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Description from extension meta Adjust the font size and line spacing of the main content of a webpage automatically based on your preference.
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Description from store Did you ever go to a website and think that the font is too small or the line spacing is too tight? Some people use the browser zoom function to make the font bigger but it makes EVERYTHING BIG! We don't want that! This plugin automatically adjusts the font size / line spacing of the main content of a webpage, and leave everything else the same. You can disable magic reader on individual sites by right click on the webpage and click "Disable on this site". It works the best on article pages. The default font size is 20px. You can customize the font size by going to the extensions page (Chrome menu > Tools > Extensions) and select "options" to take an "eye test" to determine your prefer font size and line spacing.
Latest reviews (2019-05-30) alancamilo vanegas herera: me sirve me encanta es como un resumen de el lugar por ejmplo la celula le undo clik y da unresumen (2019-05-21) Joshua O. Morales: This plugin deserves great attention! (2018-12-23) Melissia Lenox: Magic Reader does exactly what it says it does - converts main/lead article text on webpages into your preferred font size and paragraph spacing. The work is performed seamlessly and behind the scenes, without any effort on your part. To set your preferences: after installing the extension, right click on the icon in your toolbar, click on Options, select which line spacing view you prefer, and then select which font size view you prefer. Reload any open pages and/or open a new webpage to see the main content in your preferred viewing state. Simple, yet very meaningful. (2018-05-16) Pedro Heringer: A opção "disable on this site" desativa ele em todas as abas e não só no site. A vantagem dele em relação aos outros é que aumenta a fonte somente na parte principal e não no menu ou em partes de publicidade. (2018-03-08) GodfreyDeK: Love this extension. It should be among the chrome essential lists. Thank you for developing it. (2018-03-01) Shadow of Darkness Reborn: cool your extension saved my eyes from bleeding (2017-11-15) قناة العلاج الذاتي: The best program I have ever seen I was looking for a way to read small YouTube texts, This program is the best program created. Thank you so much (2017-05-08) Amro E.: Tested it for just a few minutes. While it does make text bigger, it made some page elements disappear as well, such as buttons on image sliders. Good extension and implementation but needs more work. (2017-01-20) Frank Dimichele: perfect for any media pc or application where you need the text larger. I use even on main pc now. (2016-12-26) Raymond San Juan: As advertised (2016-04-15) Ryan McManus: Great extension! My only complaint is it doesn't work on Facebook whenever I log in. However, it does work on Facebook when I'm not logged in. For example if I visit a page. Other than that this is an excellent extension to improve the readability of many websites. (2016-02-11) Shelley Douglas: Loved it, but had to give it a 4 because it kept sticking ,when it was turned off it had to be re-installed to turn on again. Wish that was fixed, Thanks (2016-01-18) Dave E: I've been using this extension for over a year now and it works great. Occasionally have to tweak a page (using Chrome's font sizing keys), especially trying to read site comments on discussion pages (the comments always display in a much smaller font size). My only complaint (registered with the makers right away, but so far not addressed) is that the MR ext tends to close at times, forcing me to go to the extensions page and 'reload.' Doesn't happen that often, but it's annoying when it does. It's the only extension I have that unloads itself. (2015-10-22) Qiren Huang: really great! (2015-07-27) Wu Dingwei: This plugin is great. And I really like it. But function "disable on this site" won't work. (2015-07-07) ismail: really nice (2014-07-28) y0nd3r: Thank you. This one actually works. (2014-03-28) Matthew Cannon: I really dig this... I can almost read without my glasses. It only makes the main body of content larger vs the whole page. I hate how zooming in on a webpage makes everything giant. (2014-03-28) Benjamin Koonse: This plugin works great for my old eyes! I set my settings once and it applies to every webpage! A total eye and life saver!!

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