06-30) Иван Иванов: Unknown Error вместо флоат
  • (2020-06-24) Ammar Hamdan: After last update the extension doesn't load...
  • (2020-06-23) Victor Valente: Sempre funcionou bem, hoje do nada, parou. Mas é um otimo app.
  • (2020-06-23) no name: у меня раньше всё работало, но сейчас перестало грузить флоут и потёртость стиков!, помогите, что делать ???
  • (2020-06-23) James T: Very useful tool but has not been working for about 2 days
  • (2020-06-23) Лев Людоедов: Перестало показывать на многих предметах %потёртости наклеек!!!!
  • (2020-06-23) djinn: Перестало работать на нескольких предметах из CS GO, которые я мониторил. На страницах с другими скинами работает.
  • (2020-04-10) Andry Medvedev: Обрезанная версия приложения Steam Inventory Helper
  • (2020-04-08) Andrew Makovsky: Screenshot button and 3D button do not work. Please fix and will change to 5 stars. Thanks!
  • (2020-04-02) Noman Zia: Use to love it but since end of January getting error "failed to retrieve model skin" tried everything, fix this bug please.
  • (2020-04-01) Daniel Pablos: Models 3D and Screenshoot functions don´t work
  • (2020-03-29) Aneekendu Nag: absolutely amazing !!! works like a charm
  • (2020-03-29) Müslüm Tel: bozuk
  • (2020-03-22) Даниил: Ne scam, esli sho
  • (2020-03-19) Maxi Sanchez: Ia apIicaci0n funci0na cuand0 quiere, ya hace 2 semanas que n0 funci0na

Latest issues

  • (2021-04-09, v:2.4.0) MyName Jeff: Bug
    After i am using the CSGO Float Market Checker, it stops working. even if i want to show 100 items it only shows 10 and i cant even visit Page 2, 3 etc. I have to fully close Chrome to use these functions again. without this problem it would be such a good add on.
  • (2021-04-05, v:2.4.0) CJ Lopez: Float Market Checker Not Showing the Floats
    It shows that the extension is working, but on the skin icon on steam itself, in my inventory for example, the floats don't show, and the only thing it shows are 2 green buttons, one saying get float (and right underneath it it says, "Unknown Error") and below that is says List on CSGOFloat. Basically the floats don't show even after refreshing the page, redownloading the extension, etc. Pls Help Fix.
  • (2021-03-22, v:2.4.0) Палка Патичка: помогите
    why i don't have a download button
  • (2021-03-13, v:2.4.0) сталкер хан: не могу скачать расширение стим
    почему у меня нет кнопки скачать
  • (2021-02-21, v:2.4.0) MoFi0z1: осмотр оружия
    У меня не осматривается оружие в 3D режиме, вчера скачала и все работало, а тут какая то проблема, перезапускал уже ноутбук, думал тут проблема но нет, проблема не ушла, потом переустановил расширение, и все равно не работает, в чем может быть проблема?
  • (2021-02-19, v:2.4.0) Buddy Thomas: not working
    ive added on the brave browser but theres isnt any way i can get it to work
  • (2021-02-06, v:2.4.0) malthe hove: float
    i cant see the float i added the float checker but nothing happens on steam
  • (2021-01-19, v:2.3.8) hatesdasd: How can i activate vision for sticker price?
    I find pictures where some gun with sticker price. I wanna to get this function
  • (2021-01-17, v:2.3.8) Vėjas Stalgys: Bug
    If you have 100 items on one page, first couple of items gets hidden
  • (2020-12-22, v:2.3.7) Mustafa Atakan Tabur: List by float all the items
    how can i list items by float example; I want to find 0.79 float awp safari mesh but i must be work really hard to find. how can i do this easly or list by float all the items
  • (2020-12-22, v:2.3.7) Mustafa Atakan Tabur: List by float all items
    I want to list all items by float example; I am searching 0.79 Float AWP safari mesh but i must be work really hard to find. How can i found easly or list by float all the items
  • (2020-12-19, v:2.3.7) Mr GS: i accidently blocked it how do i unblock it?
    i accidently blocked it how do i unblock it?
  • (2020-07-23, v:2.3.6) Wesley Kurten: Support for the new version of Edge (with chromium)
    Hello! Do you pretend to release a version to the new version of Edge browser?
  • (2020-07-20, v:2.3.6) Rowan Johnson: Unknown error
    Whenever I try to check the floats of weapon skins, I get a message saying "unknown error" hovering over the "get float" button. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the extension, but no change.
  • (2020-07-11, v:2.3.6) Atahan Alp: floats are not loading
    When I opened the steam today I saw that none of the floats were loading. I refreshed the site couple of times but changed nothing. I hope you can help. Thank you.
  • (2020-06-30, v:2.3.6) TheSlappy: stopped showing float
    stopped showing float
  • (2020-06-30, v:2.3.6) прор паа: stopped showing float
    At first, everything worked perfectly, but then it stopped showing float. an error is issued
  • (2020-06-23, v:2.3.5) Victor Valente: Não funciona.
    Não sei explica o q aconteceu, mas não funciona para mim desde o dia 22/06. Simplesmente é como se não tivesse mais a extensão.
  • (2020-06-23, v:2.3.5) Алексей Бирецкий: не работает
    Не работает, никак.
  • (2020-06-23, v:2.3.5) LOGIKOV: Не отображается Float
    Сегодня на моём основном аккаунте стим пропала возможность посмотреть флоат и исчезла подсветка скинов со значениями (пример, float >= 0.01), но не на всех скинах. При этом расширение исправно работает на многих других скинах, а на других моих аккаунтов работаёт исправно ВСЁ и даже без входа в аккаунт. Уже пробовал: 4 раза при разных условиях переустанавливать расширение, удалял гугл хром подчистую и снова устанавливал, в итоге даже на другом браузере точно такой же результат. Ссылка на скришоты, на котором не отображается подсветка и флоат -это я зашёл с основного аккаунта стим, а там где всё впорядке это вовсе без авторизации. https://dropmefiles.com/WIat4
  • (2020-06-23, v:2.3.5) djinn: Неполадка.
    Здравствуйте. Я постоянно мониторю несколько вкладок с определенными скинами. Сегодня эти вкладки стим перестали отображать флоат и потертость стикеров. Любые другие скины отображаются корректно. Подскажите, есть ли решение данной проблемы?
  • (2020-05-05, v:2.3.3) Sam Jhonson: help
    i have installed the extension but still i can't see the float values in the browser.Plz help
  • (2020-04-29, v:2.3.2) K M: Unknow Error: Valve's servers didn't reply in time
    Been getting this all the time for at least 1 week, the extension is basically unusable at this point. Is it a problem on Valve's end or am i doing something wrong?
  • (2020-04-28, v:2.3.2) Scraxer: Can't Change Pages on Steam Community Market
    Hey there, Just having some trouble switching between pages on the Steam Community Market. The first page for an item will load up, but I can't actually get to Page 2/3/4 etc. Nothing happens, can't click next or can't click on the Page #. Only happens with the add-on enabled, any ideas?
  • (2020-04-15, v:2.3.2) Alin Todoran: Show the renamed items with the name they were renamed with.
    So far this was my only issue with this extension. The fact that I only see the items float and stickers but not their names is a bit annoying...
  • (2020-04-14, v:2.3.2) W4RL0RD: Ranking system discrepancy
    I noticed this when i was checking for my knife listing on the market.My falchion marble fade is fv 0.009 #691 but another fv 0.05 is #200 something,how? you can check the discrepancy yourself https://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/730/%E2%98%85%20Falchion%20Knife%20%7C%20Marble%20Fade%20%28Factory%20New%29
  • (2020-04-04, v:2.3.1) Sahil Gupta: Failed to retrieve model skin.
    Whenever I click on the screenshot button. This thing pops up and I have tried re-installing this extension but it doesn't help. Please HELP.
  • (2020-04-01, v:2.3.1) Qby: Doesn't work :c
    I have just download it, but it doesn't work on steam and google chrome. Do I have to activate something on steam? or it is supposed to just appear? or is only for google chrome? Help me pls
  • (2020-04-01, v:2.3.1) Patrick Gomes: Failed to retrieve model skin
    Não consigo gerar o screenshot na Steam, mensagem de erro "Failed to retrieve model skin".
  • (2020-03-30, v:2.3.0) João Fernandes: 3D/Screenshot not working
    I can no longer fetch any screenshot or 3D model, it stopped working like a week ago. I've been using this feature for a long time and never had any problems. I've tried clearing the cache and cookies, I've removed and reinstalled the extension, didn't help.
  • (2020-03-25, v:2.3.0) Edward H.H.B.: Doesn't work
    your extension doesn't work anymore for chrome and firefox
  • (2020-03-13, v:2.2.2) Энигма Рио: Float indicator does not work
    Float indicator does not work
  • (2020-02-26, v:2.2.2) Shiftzy Goat: Not Working
    I added this extension but when i go to the market nothing happens, i tried reinstalling.
  • (2020-01-22, v:2.2.1) omar moharam: sometimes I can't switch to the next page
    first of all thanks a lot for the extension, but sometimes I get stuck at the same page I'm in, and refresh doesn't help, as well as it displays 10 items instead of 100. it will also be great if there was a filter that can hide the unwanted floats and prices to save more time
  • (2020-01-15, v:2.2.1) Aedan Hevey: Inactive
    I added this extension but it appears steam is unaltered and no float is being displayed. Do i need to enable anything?
  • (2019-12-10, v:2.2.1) Lade balken: Love the idea, works better than other tools, BUT
    What about a mode in where you can scan for new listed ones? Like last session and what was added to the exact Skin. Would save a lot of time when searching for special Skinpatterns etc.
  • (2019-11-30, v:2.2.1) ronny triple: при осмотре скина на торговой площадке выдаёт ошибку
    Подтвердите действие на странице steamcommunity.com Failed to retrieve model skin
  • (2019-11-17, v:2.2.1) Krottiwe: "Failed to retrieve model skin"
    When i press button "screenshot" to see screen of a item it writes "Failed to retrieve model skin". What is it?
  • (2019-10-31, v:2.2.1) Ryan D: 3D model in the chrome extension
    It hasn't been working properly for me in about a month or more. MAYBE one of out 25 attempts will fetch a 3D model for me. Floats and stats work, but I want to actually SEE the skin. Will this be fixed soon? I was told it should be working now, but however, it still isn't. Thanks in advance
  • (2019-10-10, v:2.2.1) Ravindra Singh: 3D model problem
    Whenever I try to open 3D model of skin, always AK-47 Redline is shown as a 3D model.
  • (2019-09-19, v:2.2.0) Eric Tison: Screenshots
    I have been using the find a screenshot feature and it just said that the extension could not find it in time and when I use it over and over again it wont give me a screenshot.
  • (2019-04-17, v:2.0.0) kevin danyo ong: can you give us an option to disable the screenshot or cs.money buy ads?
    it's clunky with these on
  • (2019-04-17, v:2.0.0) Miguelangel Ramos: Recommend
    Excellent application, if I would recommend that the logos or box where each skin is, can be modified its size in: small/default/large as the box is very large as the logos, on the other hand the float so I see now is automatic and some do not load , I congratulate the remains.
  • (2019-04-17, v:2.0.0) Icy: cant get all floats
    does not Fetches all floats on the page automatically have to do it by manual clicking..
  • (2019-03-16, v:1.2.1) Some skins don't retain set up filters
    I have several bookmarks with skins and I noticed some didn't have my filters. I added them, but the next day, filters were gone again. They disappear the same day with a simple refresh as well. Basically: - Adding other filters to skins with filters already in place » Works and saves filter - Adding filters to new skins » Works BUT doesn't save the filter for a later visit While debugging I found out that: - Removing a filter from another skin with one set AND saved does NOT allow another skin to have a filter set and memorized. - Adding a filter to the skin that got a filter removed will work and will be saved. - Any skin link without a filter won't memorize a new filter, all with filters will. - For reference, I can't do new filters in Glock Nuclear Garden FN, AWP Artheris MW, among others I have a extensive list of skins with filters added. Maybe I hit some sort of limit of different links and their filters? Please look into this.
  • (2019-03-15, v:1.2.1) Lucas Debon: NO ME ANDA LA EXTENCION
    simplemente añadi la extencion entre a steam por google crome, me dirigi al mercado busque el arma y no me aparece nada del float. aparece como si no ubiera echo nada


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