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Makes your youtube home page automatically show only uploads from your subscriptions

Image from store Uploads Only for Youtube™
Description from store Hate the new Youtube home page? Don't want to see whatever videos Youtube suggests to you? Just want to see the uploads from your subscriptions? This is the app for you v0.3 Now allows you to view All Activity from your subscriptions (i.e comments, favourites) if you so wish. Youtube and the Youtube Logo are trademarks of Google Inc. Use of this trademark is subject to Google Permissions.

Latest reviews

  • (2023-03-05) Atamert Yıldıray: nice
  • (2018-07-13) SMokky: i want to delete it HOW????
  • (2017-06-03) Ibrahim: Used to be good, now broken.
  • (2017-05-28) Caleb Petrie: The app is broken now when it worked it was 5/5 though. I'll change this if it gets fixed.
  • (2017-05-12) Kieran Blakey: The extension needs to be updated for it to be useful. Currently it is unable to load YouTube at all without manual intervention on the users end.
  • (2017-04-29) Tristan Wemm: Been using this extension for a few years now, but as of April 2017 it no longer works. It just stays stuck on a blank page and there's no indication that there's a fix coming, since it was last updated in 2013.
  • (2015-02-12) Jul V: The best extension there is. Better than any adblocker or whatever. Worst part is, I'm not sarcastic. I wonder why this has to be an extension, and not be by default, Google just isn't smart enough to realize that this is what most people want.
  • (2015-02-09) TW: This is the most amazing youtube extetnsion everr
  • (2015-01-27) Losaru Taiyo: Such a breath of fresh air. I hate "What to Watch." That's why I have subscriptions. Thank you! <3
  • (2014-12-02) rosanna d'aniello: ultimamente lascia a desiderare
  • (2014-08-08) TTPix Photographer: good
  • (2014-07-09) Alex (Draegard): Works fine if you never want to see "What to Watch" ever again. If you do however, you have to disable the extension, otherwise, clicking on "What to Watch" just redirects you to "My Subscriptions".
  • (2014-02-12) Great. But Youtube changed subsciptions - so it no longer works.
  • (2013-12-29) Nicolas Sereno: Très pratique
  • (2013-08-12) مشعل الشمري: طيب كيف احذف الادارة اللي ثبتهاا ..؟
  • (2013-05-03) Mohamed Jebali: Hello I like how it redirects to the "right homepage" you can add another direction from /channel/xxxxxx to /channel/xxxxxx/u to show uploads only :)) Thank you
  • (2013-04-24) Yasser Al-Mutairi: يريحك من أن تضغط على المشتركين
  • (2013-03-09) Mubashir Suleman: Doesn't work anymore
  • (2013-01-20) orange moth: just plain bad
  • (2013-01-16) Marcos Schroer: Thank you so much !!!! I saved the link for uploads on favorites, but I always forget to go there lol ... nice job !
  • (2013-01-15) Bob Chambers: Ridiculous that an extension was needed, but I'm glad this is here. Is there anyway to hide the recommended videos at the right side of the video?
  • (2012-12-27) Masrol Abubakar: it just made my day that's it it's just so cool :)
  • (2012-12-25) Haik Semonian: THANKS!!!!! Tristan, can you make an option to automatically view the All Acvitity tab instead of Uploads? Would really rock! So it would be the same as the uploads, only with likes, comments and subscribed to: ... activity. Thanks!!!!
  • (2012-12-18) Hugo: Its great altho, its dosent direct to the uploads page alwasýs fix that for a 5/5
  • (2012-12-15) George Houghton: my hero!
  • (2012-12-15) Chris Palmer: Thanks, very helpful.

Latest issues

  • (2018-07-06, v:0.4) Yasser Al-Mutairi: upload page
    plz fix youtube link for upload page
  • (2017-05-28, v:0.4) Caleb Petrie: Borked now
    This now prevents youtube from loading the homepage at all.
  • (2017-04-23, v:0.4) GQ: No longer functioning
    It gets caught in a blank page, fails to redirect!!!!
  • (2017-04-17, v:0.4) Tristan Wemm: No longer works
    The extension no longer redirects from "www.youtube.com" to "www.youtube.com/feed/subscriptions", instead simply turning it into a blank page.
  • (2017-04-07, v:0.4) Tryagianki burton: loading issues
    When the extension is enabled youtube will not load what so ever. The moment you disable the extension the page will load. I have not experienced this in the 4 years that i have used the extension.
  • (2017-03-22, v:0.4) Gravey's Brewery: Youtube slow to load
    Since yesterday (21/3) You tube has been slow to load when I have the extension enabled, yet when it is disabled YT loads up with no problems. Is there any particular reason this is happening?
  • (2017-02-21, v:0.4) Jakedaquake: 500 internal server error
    I get a 500 internal server error when I get to the subscriptions page. Here is the text presented by the error page. AB38WEML04OQIwlnZxVqVlQ7eS9dv6RmaBeQAdcmqNRouO_bdtKDTbaH 9OwHK_YMmtjOIFg_tAXDew-KKgRhyMaxPKFLQVHFP9Og53TiqomMNjaY aIY-l1vQOV1yM-FblVAJvVC9dkfpJDPzRyC51NHTtkeVQvMML8kcYzZY t044iUmFlIu-hl-Q7tbHU1ifhM6v4pB1jCKhA9y4hhDrn1omhJVbOlDS zYuldjEuS4B70H5p1WGlAyYcDCKSLuhcHErkiSlLcvCxDPaovB9WXX7V L3rgj9lBzWsXFl9AFiUb3UlK4F6_x1kxXwg4rmG-vx2_kxkKdUI6WE1l eMgJ3lKzUpZw-GavLESnuFPFOWCRBvWlw0SqdajyCA07r_lXwpPrcatu 5ChGpUcmGuTMYz1muIO-husWj9A0_AZRGw9IpCF9KU4d1MVFj85T2pak UKbxD59fuGUsPQg8jtffx49__pjDIcKRBzoZEYOYDwDknn1YKrt7Ck4_ xsUxLQ2Lvs8SqOHbFzpLVf78Z11ElRH1AgbxKuYr5F3eG67sbjJqp69i F8SHcG1Xi0ZWb5txNvhbz2IwjS_f8SfjPd_vpJ0ppbytYs-lm7oUQHwc uhI2haPPN6OxrtBTcaF7jZrNBmBtlMzOo3s_P3J78YiLqBSH_gavrBtL sZKbamLkpUKQElc27kGAHL4V9HmlrFr9NpNI7W4VYDS5fCrwcj1nB4Sp F98FiAEaSmVQSkeXNZ7CAsFPKgJdFk-BBNVdFpYDcyL9FbV7iwUfmUMc l8H6ox1HFEftpHnfoSSRvfQsVNfuGX1ouuC48Z_goolqcfnQRtKf3r7x tagBoKgPPlrrEyvAEFoCVmkAlXzWCGD_UbP5fJAN3DLFkKEhhvy1e3Ab bszIEnVv9lFmRy4-pvNdunAzJUvaBv6Codbl_sLfVGr4wyq7IBCbARFL 6YOMxBGK-kECRRFyCc40kZ-hUY0rYXJi9aIX0jOpbpQDHEeY2F4JsITX N81mtMjIo70V7uqyxZZM5xJnGJKmvthg7-6-RVlRRf39vm5ILuVAzZ7h q4l9GCxRUfS5ywOAKoIN73BZPRR5QIc6qPiFQHhyZsWQ3puLVEDh0gwz Do8qKtUHXq3mVtAurhCgbgerZ3aaanLX0G3s89J0SHsxt1tV3jnOv98J ZUAG-kozVqrtl3FkWBuAQMTlJNvdu0sK_gTgXAk1_uxVeia4I38QJumq dXTxjFChKmsc1S3BcluCqVXDgX3NF87qdka3q3gSY7QpA0HCQoSLzQrg vVgV3_Eg7-YpZMS0FfJp8zX7nIQ4HWYamwPSLRi4wOjhexkNzN-BgrqP 5QM4DC7uuC_ZzkgDKNIGvtkxNFGLjqtsLHvka7P26Vng4q2gVBye_y27 pnOGBc6TLpZmdaW6ENKryFJ8X3hlWI-qDzgBVYnxIzD0JwodjhecjwN6 at37R48EpRhsFtlK9MGNUqw3z7naWacy4yvTmhLhDV3X-mfdqIBt49Yw jtPHis-jU3QxQq_3qj8yFygSHKSYNDjkDgTDopuZWVRGSDyFFnJj017A 97tEzcBiW61DDOP3Pb8VopPpnUFbpfZlQy9Pqy96ZHmvWObiMENCXIx6 R02TGpgjSEfE2X95XfDBjT2FIyFH29agGvqA_BGZggx-zvlUnJuMLjYB vPpvPOzTsT19gmNOATPjg1rDh4SWg7RmDU8P9U7nCH35Nu_XQehRFUcT dsGLBqvzKs1z47I3UDjNYveW5tcsD1m1SRwfOLwwCyQPqu95sSjN4Ky6 0cN8kIskIYer1gZXvuLfz3AgOQhKRf382fXYbcbjdVSWZQ5UuS4Go4n6 hy7MSDMrlktNfBPyDUdeOz0byogFHUA8U9bS8ILDmxJnektKZy-KWgFn gYmMAYRKakkCfojJ0XBXMAbA_FAYUwFL8n4OkJH60_t0GpMokG4ZgfyL BpGXu7Tbp5SZaQIFzQj5BFT5p12fb6BWkRahRYgiC3XtCAwuY1UHtfBs zsw8huUMsIa_nU_1eIL867Q
  • (2017-02-17, v:0.4) Matt Crofton (Kirbutashi): Redirect no longer working
    Seems like something may have changed on Youtube's end. When this extension is enabled, now Youtube.com just goes into a redirect loop :/
  • (2016-05-18, v:0.4) Al Bileski: Password not working.
    I use Video Cam Suite 3.0 and it will no longer accept my password. How do I reset my password so I can upload videos from Cam Suite?
  • (2015-08-02, v:0.4) lostrage: Plugin is not working anymore
    The plugin stopped working for me all of the sudden, im dying without it ^^ Its not redirecting to subscibtion.


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