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Description from extension meta A new tab page with your favorite bookmarks.
Image from store Favorites - New Tab Page
Description from store Favorites – a new tab page with your favorite bookmarks • Add and rearrange bookmarks via drag and drop • Customize the layout to your needs • Change the look and feel with themes and background images • Sync settings across devices • And much more: Dock, Dash, Search, News ABOUT PERMISSIONS I. Mandatory Permissions The Favorites extension offers ... ... a replacement for the new tab page (1) ... that lets you view and manage your bookmarks (2) ... depicted as icons. (3) Therefore the following extension permissions are mandatory: (1) 'Replace the page you see when opening a new tab' (2) 'Read and change your bookmarks' (3) 'Read the icons of the websites you visit' II. Optional Permissions The Favorites extension optionally offers you functions .... ... to copy, cut & paste bookmarks to and from your clipboard (1) ... and to read a website's news feed. (2) Therefore the extension might ask for the following optional permissions: (1) 'Read/Modify data you copy and paste' (2) 'Read and change your data on <... some website ...>' Requested permissions are solely used for the aforementioned reasons and not exploited to harm your privacy! PRICING You can use this extension for free. Themes, however, must be purchased. PRIVACY POLICY The Favorites extension does NOT collect any personal user data. For details, please consult the privacy policy: https://www.web-accessories.com/privacy-policy.html
Latest reviews (2019-11-27) Devrim Şimşek: Thank you for this. Just what i was looking for after switching from Safari. (2019-11-11) Ergonomic Code: 110 Mb RAM!!! (2019-11-08) Gavin Cope: Finally a crisp, simple, yet really useful start page that includes all your bookmarks. Not only does it make it easy to access my bookmarks but it's a really useful way of cleaning up and maintaining them as well. (2019-10-30) Bruno Delgado: The YouTube Music icon doesn`t load, it appears the YouTube normal videos icon. :( (2019-10-25) Roi Karp: Finally, exactly what i was looking for! Is it possible to rearrange and rename the bookmarks on the new tab page without changing the regular bookmarks bar? Also, is it possible to assign an icon for a bookmark folders? Thank you for this amazing extension! (2019-10-04) Fanis Sagdeev: This is definitely what I was looking for. Just an awesome addition! Thanks for the functional and at the same time simple tab manager. Respect! (2019-09-27) jose carrasco: Great, but not so great Call me petty for this, but i think the ability to change to color scheme for fonts, icons, etc, should not be paywalled under the themes section. But overall is the best tab alternative so far (2019-09-10) Dave Gustafson: An excellent solution for managing the new-tab experience, making it easy by leveraging a specific Bookmarks folder. It's just granular enough to customize the way I like it, but simple and well-designed enough that I don't need to tweak much and don't get overwhelmed by options. Well done! (2019-09-06) Tales Gonsalves: Most beautiful solution for a new tab i ever used. And i tested LOTS of them. It also "allows" me to hide the bookmark's bar, keeping my setup as minimalist as it can get. I loved it. (2019-08-23) Youniii: Hello, I'm still loving this extension to chrome (imo its underrated) but what i wanna ask if they will be any development for a port over to Firefox as I would love to use it over there since this extension is the only thing making me not go over there. (2019-07-19) Clint S: This extension checks all the boxes I was looking for in a new tab page: minimal, stylish, and quick loading. One of my favorite parts about it is what it lacks: it doesn't have a visible search bar at the top (your browser already has one), it doesn't put a bunch of widgets on the page that slow it down, and it doesn't waste bandwidth downloading high res background images if you don't want those. The features that it adds are handy to have, like the built in RSS reader and popover button, but stay out of the way unless you enable them. One setting I'd like to see would be a higher contrast text color. The default text color isn't quite as dark as I like, which makes it a bit hard to read. I'd also like to see icon masks, namely for circular icons. One last thing to note is that if you're using this in a browser other than Chrome, you won't be able to purchase themes. This isn't the fault of the developer and applies to all other extensions, but it's worth noting as there doesn't seem to be any other means to purchase them. Overall this is a really solid new tab page. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who finds Chrome's default new tab page too slow or are tired of all the bloat in other extensions. (2019-07-02) Elton John Jonson: Wow this is so great! Keep it up! (2019-06-18) FIX CHECK: Es lo mejor que he visto en su genero a distancia de la siguiente. (2019-06-01) Dariusz Więckiewicz: Very nice looking and no bloatware. Bookmarks are used from synced ones, not saved into an app which is another advantage! (2019-05-12) Lu ZhiJun: I love it very much, but there is a little question: Can I just access the bookmark by pop up the icon on the toolbar ? and the new tab page ,I can use "toby" instead. (2019-05-12) Debashish Mondal: Great Tools and Life Saver (2019-05-09) Shouty Woofer: Best dial ever! (2019-05-06) Олег: Everything is super. If you allow to set the video on the background, it will be perfect! thank (2019-04-30) Nathan H: Really nice job on this... I tried out a number of the most popular new tab extensions, and I liked this one a lot more than all the others... It doesn't have some of the bells and whistles of some alternatives, but I love how easy it is to customize your new tab to just the way you like it. Also, almost all of the options in the settings are very useful. A few suggestions for improvement: 1) I'd like to be able to reduce the size of the icons below the current "extra small" size and reduce the spacing to be able to fit more on screen at a time. 2) I'd like the ability to have some sort of folder graphic for the background of folders and use a custom picture independent of the icons contained in the folder (so if I have links to twitter accounts in a folder with the faces of people as the icons, I'd like to be able to set the folder to show a generic Twitter icon over a folder graphic rather than the icon of the face of one of the twitter users as just one example). 3) I'd like the option to move the dock to the top of the page or maybe even along the left or right side of the page. 4) Related to #3 above, it would be nice to have multiple dock-like folders (for grouping different sorts of links with a unique background color (for example, I could set up a "Sports" folder with a red transparent background so that my eye could be easily drawn to that group of links, and similarly, a blue transparent "News" folder to draw my eye to that group of links, etc... These wouldn't necessarily have to be in fixed locations like the dock, but dynamically resize based on the number of links it contains, and snake around as the window is resized. 5) Have a small filter search box which allows you to your bookmarks (or at least a subset you choose to index). It would dynamically remove from view icons not matching your search term. 6) I'm not a big user of the news reader in its current iteration, but it would be nice to be able to add a link to access it more directly (2019-04-13) Christian Porri: Nice feature, but I wish I can use it while keeping my previous new tab settings. I mean get the favourites tab only by clicking the extension icon... not possible? (2019-03-31) Magik Abstrakt: First of all, i want to thank you for this great extension. i love it since i discover it. I have a request if it's possible: 1. A theme with white text and black shadow text, on speed dial icons, i think would be better for either white/dark wallpapers and it will look nicer. I already tried it in CSS ;) And of course, i'll buy it. 2. Also, it would be nice to choose custom size and font, for speed dial text. Thank you and keep up the good work! (2019-03-22) It's what I'm looking for...I just want to show bookmarks in new page. Thanks (2019-03-14) Bhas Chiriki: This is really good! The few things I want to be able to change that weren't available here: - A setting to make the dock and its icons smaller and to have the dock icons centered. - A setting to make hitting folders bring up a pop out window of the contents. (2019-03-13) Boris Svetlov: Не подтягивает иконки сайтов. Например, docs.google.com показывает желтой буквой D. Хотелось бы, чтобы значки подтягивались так же, как и в обычных закладках. (2019-03-11) Rafael César Neves: Finally I found an extension that do what I want.. Other extensions make you create lists and more lists of links that you want to save.. This extension gets your bookmark list that already exists.. You don't need to recreate them.. You just need to style like you prefer
Latest issues (2019-12-07, v:1.17.1) G E: Font color
May be I am missing something, but I haven't found any way to configure font color of the bookmarks. It would be nice to have such feature as with dark background bookmark titles become almost unreadable.
(2019-12-05, v:1.17.1) Mr K Wright: Change of Spelling for schools where Favorite is spelled Favourite
Some ability to be able to select the correct spelling option would be awesome. (Thanks for the great work so far. It is really helpful to have a simple but good looking way to manage bookmarks)
(2019-11-25, v:1.17.1) Scott Mortimer: Cannot restore purchased theme
Hi, After Powerwashing and restoring my Chromebook, I am no longer able to restore my themes. I always get a message to "Sign in to Chrome to restore themes" even when I am signed in.
(2019-09-06, v:1.17.0) Rohan Dayala: No option to change Text Color
First of all thank you so much for this extension, I've been looking for a simple clean tab extension and this one checks all the boxes and in fact gave me more options but one this that really bugs me was lack of text color option. This extension gave me an option to change the background but when I put a dark background the text (below the icons) ruin the look of the tab with its dark text with shadow. Please add an option to change the text color.
(2019-09-02, v:1.17.0) Jonathan Hernandez: Problemas al comprar temas
Hola Marco, tengo un problema al intentar comprar temas, me sale que no he ingresado a la cuenta de google pero yo ya estoy dentro de mi cuenta en chrome, y aunque le doy en refrescar siempre sale el mismo mensaje, por ahí leí que el inconveniente se debe a que Nicaragua no esta dentro de la lista de países que pueden hacer pagos por la plataforma de google chrome, la pregunta seria entonces, conoces alguna forma de poder comprar tus temas fuera de esta plataforma?. Lo único que quiero es cambiar el color de las letras bajo el icono de un marcador pero al no haber ninguna opción supuse que la única manera es comprando algún tema lo cual me parece bien pero lastimosamente no se pudo. Gracias de antemano y también gracias por la aplicación, esta genial.
(2019-05-28, v:1.14.0) Ulf Sandström: Synch across devices
How do I achieve synch across devices?
(2019-05-12, v:1.14.0) Christian Mueller: Zahlungsmethoden
Hallo, wäre es möglich andere Zahlungsmethoden hinzuzufügen? Habe leider keine Kreditkarte nur paypal. :(
(2019-04-29, v:1.14.0) Marcelo Soto: Shortcut Text Color
Love your extension, any chance to add the option to able to change the color of the Shortcut Text Thanks in advance I Would love to change the color of the text for my shortcuts https://i.imgur.com/kjqJlul.png
(2019-04-25, v:1.14.0) Esteban Relei: It's great, suggestions.
I really like this, but it would be nice to be able to ad an icon for the folders and also put the icons anywhere in the screen (like Windows desktop).
(2019-04-03, v:1.14.0) An0 Mouse: Cool Extension!
I really love this!! The customization is on point, truly. I have 2 suggestions! 1. Font for icons - Any way to get the font to be more bold or noticeable? This will come in handy when I customize my bg and overlay of colors so I can see; as I am colorblind. 2. Is there any way in the future you could allow grouped icons. The best way I can explain is similar to a sticky note with a list, like I will have all my social media bkmarks grouped in a column, shopping, bills, etc. Also, how do I have a new tab opened when I click a bookmark? Do you have any suggestion for an extension that does that? Thanks for your work in this, it's super cool.
(2019-03-21, v:1.14.0) Carol Falardeau: Javascript bookmark
Hi, It would be nice to be able to use javascript in bookmark url when I use Show favorites in pop-up. It's working using native favorite in Chrome but not on your extension. Ex.: javascript:googletag.openConsole(); Thank you
(2019-03-18, v:1.14.0) Amarilis Schneider: cut but not paste, lost my bookmarks
I cut itens from a folder and I could not paste anywhere. Any chance I can recover my bookmarks?

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