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MultiPass for HTTP basic authentication

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Automatically login to Basic Authentication using data based on URL regexp.

Image from store MultiPass for HTTP basic authentication
Description from store This extension allows you to register credential associated to a regular expression. When you browse a website that requires HTTP basic authentication, its URL will be matched against the regular expression and if a match is found, the credentials will be automatically sent. A green badge on MultiPass address bar icon means you were correctly authenticated, a red one means the credentials were rejected and finally a yellow one means that there was multiple match for this domain. If you want to report an issue, please use the Github issue tracker : https://github.com/krtek4/MultiPass/issues Changelog 0.9.0 - 26/12/2019 - New upload to regenerate crx signature 0.9.1 - 31/03/2020 - Portuguese translations, thanks to pedrovhb 0.8.0 - 22/11/2018 - Remove Google Analytics 0.8.1 - 22/11/2018 - Avoid breaking the whole extension on faulty regex 0.8.2 - 22/11/2018 - Remove onAuthRequired hack since FF supports it for the better part of a year 0.8.3 - 01/12/2018 - Polish translation 0.7.0 - 27/02/2017 - XSS prevention, Add option to disable Analytics 0.7.1 - 27/03/2017 - Better detection of storage namespace 0.7.2 - 09/06/2017 - Avoid messing up the layout when regex is too long 0.7.3 - 09/06/2017 - Add a priority field on rules 0.7.3 - 13/06/2017 - Add missing translations 0.6.0 - 06/11/2016 - Regex tester, Firefox support 0.6.1 - 08/11/2016 - Opera support 0.6.2 - 13/11/2016 - German and Dutch translation, fix issue with highlighting 0.6.3 - 18/11/2016 - Remove jQuery dependency 0.6.4 - 18/11/2016 - Improve tester, fix edition, improve analytics 0.6.5 - 14/02/2017 - Disable tracking in Firefox, reduce number of analytics hit 0.5.3 - 06/11/2016 - French translation 0.5.2 - 05/11/2016 - Restore analytics 0.5.1 - 30/10/2016 - Fix an issue where newly added credentials are not available until restart 0.5.0 - 29/10/2016 - Improve translation mechanism 0.4.3 - 24/09/2015 - Fix an issue when adding credentials 0.4.2 - 22/09/2015 - Reset button 0.4.1 - 22/09/2015 - Allow entry edition 0.4.0 - 17/11/2014 - Styling, Highlight regex matching current URL in popin 0.3.2 - 06/08/2014 - Fix an analytics 0.3.1 - 06/08/2014 - Fix an issue with badges 0.3.0 - 04/08/2014 - Avoid error loop, display badges, JSON credential import 0.2.0 - 04/08/2014 - New option panel 0.1.2 - 04/08/2014 - Add Google Analytics 0.1.1 - 30/07/2014 - Rename from Chrome BasicAuth to MultiPass 0.1.0 - 28/07/2014 - Initial release

Latest reviews

  • (2022-10-10) DanJah Jah: Ничего лишнего. Приложение заточено под одну функцию и хорошо ее выполняет
  • (2021-02-10) Dharmesh Patel: Awesome love it. was looking for this from months
  • (2021-02-02) Vladimir S: Simple but very useful extension. Chrome and some other extensions allow to save basic auth data for a specific URL only. This one have a ability to use regexp for URLs and it's a great feature.
  • (2021-01-25) Dawid Stojan: Works well, very helpful, I no longer have to input those irritating credentials, big kudos! :)
  • (2020-11-26) Moti Korets: Nice idea and implementation. Very useful!
  • (2019-09-16) Ferdi Fuchs: Thank you!
  • (2019-01-22) Valerie Enfys: Super helpful for logging into router admin pages! LastPass (which I use for most other passwords) won't autofill basic authentication so this is very helpful for me in saving time
  • (2018-06-08) Vikas Kasera: Does exactly as promised !!
  • (2018-02-13) Роман Кархачев: Как долго я искал это расширение. Firefox сохраняет данные логина и пароля для окон Basic Authorization, а вот Google Chrome почему-то нет. А это расширение позволяет это сделать!
  • (2018-01-30) Manu Milano: Justo lo que estaba buscando, me anda perfecto. Gracias!
  • (2017-06-25) Kaan Doğan: I use DDWRT, before I upgrade Chrome to v59 user:pass@URL was working but after upgrade it stopped. Thanks to this extension I can able to login again without typing user pass. Defintly you should get it. It is perfect! Love it!
  • (2017-04-12) Armando Gomez Sanchez: Exactly what I needed, no longer wasting time entering credentials on http auth, loved it!
  • (2016-09-09) Valentin Hussong: Works well, also with Chromium. You have to restart Chrome for the changes to take effect. I've created a google sheet with a formula to put together the JSON: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_ft1No4qXvHNVxoPtHdQ1OJYhgxxe3zESuJ5sFs7flE/edit#gid=0
  • (2015-04-23) It just works!
  • (2014-11-12) Eric Silva: SO MUCH WIN! Invaluable!
  • (2014-09-17) David Jeanmonod: Very useful!

Latest issues

  • (2021-07-28, v:0.9.1) Geonwoo Yoon: multipass is not activating
    Hi, in my chorom extension, looks like multipass never actiavated(i don't see green light at all). i'm using mac, could you give me advice on this ?
  • (2021-01-05, v:0.9.1) KAPIL MADAN: Using multiple accounts for one URL
    Is it possible to use multiple accounts for one URL?
  • (2018-05-17, v:0.7.4) Austin Burk: Always send basic auth
    Would be great to have an option to always use basic auth even when there's not actually been a prompt for it.
  • (2017-08-07, v:0.7.4) Jeff Woods: where and how are passwords installed?
    Security is important. If I use this plugin, where are my passwords stored and how are they protected?
  • (2017-03-16, v:0.7.0) Noah Shutty: Does not work on fresh install
    I tried restarting chrome, nothing happens on basic auth sites even after adding regexp and checking using the handy utility
  • (2016-10-17, v:0.4.3) Regexp?
    It appears that the syntax of the regexp that this extension uses is different from that which I'm familiar with, the regexp syntaxes used in Javascript and Python. Can anybody please document the use of regexp in this extension, or Chrome extensions in general, if Chrome extensions as a whole have such syntax? Thank you!


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