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SickBeard extension for Google Chrome.

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Description from store Control SickBeard right from chrome. NOTE: If it does not connect please check your settings! Add Show to SickBeard directly from thetvdb and trakt. Enable images in the config. You will need the newest version that was made public on 2011/12/7 (build 491) If you dont see the api key in SickBeard you dont have the right version! If you have questions or a feature request please post them here http://www.sickbeard.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=3478 I can not answer question in reviews nor contact you! Please report all bugs and problems here https://github.com/lad1337/SickBeardConnect/issues or here http://code.google.com/p/sickbeardconnect/issues/list It is opensource and can be found here https://github.com/lad1337/SickBeardConnect Changelog: 0.1.21 - fix inpage resource loading thanks to tspmelo (https://github.com/lad1337/SickBeardConnect/pull/11) 0.1.20 - fix issue https://github.com/lad1337/SickBeardConnect/issues/10 - upgrade manifest to version 2 - removed chrome2growl 0.1.19 - fixed "new profile undefined" bug - attempt to improve migration - only show username and password fields if appropriate 0.1.18 NOTE: Please check your settings, after this update! - added connection profiles with automatic switcher - use api image getter 0.1.17 - added 'Default' as first quality option this will use the current default of SickBeards quality setting - inital aNTP widget support install https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/mgmiemnjjchgkmgbeljfocdjjnpjnmcg and use the ComingEP Tab as widget 0.1.16 fix: https://github.com/lad1337/SickBeardConnect/issues/5 tvdb connection doesn't work with www 0.1.15 fix: manifest looking for SickBeardConnect.js but was named SickbeardConnect.js 0.1.14: fix: search button in season list 0.1.13: fix: https support for images and typo 0.1.12: fix: https://github.com/lad1337/SickBeardConnect/issues/2 (not working with SSL) 0.1.11: fix: https://github.com/lad1337/SickBeardConnect/issues/1%E2%80%A6 new: option to save the section to open incl "remember" and always remember last ComingEP section.

Latest reviews

  • (2015-04-13) John Benson: Everyone is switching to sickrage and this is not compatible.
  • (2015-04-13) Juanpe Araque: It does what it promises and work well but it would be awesome to add imdb to the list of sites in which this works.
  • (2015-02-20) morrison22: Would love to see SickRage Support for this extension. Worked great with SickBeard, but ever since the switch, it cannot connect to host. Great extension though. Used it daily when I had SickBeard. Hope the developer adds support so we can continue using it!
  • (2014-09-23) Jason Quinones: Simple setup and I love not actually having to go my SB website in order to see coming episodes...
  • (2014-09-14) darkhawk1974: First of all I never ever installed this.. Second of all when this installed four others installed with it.. 2 which send stuff to people where you surf.. So this is nothing I cared for ..
  • (2014-06-10) Christopher Tennant: Love this plugin! Anybody who uses SickBeard should have this!
  • (2014-03-04) cenobite chatterer: Please make it for Firefox
  • (2014-01-27) Great makes every thing easy :) just needs one thing on the eps to come is the release date of them so i can see what day i will get the ep
  • (2014-01-20) Paul Kwasny: Awesome app!
  • (2013-10-29) Benji Benning: Awesome, Awesome extension! Really useful and the trakt.tv integration is very cool! (also works great via SSL for me) 1 feature request - when viewing History, i would love to have the option to see items that were Snatched but never moved to Downloaded. (i have a few Search Providers that sometimes return empty nzb files so the episode never DLs) Either way, 5/5!
  • (2013-10-28) Sergi Mendoza: Funciona, y muy bien!!!
  • (2013-10-11) Julian Pettifer: Great extension - only issue I have is the grammar! The screen should say "No Entries" not "No Entry's"!!
  • (2013-09-04) Jeff Byrom: I'd like to see the episode counts on the shows list, otherwise it's a nice way to quickly see what's going on. And it's working fine with SSL for me, too.
  • (2013-08-22) Chris Farrell: Everything that is needed. Great plugin. Recommended.
  • (2013-06-20) Jelle Wielsma: Good stuff, especially for the serious Sickbeard addicts...
  • (2013-05-07) Joseph Bruno: Love this plugin! Anybody who uses SickBeard should have this!
  • (2013-03-20) Justin Dray: Just installed, and it works perfectly with SSL, unlike some reviews have said.
  • (2013-03-03) Alon D: Does what it says. great.
  • (2013-02-23) Andres H: Great extension, works flawlessly for me.
  • (2012-12-01) Liam Brown: Incredible extension! Works great, and does everything I would want it to and more. Honestly can't think of anything else "I'd" want from it.
  • (2012-10-24) Simple plugin, probably took a single night to code, yet, one of my favorites for chrome. Makes life a hell of a lot easier to just glace at the top of my chrome and see information about what shows I've got to watch today (Green) or what shows I manually have to search for (Red). 5/5, I haven't had a single issue with it, does what it states.
  • (2012-07-30) I am Pongidae: I really wanted to give a much better review but just couldn't because of it's lack of support for using SSL in sickbeard. Needs add username and password pass-through for SSL support then will get a much better review. Works well if I was willing to leave the site as open http.
  • (2012-06-26) Martin Szymczak: Very nice. Thank you!
  • (2012-06-16) Konrad Walsh: Good..a little slow and wish that right clicking icon and choosing sickbeard connect meant go to my install not the market.. Good job otherwise
  • (2012-03-12) Si B: Great Ext.

Latest issues

  • (2016-10-03, v:0.1.21) Rien Buckens: api key
    hoe krijg ik een api key aub
  • (2015-08-17, v:0.1.21) Edgar O: Adding from Trakt
    When i find a new show on trakt it won't pop up on the sickbeard plugin to add, test on tvdb and works fine. Am i doing something wrong? Please help.
  • (2015-08-11, v:0.1.21) John Broome: Coming Episodes:
    "No Entry's" should be "No Entries"
  • (2015-06-09, v:0.1.21) Ted Ames: SickRage
    Please fix to work with SickRage
  • (2015-06-06, v:0.1.21) Darran Stewart: Sickrage
    looking for a fix to use with sickrage please
  • (2015-05-19, v:0.1.21) Patrick Foster: Please fix so it works with SICKRAGE
    Please fix so it works with SICKRAGE
  • (2015-05-09, v:0.1.21) Barry Morgan: Sickrage
    Please update it so it can work with sickrage again. It stopped working a while ago unfortunately and I can't imagine the fix is something hard to fix for the dev.
  • (2015-04-28, v:0.1.21) Marciano Vermeulen: Sickrage
    ItÅ› not working with Sickrage. Please update the app!
  • (2015-04-04, v:0.1.21) John Benson: Stopped Working, No SickRage Support!
    Stopped Working, No SickRage Support!
  • (2015-03-24, v:0.1.21) W. P.: Banners not showing appropiately
    Since a couple of days, the banners are not showing accurately. I think its a problem with the source since the sickstache google play app shows the exact same problem. Please fix!


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