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Soundation, amplified.

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Description from store Read more here: https://djmarcolesco.me/modation ## WHAT'S NEW ## 2.4 - [Mod] Watchlist. Click "Add to Watchlist" in the sidebar of tracks and groups to be notified of changes to likes, comments, members, and more. - Added user and group images to notifications. - Improved documentation on project page. - Lowered watchlist update interval to 10 minutes. 2.3.1 - Fixed global styles causing strange rendering problems in the Chrome studio. 2.3 - [Option] Remember me. Login will persist for up to a week. 2.2 - New options page for customizing what mods are enabled. - New toolbar button and popup with quick actions. - [Mod] Show alerts on top of navigation. Alerts will overlap the main navigation links. - [Mod] Move group invitations. Invitations will appear at the top of the page. - Added options for all available mods. - Fixed badge on toolbar button showing incorrect notification counts. - Fixed notifications appearing repeatedly. - Improved install and update detection. - Optimized scripts for size and security. - Fixed major user tag bug. 2.1.1 - Fixed group filter appearing on track group lists. - Fixed duplicate comment boxes on groups. 2.1 - Added user tagging in comments (via @). - Added quick filter to group lists. - Moved comments box above thread on tracks and groups. ## WHAT IS IT? ## Modation is an extension for Google's Chrome web browser that extends community functionality for Soundation (http://soundation.com), an online collaborative music studio. When you receive a feed notification alerting you of a new message, group invitation, follower, or anything else, a desktop notification appears, allowing you to instantly take action. ## WHY DO I NEED IT? ## The Soundation Community is a tremendous feature, and one of the best parts of the site. One thing it lacks is a truly practical notifications system. The site will display a summary of new messages, follows, invitations, and memberships, but these are visible only within the site. Modation delivers these notifications to you immediately, adding an accessible, seemless experience without sacrificing usability. Modation also improves the Soundation website itself by offering user tagging, group list filtering, a more accessible comments box on tracks and groups, and other Community improvements. Each of these mods can be toggled on or off via the options page, accessible from the popup window on the toolbar icon. This popup also shows some quick actions for showing or clearing all current notifications, and the icon itself will show the number of unread notifications. Read more here: https://djmarcolesco.me/modation

Latest reviews

  • (2018-07-07) Comment Spaepanion: It's useful like Thomas.
  • (2018-01-17) Great
  • (2017-10-07) uzi: sucksssss
  • (2017-07-09) Cyberbit you are legendary and a genius. I highly recommend this to any soundation users! Super convenient.
  • (2016-11-08) The Crow Brotherhood: Great job Cyberbit!
  • (2016-08-09) GRAWL!X EDM: My boi cyberbit did a wonderful job with this. Get it if you use soundation
  • (2015-08-31) Augie Dunford: ya
  • (2015-07-23) Dillon Mahouchick: i dont know how to open the studio on modation
  • (2015-01-30) Jared H: Love this extension! It's very convenient!
  • (2014-07-04) Adam Gleeson: It's pretty helpful. It doesn't do very much, but it changes a few things here and there to make Soundation a lot easier to navigate through and use.

Latest issues

  • (2018-02-20, v:2.4) Love option
    I know there is a like option but could you add a love option for tracks you really like! Could you also add a way to see which tracks you are in your watchlist!
  • (2018-02-20, v:2.4) Tagging
    Can you fix the tagging feature When i add @ at the beginning of anyones username it dosnt tag them!
  • (2016-01-13, v:2.1.1) Josh Glenn: help!!!
    hello my soundation is glitching tf out. i cant click on songs to go to the comments section and when i click on anyone's profile it automatically goes to the featured and trending songs. please help soon!!
  • (2015-12-03, v:2.1.1) Ishamel T.J: modation
    I don't know how to use it... i need help


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