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Validates a map area in Waze Map Editor, highlights issues and generates a very detailed report with wiki references and solutions

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Description from store v2021.9.7: - Glodenox: fixes for the latest WME version v2021.3.5: - Glodenox: fixes for the latest WME version v2020.11.1: - paulvdwyn: update Motorway naming for BE v2020.10.25: - davidakachaos: updated Wiki links for BE/NL v2020.04.12: - davidakachaos: fixes for the latest WME v2019.09.24: - davidakachaos: Added new places checks! - davidakachaos: Added Dutch translations for places checks - other minor fixes Please report any issues/suggestions on the forum: https://www.waze.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=76488 v2019.08.29: - luc45z: update PL abbreviations v2019.08.16: - jangliss: Fix for layer refresh if layer did not trigger update - jangliss: Add lock checks for railroad and private roads v2019.04.11: - berestovskyy: hot fix for login issue - berestovskyy: fixed audio for Google Chrome v2019.02.26: - berestovskyy: hot fixes for the latest WME v2018.11.10: - davidakachaos: fix streets isolated by ramps - davidakachaos: fix recover from preference change - davidakachaos: add road closures to fix #36 and #37 - davidakachaos: fix speed limit issues on borders v2018.10.16: - berestovskyy: fix check 38 Expired segment restrictions - davidakachaos: fix check 36, 37 Unneeded node A/B v2018.10.04: - davidakachaos: fix 220 for Restricted Gates - davidakachaos: minor fixed for unverified speed limits v2018.09.28: - davidakachaos: add exceptions for speed limit checks - davidakachaos: adjust reports in segment properties - davidakachaos: fix restrictions bug - carloslaso: add Mexico localization - other minor changes v2018.09.15: - berestovskyy: add custom check variables: speedLimit, speedLimitAB, speedLimitBA and checkSpeedLimit - berestovskyy: ignore speed limits issues on streets and ramps. Please use custom checks instead. v2018.09.13: - davidakachaos: new checks for unverified/unset/wrong speed limit - davidakachaos: enabled/adjusted some checks for NL v2018.09.12: - davidakachaos: fix "Show report" and other pop up windows - davidakachaos: new check #220 "No connection for public segment" - davidakachaos: fix revalidate segment after an edit - davidakachaos: fix checks related to restrictions - other minor fixes v2018.08.28: - davidakachaos: fix switching to/from event mode - davidakachaos: fix "unneeded node" for segments with different speeds - davidakachaos: fix WMECH integration bug v2018.08.09: - add GreasyFork release script - disable checks 114 and 115 (drivable & non-drivable) v2018.08.01: - davidakachaos: transfer NL translations from Greasyfork - other minor changes v2018.07.18: - First public open source release 03.11.2016 v1.1.20: - Fixed #23 Unconfirmed road 04.06.2016 v1.1.19: - Fixed WME Beta - Fixed icons in segment properties - The work is still in progress... 02.06.2016 v1.1.18: - Fixed Firefox browser - Added Validator tab 01.06.2016 v1.1.17: - Fixed (some) icons - Fixed (some) event handlers 29.01.2016 v1.1.16: - Fixed Firefox browser (thanks to Glodenox) - Updated CZ localizations 13.12.2015 v1.1.15: - Updated US and CZ localizations 17.11.2015 v1.1.14: - Updated styles to match the latest WME - Updated for PL #171 and #52 - Updated for US #171 'Incorrect abbreviation' 16.11.2015 v1.1.13: - Updated for US #171 'Incorrect abbreviation' - Added 'At the bottom' option 11.11.2015 v1.1.11: - Updated for US #171 'Incorrect abbreviation' - Minor update: latest WME compatibility. - Removed 'Two-way segments by default' option 06.03.2015 v1.1.7: - Minor changes 06.01.2015 v1.1.6: - Updated for PL #171 'Street name abbreviations' - Disabled for IL #109 'Too short segment' 06.01.2015 v1.1.5: - Temporary disabled #36, 37 'Unneeded node A/B' - Fixed the crash on a new segment save 07.10.2014 v1.1.3: - Updated Polish translations thanks to Zniwek - Enabled for ES #130-133 'Custom lock levels' - Updated #114 and #115 'Non-drivable connected to drivable': excluded Railroads 01.10.2014 v1.1.2: - Disabled for IL #28 'Street name on two-way Ramp' - Updated Polish abbreviations - Fixed custom checks #135-139 - Updated Spanish translations thanks to robindlc - Enabled for NL #150-154 'Lock levels' - Updated segment properties UI 30.08.2014 v1.1.1: - Fixed 'Two-way segments by default' option 29.08.2014 v1.1.0: - Compatibility with beta WME Note: some checks are still disabled - Updated for BE #160 'Incorrect Freeway name' - Disabled for IL #91 'Two-way Ramp segment' - Removed 1 sec startup delay introduced in v0.6.2 24.08.2014 v1.0.4: - Temporary disabled #44, #45 and #50. Note: some other checks might not work as well. - Updated Polish translations - Increased number of custom checks (#130-139) 04.08.2014 v1.0.3: - Disabled #200, #201, #300, #301 'Unconfirmed turn' for dead-ends - Disabled #77 'Dead-end U-turn' - Fixed tabs for small fonts - Other minor bugfixes 04.07.2014 v1.0.2: - Complete Hebrew translation thanks to gad_m - Minor UI changes for right-to-left languages - Changed keyboard shortcut to 'Alt+V' 25.06.2014 v1.0.1: - Disabled for IL #52 'Too long street name' - Disabled for IL #41, #42 'Reverse connectivity' - Fixed for IL WME Beta 26.05.2014 v1.0.0: - Re-enabled #150 for AR and CL - Disabled for IL #115 'Non-drivable connected to drivable' - Temporarily disabled #74 'Multiple segments at r-about' (the check will be updated in one of the next releases) - Updated #52 'Too long street name': 30 letters by default - Updated #171 for PL: polish abbreviations - Fixed wiki links for checks #114/115 - Fixed #36/37 'Unneeded node A/B' for country names - Fixed leading spaces in custom RegExps - Fixed: unable to remove debug flag for custom checks - Added new custom template variables: '${deadEndA/B}' and '${partialA/B}' - Google Analytics (I'll share the statistics later) - Added license 27.04.2014 v0.9.9: - Fixed #190 for Cyrillic letters - Fixed false positive in #171 for FR: 'Rue du Mal Assis' - Fixed #36 and #37 'Unneeded node' for partial nodes - Improvements in Settings->About->Available checks - Temporarily disabled #79 'Too short U-turn connector' (the check will be updated in one of the next releases)

Latest reviews

  • (2020-02-20) Shobhit Pathak: Cannot find it, checked all updates to tampermonkey and validator but it doesn't appear on my left pane, what am I missing? It was very useful when it worked.
  • (2018-10-30) Russel D: Good plugin, helped me straight away finding map issues on WME
  • (2018-05-02) leibnitz garcia: Era muy bueno pero esta desactualizado, por favor hagan algo.-
  • (2017-10-24) Luis Manuel Rivas: Muy bueno!!
  • (2017-09-10) No longer works
  • (2017-08-31) Dejan Miladinovic: vrlo koristan alat
  • (2017-08-31) sauro Modena: Non funziona più da mesi
  • (2017-07-03) Roberto Bordallo: Show
  • (2017-07-03) Bambang Wijanarko: Great tool, but why now keep broken. every time chrome start
  • (2017-03-11) Iván Vega: Ya no corre en mi navegador, actualicen ya !
  • (2017-01-15) Alex Luquez: No se esta ejecutando en mi navegador, la desinstalé y la volví a instalar y nada, borré todo el historial y la cache del navegador y nada, por favor verificar a la brevedad posible porque hace mucha falta
  • (2016-11-20) Yustinus Waruwu: excellent
  • (2016-10-16) rano hutasoit: ok
  • (2016-09-12) sergey a: It is broken as of 12.09.2018. Each segment is marked as unconfirmed and no changes could be saved.
  • (2016-05-30) Julio Cesar Chiaraviglio: Cuando sale la actualizacion para que funcione con la nueva interfaz del WME? Gracias.
  • (2016-04-11) Lic. Jorge Chinchilla: Excelente aporte para la comunidad de editores de waze. Gracias
  • (2015-12-28) Jarosław Kaźmierski: Ekstra narzędzie do WME
  • (2015-11-07) Jason Hutton: Needs its own tab now that the ME tab is gone.
  • (2015-11-06) Jonathan Eka: Are you active editor? Yes. Then you MUST use this one.
  • (2015-09-21) Erminia Del Medico P.: Maravilloso para revisar todos los errores en la edición de mapas y corregirlos según sus indicaciones
  • (2015-09-11) Amia Menet: Very useful
  • (2015-08-19) Stefano Marchi: Grande
  • (2015-07-29) saxon_switzerland_pictures: Es ist ein tolles Arbeiten damit, läuft, wird angepasst und weiter entwickelt. Top!
  • (2015-06-28) Solsmac S.: I wish I had found out about this a year ago.. I love it!
  • (2015-06-27) Fantastico!
  • (2015-06-14) Elio Barbaran: Muy buena


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