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Description from extension meta This is used for the writing on the webpage similar to the Edge browser. So you can now present by writing on web
Image from store Write on Web
Description from store This app is is used to draw on the web pages and is very similar to the Edge Browser write on web feature. This is a very good utility app when you are in a presentation and you want to highlight some of the features while presenting from webpages. You can draw on the webpages instantly by clicking the icon and remove the drawn content by clicking on the button again. This is on great use when using on the touch screen devices and you can just start drawing on the webpages. If you face any difficulty please comment down. I am an indie developer and if you want more feature then comment it down too.
Latest reviews (2019-12-02) Kevin Li: It's good (2019-10-16) foong feng: this is so dumb the eraser erases all the words you should make it so that it only erase what u want (2019-08-29) Colin Hoffer: It is totally useless. The drawings don't "stick" to the webpage. It is not similar to Microsoft Edge at all. Not effective for note taking at all because you lose your place. (2019-02-14) M Sharkey: This great! Simple and it works! Adding a typing feature would be great because I can't write well with a mouse, but it really works well with the current features. (2018-10-28) Ritvik Mehta: Great for doodling on the web but sometimes doesnt't work. Still works for me and is good (2018-10-20) Yash Ratanpal: Just What i was looking for!!!!. Sticking to text could be an improvement, so could options to highlight. Not complaining though good work. (2018-07-04) werlys ryan: don't work in pdf(offline)... (2018-03-14) esf asia: thanks, it doesnt works. (2017-12-08) Joe K: Pros: No lag, outlines exactly with your mouse pointer Cons: Doesn't stick to the page! Anything you draw moves down the webpage. (2017-09-16) TheHowlerWolf: HOW BOUT U GIVE SOME INSTRUCTIONS??? not usefull at all next time u make an app....... ADD INSTRUCTIONS URRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGHHH (2017-05-22) Jenny C: Love it! I'm taking a math course online so this extension is useful. I wish you can implement the ability to undo the last action via keyboard shortcut instead of erasing the entire page when you use the erase tool. (2017-05-12) Sindile Wren: It will get a 5 stars as soon as u get us some instructions on the use... love it tho! (2017-04-03) Baby Ghoul: this is great im homeschooled and its great that you dont need 100 papers full of equations when you can just do it on your screen. Awesome work (2017-01-27) Adarsh R: convenient APP..thanks Can we have emoji extension ? expressing feeling on parts of web page Also My friend made this extension. Proud of him! Keep it up Billu! can I also get a cute comment ? (2017-01-26) Ankit Sharma: Great work! Very helpful. (2017-01-18) Harshad Bokil: very useful app for presentations. とても便利ですよ! (2017-01-18) Akshat Kadam: My friend made this extension. Proud of him! Keep it up Billu!
Latest issues (2019-10-11, v:0.0.9) Joshua keyes: add text
Hello! This is great. Can you add the ability to write text on webpages? different font sizes and colours.
(2019-07-05, v:0.0.9) Jackson Frank: Write on Web Numbers
What do the numbers mean or do when you open the extension? Thanks
(2018-12-19, v:0.0.9) James Fields: Does not seem to do anything
Running on a Samsung Chromebook Pro. Extension is installed and shows up on the browser bar, but when I click it, it does not do anything. Extension is enabled.
(2018-04-19, v:0.0.9) App Won't Open
The App won't open. when I click on It, it does nothing, what can I do? Thank's
(2018-03-24, v:0.0.9) Olja Vanjova: Desn't at Draws
also work desn't with tools
(2018-01-28, v:0.0.9) Melody Diva: Won't Open
When I click on it "write on web" won't open.
(2017-11-09, v:0.0.9) Andrea Arenas: Descarga
Lo he descargado pero no veo el lápiz.
(2017-07-31, v:0.0.9) Kristian Fox-Meakin: Movement
If I write on the web and then scroll down, the marking doesnt move with the web!

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