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A simple and easy calculator with calculation history for quick calculations.

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Description from store An easy-to-use calculator with calculation history for your daily calculations. This extension is designed to reduce the clicks for any desired calculations so that the result can be reached quickly. Features: 1. Support for mathematical operations with simple scientific functions; shows result as and when the data is entered. 2. Maintains up to 10 historical calculations (also referred as memory) so that the expressions and/or results can be reused for the current calculation. 3. Remembers the last used expression, for reuse. 4. One-click copying of the calculated result 5. In-page help. Supported expressions (Examples): a=25; b=50; a+b a=25; b=90; sqrt(a) + sin(b) Additional to basic mathematical operations, below functions are also supported: abs(x) - absolute acos(x) - arccosine asin(x) - arcsine atan(x) - arctangent atan2(y,x) - arctangent ceil(x) - Rounded updwards cos(x) - cosine exp(x) - Exponential floor(x) - Rounded downwards log(x) - Natural log max(x,y,z,...,n) - Highest number min(x,y,z,...,n) - Lowest number pow(x,y) - x to the power of y random() - number between 0 and 1 round(x) - nearest integer sin(x) - sine sqrt(x) - square root tan(x) - tangent PI - Pi (approx. 3.14159) Know more, watch how-to videos and provide feedback at http://easycalc.sksapps.org/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/calculator.for.chrome

Latest reviews

  • (2017-05-31) Marco Maltese: There's some problem with history... it won't save it anymore for some reason...
  • (2014-01-17) Jerom Ducay: Best calculator extension. Use copy paste, check. You can use number pad, check.Results on the fly, check. Doesn't go to a separate tab, check. Simple and clean. Five starts!
  • (2013-12-05) Nicole Hardy: Best simple calculator extension/app I've found. Always there - no messing! It did stop working after a month or so (probably due to system restore) so I just removed it and then re-added it, and it's good again :) I recommend this for convenience and simplicity. Great!
  • (2012-10-10) Ashok Nanda: Less is more , :-) nice app
  • (2012-06-20) irish d: great except when you're dividing. try this: 5+5 enter /2 enter
  • (2011-11-14) Sampath Kumar: Simple and great.
  • (2011-11-09) Tryme Catchme: Good! small text box does all these these!! Liked the expression save functionality. Anyway, graphically, the extension has to be improved.


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