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A collection of simple plugins to improve your web browsing experience.

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Description from store A collection of simple website plugins for a wide variety of purposes, all in one place. Each plugin does exactly what it says and nothing more. Simplicity is key. Plugins: • Auto Scroll • Focus • Pause All Tabs • Reveal Password • YouTube - Extract Captions • Password Generator • Auto Click To enable this extension to improve your web browsing experience, it requires permission to read and change data. This permission is only used to allow the various plugins to interact with the webpages. Note: The Auto Click plugin is not supported on all websites. Detailed descriptions for each plugin are available on the Extension's Options Page.

Latest reviews

  • (2019-12-27) BurgerBoy33: It was good because it helped me in cookie clicker.
  • (2019-12-26) Bruce Wayne: Only Pause All Tabs and Password Generator are working now, which I don't use. The other, even if enabled, are not appearing when I click the icon. Please fix.
  • (2019-12-25) Solomon WU: It 's useful to cheat on games lol
  • (2019-12-06) The One Ely: how do i use it
  • (2019-12-05) Caleb Lai: It's the best plugin out there for auto like on Tinder!
  • (2019-12-03) vanongore: I love this extension. I only really use it for cookie clicker, but im might use it for something else.
  • (2019-12-03) Ali Dianat: very useful all in one plugin, I got rid of rubbish softwares
  • (2019-11-23) M silico: I Loved it
  • (2019-11-10) Keona Robinson: It wont work on roblox i really need it for the game :(
  • (2019-10-11) Ayman Al salameen: great tool
  • (2019-10-10) Craved: Can it work on games/apps installed on your chromebook?
  • (2019-09-25) Travis: Can you make it work on io games
  • (2019-08-24) Nicholas Wiley: Would it be possible to create an auto clicker that works in flash?
  • (2019-06-30) TheEnderTom: Great for what I wanted
  • (2019-06-16) Silhouette: Doesn't work.
  • (2019-06-11) Juliano Cruz: Faz o q promete, pra fica melhor poderia ter uma forma de obter o link direto para downloads de videos da pagina.
  • (2019-06-11) Serhii Blank: plugin that you exactly needed
  • (2019-04-29) nihonzaru: doesnt work
  • (2019-04-27) gabriel end: auto click off ?
  • (2019-04-27) Leila Gonzalez: too complex how do i turn on autoclicker
  • (2019-03-30) Vasily Ivanovich: It does not click.
  • (2019-03-05) Clayton Essick: Simple to use, and works well
  • (2019-02-26) Hemanta Puri: I like it but one question...is there a way you can change up the code to make it click wherever the mouse is pointing at anywhere in the browser? Is that possible?
  • (2018-12-13) I like this extension for many reasons. First, It's helpful for games like cookie clicker. Second, it has an auto-scroll which is nice for messing around with and reading online things. I also like it just to mes around with. One time, I went to a calendar website and used the auto-clicker to click the "Go back 1 month" button. It went back from 2018 all the way to the negative numbers in just a few minutes.
  • (2018-12-02) it help me on some idle games thx you

Latest issues

  • (2020-01-06, v:1.7.1) Phil Buonomo: Auto-clicker
    Is it possible to set the auto-clicker to click on selected coordinates on a page? I'm waiting for a button to appear and I want to click every 15 seconds or so.
  • (2019-12-29, v:1.7.1) Gust Gust: How do I/Can you enable for multiple click targets.
    I need multiple click targets. Does this extension support this? An example would be if I need to click between 4 different tabs on a page to be able to cycle through them. I only see the option for 1 click target. Thanks.
  • (2019-12-05, v:1.7.0) Caleb Lai: After the new update the auto click is hidden
    I enable auto click but it doesn't show up in the toolbox. Can you fix?
  • (2019-10-02, v:1.6.4) Dropicz: auto clicker random time?
    is there any possibility to make the auto clicker select a random time between (just an example) 8 and 20 seconds? so it doesent look like a bot when you vote for something?
  • (2019-09-30, v:1.6.4) Joshua Shapiro: autoclick
    cant get auto click to work and i know its enabled
  • (2019-09-29, v:1.6.4) Karen Nolt-Leverton: Hi I am new to chromebook. I tried this autoclicker and when I hit select target the entire game page turns blue is there a way to make the target are very specific
    Hi I am new to chrome book. I tried this auto clicker and when I hit select target the entire game page turns blue is there a way to make the target are very specific
  • (2019-07-17, v:1.6.4) Jack Kra: Permissions
    Permissions Read your browsing history WHY?
  • (2019-07-07, v:1.6.4) Camilla Greer: Auto clicker pause and keyboard shortcuts
    It would be helpful if the auto clicker had the following features: Pause/resume Keyboard shortcuts
  • (2019-04-30, v:1.6.3) Rodel Cacas: Can I autoclick an area without a link" target?
    Can I autoclick a blank spare area where a link randomy generates from time to time?
  • (2019-03-21, v:1.6.3) GodTier Gaming: Auto Clicker
    How in the world do you even get the auto clicker to work like where do I go to enable it
  • (2019-03-13, v:1.6.3) Anca Roxana: auto cliker
    how do stop the autoclicker rapidly
  • (2019-02-15, v:1.6.3) downlaoding
    halp me with the downlaoding prosecces pls
  • (2019-02-09, v:1.6.3) Plugin
    You probably wont see this but i just need help inserting a plugin. i dont know how to use it. Can you help me? Thanks (:


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