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Auto Refresh and up to 7 Columns Salesforce Dashboard.

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Description from store Available on AppExchange @ https://appexchange.salesforce.com/listingDetail?listingId=a0N30000000q4pAEAQ ***Update:18 Dec : Maintaining this product for the benefit of everybody, we are planning whether to make this product paid and for that I need your support, so please spare few minutes to fill survey @ http://bit.ly/2zcjkmr *** Do you need real-time information from your Salesforce Dashboards and additional (up to 7) columns of Dashboard components? With this amazing Chrome Extension, now you can! Salesforce only allows you to refresh Dashboards daily, weekly, or monthly. With Enhance Salesforce Dashboard, you can now have "up to the second" real time information*. Use options to set auto refresh frequency/duration. Salesforce by default shows only 3 components in one row of a Dashboard. With Enhance Salesforce Dashboard, you can increase the columns up to 7 i.e. show 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 components in one row of a Dashboard. Use options to set number of Dashboard columns. ******In v16.0.0, added below features****** 1. Auto Refresh on the load of a Page (added 10 sec delay for this to happen, to ensure first refresh always happen on load of the page) 2. Hide Salesforce Header issue resolved for Lightning. 3. Hide Salesforce Header is now not applicable for Classic Console as there's native feature from Salesforce to hide header in Classic Console. In v15.0.0, Added support for Cloudforce.com Domain In v13.0.0, Force.com site support and Refresh multiple Dashboards on Home Page In v11.0.0, Lightning Dashboard Refresh issue resolved In v10.0.0, added support to auto refresh pinned dashboards as well In v9.0.0, added logic to support additional languages (French, German and Others) In v8.0.0, added logic to ensure Dashboard refreshes properly when viewing from Console with list views in Console sidebar. In v7.0.0, added support for new URL format for Lightning Experience (rolled out by Salesforce in Summer ’18 release). In v6.0.0, Code optimisations, Better Error Handling, fix auto refresh issue for higher refresh interval and Hide empty footer space in lightning UI. In v5.0.0, Fixed issue for users upgrading from old (before v0.0.9) to new version faced issue of settings not being saved. With v4.0.0, Show Dashboard Components in Row wise and Hide Salesforce header. With v0.0.9, it supports Dashboard Refresh in Console and Lightning UI as well. Install it to discover what you thought was not possible. Real Time and Enhanced Salesforce Dashboards! Satrang Technologies proudly provides this Extension to the Salesforce Community free of charge. Please consider supporting our efforts by making a monetary donation to our development team. The amount to donate is up to your choice. Visit http://satrangtech.com/donation.htm to make a Donation. Thanks!

Latest reviews

  • (2021-05-28) Glaucio Quintanilia: Muito útil!
  • (2021-04-08) Yunus Sezen: Excellent
  • (2021-02-26) Jessica Chen: Great extension! Really surprised this basic function is missing in Salesforce Lightning. So glad I found this extension for my team.
  • (2020-09-08) Radhakrishna Anne: Is there a way to send an email when ever dashboard refreshes ..? i do not want to keep an eye on dash instead i need a notification in the form of email would be better.
  • (2020-03-09) Julie Rowland: The Feature Matrix states it's Lightning UI compatible but it's not. I switched between classic & lightning and lightning retains the original setting of just 3 columns and doesn't refresh.
  • (2019-10-01) Anis Hamed: Hello, i'm using it with lightning, so i'm missing the full screen feature and it's sad as the dashboard title is still visible( taking some space), it should be hidden same as the salesforce header. Thanks,
  • (2019-09-10) Benjamin Aebischer: I love the extension! Furthermore, I came up with a request to make an update (auto refresh on page load) and they integrated the update within 1 month - great!!!
  • (2019-08-14) Chris Muller: Absolutely fantastic utility. I needed to project SF Dashboard on a TV monitor and it just made it possible to install and forget.
  • (2019-07-04) Theodore Ray: The app's potentially great and covers a ridiculous gap in SF capabilities. However, in lightning I find the dashboards don't load properly (the edit buttons and other buttons to the top right of the DB are half hidden under the line of tabs). Not sure what's causing this but it needs to be fixed to be fully useful
  • (2019-02-27) Exactly what we needed Thank you.
  • (2018-10-31) Steven Tallir: Hi, When using this plugin it was working like a charm on our regular Salesforce environment but it had some issues on our community site. Satrang support was very responsive and clearly very knowledgeable. Within a few hours a new version was released that enabled the plugin to work also on our community site. And they even included follow-up by email and even a remote session. Great work, Steven
  • (2018-10-30) This Extension is very good fit for our use case of having a single operational dashboard refreshed throughout the day and displayed on a big screen. And it takes seconds to deploy.
  • (2018-05-17) Zach Granata: WOW! Game Changer. Salesforce should be paying you.
  • (2018-05-11) Drew Chaplin: 1) Does not allow choosing the number of columns per Dashboard. Every Dashboard becomes the same number of columns. 2) Remove Metrics from Dashboard when using Row-Wise.
  • (2018-03-12) Jeremy York: This solution worked great for many years, but with the Spring 18 release it no longer automatically refreshes the dashboards in Lightning. You can manually refresh them as needed, but the extension no longer automatically refreshes them. It still works in Classic for those users still on Classic. Update 3/12/2018, worked with the Satrang Tech team and they resolved the issue. The issue was with the critical update that updates the Lightning URL and the extension just needed to be updated to handle that.
  • (2017-12-20) Jamie Deselms: Usually a really good extension, after the recent update the auto refresh no longer works.
  • (2017-12-19) Chris Norton: have always had great luck until recently. an update maybe, but the dashboard auto refresh no longer works
  • (2017-11-29) Yaron Givati: Awesome
  • (2017-11-18) Parth Thakkar: Awesome.
  • (2017-10-18) daif mousa: thx
  • (2017-09-06) Stephen Crane: Amazing
  • (2017-08-19) Andrew Wade eDNA: This extension has worked great for me. Thanks
  • (2017-06-22) Brittney Ramai: ye
  • (2017-03-09) na dev: Hi Chirag, The extension is awesome and worked great for me. Rating 5 STAR. God bless you. Regards, Nilesh
  • (2016-12-29) Timothy Smith: Please disregard last update to my review. Salesforce updated their iFrame coding, and along with your extension in some rare instances it will break some pages in Salesforce. Still 5 stars.
  • (2016-12-28) Ali Rizvi: its a good extention
  • (2016-08-04) Lyndee Rose: So efficient!
  • (2016-04-19) Jordan Farmer: This is a nice tool. I just installed it, and am wondering - Is there a way to set the default for certain dashboards? For instance, one of my dashboards looks amazing in 5 column, it was built for 5 column...but others would look better in 6 columns...any chance that functionality exists or is on the horizon?
  • (2016-04-08) BlessedDear BoruchTzvi: Now supports dashboards in the console, this is an incredible relief! Works like clockwork ;)
  • (2016-04-04) Samuli Ronkanen: Great!

Latest issues

  • (2021-05-19, v:17.0.0) Mike Hansell: Refresh Button is greyed out
    This works in Classic, but not in Lightning Dashboard. My "REfresh" button is greyed out and does not refresh automatically.
  • (2020-11-24, v:16.0.0) Sheikh Iqbal Hossain: Is your system going to store our data?
    Could you please clarify whether your system needs to store our data in any forma in order to provide this functionality?
  • (2020-05-26, v:16.0.0) Jeevan K: Doesn't work on Partner Community Dashboards
    Hi, I have tried this extension, which worked fine in our classic Salesforce org. But, when i log into our partner community, this extension doesn't work, Dashboards doesn't auto refresh at all. Our partner community uses custom lightning template. Not, sure if this extension supports Salesforce communities.
  • (2020-05-21, v:16.0.0) Lauren Snow: Automatic refresh of dynamic dashboards
    Hi, I am wondering if your extension allows the automatic refresh (set by a schedule?) on Lightning Dashboards that are dynamic and set as "View Dashboard As: The dashboard viewer" ?
  • (2020-03-19, v:16.0.0) Nika Pešić: Installed extension and refresh does not happen
    Hello, I have installed the Chrome extension. In Salesforce we use Console App and when I open Dashboard in a tab refresh does not happen. Can you help me to run the extension and get the refresh running? thank you
  • (2019-08-04, v:15.0.0) vamsee Krishnam raju: i have added the Enhance to chrome... but can't see the changes.
    i have added the Enhance to chrome... but can't see the changes.
  • (2019-06-10, v:15.0.0) Dual Monitors
    Amazing application, but we are running into some problems when we run on a Chrome device with dual monitors/dashboards. One screen will always goes white after a few minutes. Has anyone else reported this? Could you suggest a solution?
  • (2019-04-18, v:15.0.0) Sonova Leadgen: Vertical Scroll bar is coming in TV, works fine in Laptop.. please help.
    Vertical Scroll bar is coming in TV, works fine in Laptop.. please help.
  • (2018-12-14, v:13.0.0) Visa Desk: Dashboard when in a community page..?
    My dashboards do not seem to refresh when they're in a community page. Any ideas? I had read this was supported (Running 11/20 nightly)
  • (2018-09-13, v:12.0.0) Roman Melnyk: Not refreshing all the time
    I have been running this on Chrome and sometimes it refreshes and others it stops. I try to refresh browser but it is hit and miss.
  • (2018-08-10, v:10.0.0) Cory Wijnhamer: Salesforce dashboard not auto refreshing
    Using lighting, and the dashboard wont refresh, it worked great on our old salesforce classic. How can I fix this?
  • (2018-07-18, v:10.0.0) jean marc Noiseux: Chromium
    Does this work with Chromium on a Pi 3B?
  • (2018-06-05, v:8.0.0) Karl Dyson: Dashboards stopped refreshing
    Hi Guys We've been using your extensions for a while now and they have been great! We recently had an update for the Salesforce Outlook client and this seems to have coincided with our dashboards stopping to refresh (these are raspberry pis and do not run the client) Any thoughts on this? It's happening on all 9 of our dashboard screens. Kind Regards Karl
  • (2018-05-07, v:8.0.0) Sarah Ross: Refresh not working for one of my users
    I have this extension added to my browser and it works perfectly. I helped one of my users install it on their computer and does not refresh like it does on mine. Any ideas?
  • (2018-02-20, v:6.0.0) Kyle Holmes: Resolution Drop
    Hi Team, when taking a native 3 column dashboard to 5 columns the text/numbers become cloudy, almost blurred. Is there anything we can do settings or res wise to improve this?
  • (2018-02-19, v:6.0.0) Jeremy York: Refresh Issue Resolution?
    Has anyone found a solution to fixing this? We are able to manually refresh dashboards every minute by clicking the refresh button, so there does not seem to be an issue with SFDC. This has been a great extension until now so would love to find a way to get it working again.


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