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Create, share, and USE reusable comments to edit and grade faster! Use with Canvas, Google Docs/Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Bb...

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Description from store Annotate PRO (AP) makes it easy for teachers to create, share and use libraries of reusable comments to speed feedback and engagement while using Google Docs, Canvas, Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, Microsoft Word, Schoology, Brightspace, Blackboard, Gmail, Outlook, Slack and other webapps. Create and share large or small libraries of reusable comments, then quickly add pre-written feedback to comment on documents, respond to discussion posts or answer chats. Use full-text search, the AP toolbars or right-click menu to find just the right comment. Leverage Google Translate to flip comments into another language even provide dual language responses. Write free form comments to effortlessly store them in your AP library for reuse. License our College Edition Library to instantly add 230+ comments, covering academic writing and research, that you can extend and personalized. Review usage data, see where you have invested your engagement energy by comment group, sub-group and individual comment. The forever-free version of AP makes it easy to create an unlimited number of libraries and use them with Google Docs, Canvas SpeedGrader, Google Classroom and other popular education platforms. Individuals can pay for additional features including Sub-Groups, analytics, forms, Google Translate and also license libraries like our College Edition or Legal Writing Edition. Institutions can license AP to easily share libraries of comments, measure the impact of feedback, and improve writing across the curriculum initiatives, writing centers, tutoring, foreign language instruction, project-based learning, engagement with school resources... AP will dramatically improve student engagement and communication. With AP you write it once, to perfection, then re-use to your heart's content. Release Notes: 6.0.1 | July 9, 2020 * Support for Microsoft Teams * Support for Google Classroom * Support for Brightspace (D2L) and Schoology LMS platforms * Support for Outlook (web), Gmail and Slack * Google Translate in the sidebar! * Microsoft log in (SSO) option * Double Wide sidebar and Toolbar Anywhere * All settings available via the Gear icon * Improved handling of text - carriage returns, links * Decreased size of package by 25% or more! * Bugz!!! 5.5.5 | August 25, 2019 * Bugs, polish, support for Canopy and Microsoft Teams (beta) 5.5.4 | January 23, 2019 * Improved handling of links * Improved handling of plain-text destinations (carriage returns converted to spaces) * Beta support for Google Sheets & Google Slides * Better Gmail & LinkedIn functionality * Bugs 5.5.0 | January 2, 2019 * Bugz * Support for additional websites (Facebook, LinkedIn...) | December 29, 2018 * Improved support for sub-Groups * Google Translate support * Massive improvements to the editing experience! * Bugz 5.4.7 | December 3, 2018 * Bug fixes 5.4.6 | November 25, 2018 * Improved support for Canvas (rubrics) * Improved toolbars including options to hide Search and History * Option to search only Labels or Labels & Comments * Polish and bug fixes 5.4.5 | October 18, 2018 * Improved toolbar (it stays stuck!) * Improved signup/verification * Bugs 5.4.4 | October 4, 2018 * Sub-Groups finalized! * Toolbar support for Schoology and Box Notes * Bugs 5.4.2 | October 1, 2018 * Setting things up for sub-groups (coming soon!) * Better support for Schoology, improved upgrade process, bugs/speed 5.4.1 | August 24, 2018 * Bugs/performance improvements 5.4.0 | August 20, 2018 * Support for Canvas SpeedGrader rubric comments in the History feature * Bugs/performance improvements 5.3.3 | July 25, 2018 * Canvas SpeedGrader support/updates * Bugs 5.3.1 | June 27, 2018 * WYSIWYG editing! Forms! Better support for SpeedGrader full screen!!! * Lots of little things. 5.2.4 | April 24, 2018 * Bugs! Minor tweaks. 5.2.3 | April 19, 2018 * Bugs! Minor tweaks. 5.2.2 | April 12, 2018 * Improved toolbar (show/hide); bugs! | March 6, 2018 * Improvements to support Goobric, bugs, sorting Favorites alphabetically | February 27, 2018 * Bugs and improved toolbars, support for Google Drive, Canvas box annotations. Thank you Steve! | February 9, 2018 * Bugs, improvements and KEYBOARD SHORTCUT to get to toolbar search: CTRL-S | February 6, 2018 * Feed, analytics, toolbars for Google Docs, Canvas, and Blackboard...many improvements. Payments! | November 2, 2017 * Sorting of Comments AND Groups. And 'Formal' sharing by Annotate Admins at an institution. | September 25, 2017 * WOO HOO! We made it...add new libraries, new groups...sync across web and Word add-in... | August 23, 2017 * Tweaked display of Favorite buttons and Search results for better usability * Updated dates for free trial of full libraries | August 14, 2017 Bugs! | May 31, 2017 Minor release - bugs. Particularly fixing Facebook login issue. Enjoy! | May 26, 2017 Major release! We've added a sign up step (easy, one-click Google sign in) so users can easily log into their Annotate PRO library across Chrome and Microsoft Word 2016. Also highlighting cells being edited plus bug fixes. Enjoy & feedback _ALWAYS_ welcome. | April 22, 2017 Improved under the hood...preparing for faster implementation of custom libraries. Faster access to your Annotate popup (ALT-A!). Improved predictability of Context Menu functionality. | April 7, 2017 Improved visibility for installing the full College Edition Library. Improved popup behavior & library edit for free users. Bug fixes. | March 30, 2017 Google Translate baked in! Plus polish...improved menus, tab order... | March 8, 2017 Bug fixes... | March 2, 2017 Our biggest release yet! Oh my...see release notes on our website for all the details... | February 7, 2017 * Updated ilovefeedback free trial date (to June 30, 2017) to celebrate Annotate PRO for Word. | February 1, 2017 * Updated to recognize existing accounts, by email address, so uninstall doesn't result in loss of customizations. | January 2, 2017 *Updated free trial to extend through 2/14/2017 (Happy Valentine's Day!). | December 19, 2016 *Improved purchase error logging. | December 16, 2016 *Minor bug fixes. | November 28, 2016 * Added a spinner for longer library saves (so you know something is happening!) | November 19, 2016 * Bug fixes / secret code fix for free access | November 13, 2016 * Includes support for site licenses (based on email domain) * Bugs and enhancements

Latest reviews

  • (2020-07-11) Riayn Wheeler: AP is one of the most helpful tools in providing feedback for students. I don't know what I would do without it!
  • (2020-07-09) robert brown: I use this primarily to give feedback in my canvas classes. It is simple and really helpful. If the UI seems too much, try right clicking to access. I find it a nice way to access my templates.
  • (2019-01-05) Greg D: This extension is an English teacher's dream. It works with one click in Google Doc comments too. Absolutely amazing!
  • (2018-11-26) Tyler Wenzel: I've been using AP for about 6 months ago. I find it very useful as a teacher and the developer is on top of fixing things and adding functionality.
  • (2016-03-03) James Cavendish: I've been a long-time Annotate for Microsoft Word user...and love it...constantly recommend it to others. I'm still not sold on using Google Docs with my students...but man this little tool is so great I might move everything to Google...not just drafts. I do hope they tie this cloud library thing back into Word...that would be the ultimate!

Latest issues

  • (2019-09-04, v:5.5.5) Non Sum: loading content
    it stays on the laoding content screen
  • (2019-01-22, v:5.5.3) Chris Hoster: LocalHost Error
    I cannot use any of the menu items to add comments or anything. I keep on getting directed to a web page that says "This site can’t be reached localhost refused to connect." Any ideas? Chris
  • (2018-10-31, v:5.4.5) Refund
    I just got notified of a subscription renewal and missed the cancellation window by 30 minutes. As I am no longer an English teacher, and have no more use for AnnotatePRO (which I loved, BTW), would you kindly refund the subscription fee? Thanks! Steve Kennedy
  • (2018-07-30, v:5.3.2) Alex McCormick: Chrome install confirmation dialog
    Just a typo, in the last sentence: "toolbarto" Looking forward to trying AP out with Canvas! (No reply needed.)
  • (2018-03-03, v: Goobric
    Is there a way to allow the tool bar to come up on the side when grading with Goobric?
  • (2017-02-08, v: Zig Mandel: Chrome webstore in-app payments
    Hi fellow frustrated developer of a chrome in-app payment extension :) I saw your issues some months ago. Now I found an issue and I see it affects your extension too. TLDR: the payment window auto-shrinks horizontally and covers some fields (at least when the window is shown in spanish). It makes it look unprofesional and I wonder if users are turned-off by it. its also hard to use being so narrow. write me to [email protected]
  • (2016-09-29, v: 11trees Writing: Annotate Doesn't Load a Library?
    We've seen a huge growth in users with the start of the new year - very exciting! Most folks have no problem - library loads and away they go. But for those of you who install Annotate lickety-split, but then can't load a library to edit or add comments, please hang on! We have a major update coming in early October with an all-new way of synchronizing library content. We've tested extensively with those who have had issues and confirmed the new approach (which will be invisible to users) is far better... Hang in there! And follow us on Facebook to stay abreast of updates...
  • (2016-04-17, v: 11trees Writing: Annotate installs but I can't choose anything from the menu...
    If you are experiencing this, please contact us to help us troubleshoot. It appears some Windows users are having this issue and we really want to get to the bottom of it. Your reward? Free Annotate for an entire year! Just email us via [email protected] and we'll set up a time to do a brief screenshare and learn more about your specific situation.
  • (2016-04-04, v: Cancel
    Please cancel my purchase


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