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An alternative to Chrome's Omnibox.

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Description from store Fauxbar Lite brings classic Firefox's Awesome Bar functionality to Google Chrome: • Quickly find the history page, tab, or bookmark you're after • Results are ranked using Mozilla's frecency algorithm, just like Firefox To use Fauxbar Lite, either focus Chrome's Omnibox and press F+Spacebar, or click the orange Fauxbar icon beside Chrome's Omnibox. What's the difference between Fauxbar and Fauxbar Lite? -- Fauxbar replaces Chrome's New Tab page; Fauxbar Lite does not. If you'd like to replace Chrome's New Tab page, please install the original Fauxbar extension instead: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/hibkhcnpkakjniplpfblaoikiggkopka For Fauxbar Lite's source code, please visit https://github.com/ChrisNZL/Fauxbar/ Features include: Address Box: • Accurately find your history items, bookmarks, and opened tabs • Results are ranked using Mozilla's frecency algorithm, just like Firefox • Full support for mid-word searching and non-alphanumeric characters • Consistent URL auto-fill / auto-complete • Intelligent page pre-rendering • Keyword shortcuts for your favorite websites • Right-click options such as Add/Edit Bookmark, and Add/Edit Keyword • Paste & Go • Search engine keyword shortcuts • URL blacklist • Switch to tab functionality Search Box and search engines: • Right-click on search fields on your favorite websites to add them as Fauxbar Lite search engines • Use added search engines with the dedicated Search Box, or hide the Search Box and just use search engines from the Address Box • Assign keywords to search engines for quick access, or click a menu for a visual list of your search engines • Suggestions can be displayed as you type your query (suggestions from the selected search engine will be retrieved where available) • Paste & Search • Supports OpenSearch detection Tiles: • Show tiles for your favorite websites with screenshot thumbnails • Let Fauxbar choose site tiles for you, or manually choose them yourself • Click and drag site tiles to rearrange Other features: • Omnibox integration: type F+Spacebar to access Fauxbar Lite without leaving the page you're on • Choose font names, sizes, colors and background image • Choose the number of results to display at a time • Comes preset with Google, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo!, and Bing • Delete a URL from Chrome's history right from Fauxbar Lite without having to open Chrome's History page • Alter the frecency algorithm's scoring if desired • More than 60 different configurable options • Backup, restore, and/or reset Fauxbar Lite's options with ease Fauxbar is not affiliated with Google, Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, or the original AwesomeBar. ===== Recent changes: 14 June 2019 – v1.8.1 • Fixed a database locking issue that was introduced in Chrome 75. • Slightly increased Address Box result padding. • Added info when prompting to add an Address Box result keyword. • Updated suggested keyboard shortcuts.

Latest reviews

  • (2022-07-30) Pawel Jan: how to change the search engine icon not working Add search engines to Fauxbar Lite by right-clicking on search fields
  • (2019-10-26) 雷雨: 這個版本是輕量的,可以關掉使用Fauxbar的新標籤,然後只在地址欄啟用,很好,我感覺還是老的新標籤比較容易操作些,書籤按得順手.
  • (2019-08-09) Catherine Prickett: This is a great app. One tiny problem: sometimes the searches go to the homepage rather than doing a proper search. Dictionary.com and Thesaurus.com are particularly bad for this.
  • (2019-05-05) Johnny: Doesn't really do anything. IF it was on the main screen like Firefox's bar, then it would be useful ! I tried to add Wikipedia to it. I had to manually edit in the details. And then when I tried it, it just went to the main page ! Garbage.
  • (2017-12-29) Gearoid Murphy: This extension has enhanced the usability of Chrome significantly. +1
  • (2017-09-30) --: I'm really liking it! Wish I could change icon size on top sites display
  • (2016-06-01) Rafael Miranda: Extensão PERFEITA! A única que aproveita de verdade a Omnibox pesquisando favoritos e histórico! Tem opções, indexação e é super rápido! Achei o que eu queria!
  • (2016-02-22) Dan Pallas: Great. Firefox has a far better address bar ("awesomebar" they call it). It's the only thing that has kept me with firefox for so long. I found out about this plugin, and now I'm giving chrome another shot. Tip: start your search with "f" to have fauxbar functionality in the main omnibox. You'll never have to use their tab. The separate storage for history isn't suspicious. The extension needs it for indexing. Without that, the searches would be slow.
  • (2015-05-07) Paweł Gruszka: It's must have extension. It happens to me a lot of times when i type a word which was in a page title or address chrome gives me google suggestions. Not the page I opened in the past. Then i just press f +tab and fauxbar searches my history and gives suggestions more accurate than chrome. To understand it you had to used chrome in the past.
  • (2014-09-14) Plamcheg: What diff-nts between this and "full" Fauxbar? using second - very good!
  • (2014-08-29) Jon Hamilton: This is great. After I installed it my Omnibox is now working much better (i.e., exactly like Firefox). Unlike other reviews here claim, I am seeing it affect my normal entries/searches in the omnibox without having to use the new search box or the "f" quicksearch. E.g. Chrome by default will not match on text in the URL of a bookmark when you type into the Omnibox (unlike FF), but with this extension that is now happening for me.
  • (2014-01-24) J.C. Hendee: Possibly one of the most suspicious "search" add-ons I have seen. It does not add anything that a competent user could do without it. That it has to load a new tab and page to run and wants separate storage for history, etc. should be BIG red flay to anyone.
  • (2013-08-28) Ville “Racle” Viitaharju: Awesome add-on, when changed from Firefox to chrome, i always hater way that chrome uses omnibox. Finally i get this add-on, tho i would like to have this feature enabled by default, but now i have to write f and press spacebar to search. Still 100x better than chrome omnibox.
  • (2013-07-09) Pratik Soni: I liked the lite version, while using it I can still have my chosen theme to render on the new tab page. Whenever I need the Fauxbar I'll just click the icon on toolbar.
  • (2013-07-07) Josh Howe: While I do love the quality of the search engine itself, I had to dock one star because: 1. There isn't a way to make fauxbar the default search function, to mirror awesomebar for FF; you can't even change the default search key ('f'). 2. I'd also like a way to integrate or at least import my existing search engines from Chrome. There's no chance I'm recreating all of those, especially if they don't sync to new computers.
  • (2013-06-10) Great extension. I cannot imagine using chrome without it
  • (2012-05-03) Psycros DeMentia: NOT WHAT IS CLAIMS. Its not an "alternative" to the omnibox since its only present on the new home page it creates. Pretty much useless.
  • (2012-04-07) Arek Olek: doesn't find stuff it's supposed to find
  • (2012-03-13) Šimon Demočko: Absolutely awesome. Thank you very much!
  • (2012-02-28) Nolan Snoap: Absolutely fantastic extension. The only thing keeping it from 5 stars for me is the fact that it takes up CPU cycles every time I start up Chrome. I assume this is due to the index being rebuilt each time, right?
  • (2012-01-04) Horacio Galván: Great to get results for what you are actually searching for. Very handy while Chrome team fixes this mess. =)
  • (2011-12-10) Soumya Sen: I am disappointed with the F+spacebar option, it was working fine and now all of a sudden it stopped working, there is no way to re enable it or do anything otherwise. please fix this bug!! i use this extension almost everyday through the omnibox!
  • (2011-11-22) Vitalik Garan: At last we can use awesome bar in chrome, I missed it so much. Ben B, it really glitched at first, but after indexing New Tabs became default again.
  • (2011-11-18) Ben B: I thought Fauxbar Lite wasn't supposed to override the new-tab page. Edit: Apparently it's either been updated to correct this, or I'm having mental problems. Regardless, ntp no longer replaced, and all is right again...I think. Edit2: Ah, I see what they did there. The _only_ thing the other extension does that fauxbar lite doesn't is change the ntp. Fauxbar lite has the page and all the inner-workings, but doesn't replace the page (that explains why it "needs" all those permissions that--I thought--it shouldn't need).


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