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Description from extension meta Automatically detect and track trollbots and untrustworthy Twitter accounts.
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Description from store Bot Sentinel is a free platform developed to automatically detect political trollbots and untrustworthy accounts. Bot Sentinel utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to identify and track disruptive Twitter users.
Latest reviews (2019-12-06) Robert MacLean: Horid liberal bias. Every conservative on twitter is rated Untrustworthy or Troll. (2019-11-06) Jeff Cieslak: Very useful. One quibble: the red text for "untrustworthy" tweets is hard to read in "dark" mode. Could we find another way to highlight it? Maybe a red outline, or red underline, or something? (2019-11-01) Carl Bunt: This is very clearly biased Far left tool to justify blocking normal people. There is no explained standard by which they judge someone by. I will not Trust it until they provide better information about their standards. (2019-10-31) Carl Bunt: This is a far left biased extension. it is only got at identifying who is moderate and conservative. They designers do not release their methodology and as such should not be trusted to tell you anything with any accuracy. (2019-10-09) Brent Smith: The latest update added in-Twitter highlighting of Trollbots, as well as one-click scoring of suspicious handles. The "untrustworthy" label is subjective (though not necessarily wrong). The Trollbot label seems fairly spot on. (2019-10-09) Rob Scott: Helpful. Will help you find trollbots. Not everyone of them is a bot thought. Non bots are what is called "Shills" report them on your twitter as fake all the same. If you feel its biased its because most of the shills and bots are working for one side. A few aren't. That's all. (2019-09-25) Jacob Mastro: I'm pretty sure this thing just flags people the creator disagrees with (2019-08-31) William Shroyer: Installed it, got the little "Click this icon to use this extension" icon in the toolbar. Click the icon, enter a name. "An error occurred. Please try again later." Tried a bunch of different accounts, same error. Extension is garbage. (2019-08-18) Luke Solis: Finally. A way to know who is a Russian bot in this dumpster fire. Only downside; the extension only works for the old legacy style pages. (2019-04-06) Ad Trace: Excellent. (2019-04-03) Hat Man: Biased and bad (2019-03-22) Geoffrey Pitman: Lots of false positives that other trackers don't report. When investigated, it's clear that many of these false positives are actual people. (2019-03-03) Jesse Burgheimer: This is a helpful tool to quickly identify and tag bad accounts on Twitter, whether they be bots, spammers, spreaders of malicious propaganda, fake accounts, or just plain old pests. Please note that many (but not all) of these accounts appear to be conservative in nature, and that could be considered bias on behalf of the creators. I, however, see it as a reflection of the personality of the Twitter user: it shows how people/organization treat their social media, and how they abuse it. Abuse takes form in the way people act, and people who regularly act badly will behave in patterns. These patterns—in the form of key words and hashtags—are what Bot Sentinel recognizes and rates. Break these predictable patterns, and the Sentinel will reduce your rating. Instead of spamming #MAGA hashtags or treating other accounts like a punching bag, try talking about your life, or sharing your feelings, or simply writing normal sentences. Bot Sentinel will recognize that you are a human being, and your "trollbot" rating will drop. It's not that complicated. I've dropped my rating by one star because this extension has a few lingering bugs and needs an update for "New Twitter" (2019) redesign, whereupon it does not function. Other than that, it's a great addition to Twitter that lets you know who to immediately block and not waste your time interacting with them. (2019-03-02) I would have rated it 5 out of 5 before the latest update (2019 Feb 28). This update now requires permission to read browser history without explanation — fail. This update makes Twitter lag like hell due to scripting bugs — fail. (2019-02-28) Alex W.: Why does it now need to read my browser history? (2018-08-14) Dennis Tabuena: Not intrusive at all. Very useful. Wish there was some documentation--it took me about 30m to figure out how to use it. Accuracy is fair given how these machine learning algorithms work. (2018-07-15) GT83: This is just some actual propaganda for (and possibly by) far-left pancakes. It specifically targets conservatives, who (very clearly) aren't bots. And it flags absolutely no "resist" potatoes, as far as I've seen. It seems like useless garbage to me. (2018-07-13) Dwayne C: Just downloaded it, decided to do a check on myself. Says I'm 69% chance of being a bot. That's certainly the farthest thing from the truth. The heuristics are horrible. Waste of time. (2018-07-12) Brant Engen: Not sure where this pulls from but it's tagging a lot fake that are not fake in twitter. Heuristics seem based off someones opinion. (2018-07-05) eric mccrory: very handy extension (2018-06-28) Sturm Crow: It is marking a lot of accounts that other bot tracking sites are coming back as having very low percentages which is making me suspicious about Bot Sentinel and its heuristics. (2018-06-19) dudenugget2000: Fantastic extension! (2018-05-01) Kim Lockhart: This is my favorite twitter plugin. I literally use it ALL THE TIME to report trolls and bots. It's making twitter safe for all of us. (2018-03-30) Jennifer H: This is a great extension I have identified a lot of bot/troll accounts and a lot of them have been suspended. (2018-03-27) jayleann: Can't really rate the accuracy but it seems very helpful to identify bots and fake news.
Latest issues (2019-07-15, v:1.2.5) John Twigg: BotSentinel does not seem to work with the new twitter layout
Hi - I got "upgraded" to the new twitter layout and cannot go back to the old one. BotSentinel seems to not work after the upgrade. The check user button is gone and accounts are no longer labeled untrustworthy or trollbot. Thanks for any guidance you can give me.
(2019-07-04, v:1.2.5) Josh Hayes: Seeing lots of "Error Occurred" last two days
Hey all, I've noticed the add-on for Chrome, which has been working flawlessly for quite some time, has been hanging after only a brief appearance of the little bouncy bars (or no appearance), and then saying, "Error Occurred. We were unable to process your request. Please try again or later." I'm wondering if this has something to do with outages on other platforms recently (today is 3 July 2019), or what? It DOES still work occasionally, but maybe 90% of the time or more, gives the error message. Any known outages?
(2019-05-24, v:1.2.4) Richard Silverstein: Where id Check User go?
Till recently, Bot Sentinel added a Check User button on each Twitter account I visited. But it seems to have gone away. Is it possible it's being blocked by an ad blocker or other extension limiting cookies? Or did you change the extension so it eliminated this helpful feature?
(2019-03-02, v:1.2.3) Kate Chase Pitzarella: Update Bugs
I have had to remove this extension since the 2/28/18 update because it now causes Twitter to lag to an unusable degree. I really liked it before and hope you work out the new script probs. Thx!
(2019-02-28, v:1.2.3) Royce Williams: "browsing history" permission
What's the purpose for the new (2018-02-28) need to see browsing history?
(2018-10-31, v:1.2.1) Better Tweetdeck no longer shows ratings
Better Tweetdeck no longer shows ratings.
(2018-07-13, v:1.1.6) Bot Sentinel is Fake
The program reports EVERYTHING as fake/bot even what I post myself.
(2018-04-10, v:1.1.1) Susan Jones: reporting bots
My son added this to chrome so I could check for bots...and thought he was checking my twitter account but reported it instead. Is this going to be a problem for me?

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