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Easily manage your downloads in status-bar.

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Description from store Download Statusbar is a browser extension that let you easily manage your downloads from statusbar. Simply click on the toolbar button to show the statusbar. Please note that, you need to have at least one active download for the statusbar to become visible. Within the statusbar, downloads are listed horizontally. Each download has a context-menu with several options. In order to close the statusbar please click on the red close button within the statusbar. Please note that, toolbar button only shows the statusbar. Context-menu has several items including pause, cancel, clear and etc. Moreover there are few settings in the options page which you can adjust. For example, statusbar background color, font size, etc. Note: Download Statusbar addon is still in beta and may have some bugs. If you see any bugs, or you have a feature request, please email me ( karl [dot] svothye [at] gmail [dot] com ) with the bug details. I will try to fix the issues as soon as possible.

Latest reviews

  • (2021-08-31) Najla N. A: This extension is quiet good for those who wanted to customize where the download status bar come from. You can set it to the top of page too so it's not only on the bottom. You now also can change the color(background, text, progress color,etc). You can change the width and height too for the status bar(and also the text size). I don't really use it so i also don't have complain on it. Btw the creator of this extension is not really active, I came from timer extension which is it's created by him too and i wanna try this one. Most of extension he made is like 0.1.1 or 0.1.2 version
  • (2021-03-02) Bob Stevenson: Needs to be a 'Clear completed downloads' button OR a function that works as: "automatically clear these items once they're finished downloading: jpg,jpeg, gif, png, (Allow editing of this parameter). Having to individually clear them one by one, so i dont have to see them, while active downloads are still happening is clutter. Having the 'clear item after showing or launching' function, but its just barely not enough. Almost nailed it. Right now, this addon is fairly standard, although i do appreciate that it shows the download rate, progress ratio, how long it took to download, source of download, and destination of where it went to, and file size. Its almost complete, but it is still visually chunky and i do wish it had a 'clear completed downloads' function like most if not all firefox download status bar addons have. Others have complained for the same function, so its not just me and pretty valuable. Its borderline a 4/5 addon. Its almost a 3/5 for how it looks, which brings me to say that i should be allowed to make it as short or wide as i want. Putting locks on it bothers me. It can't be any shorter than 40px. Fonts cant be any smaller than 12. This tolerable app is a demonstration of how pitiful chrome addons are imo. Chrome is for kids, sheep, and rare hurried situations.
  • (2019-08-08) Y G: As others have said it doesn't need to be so high. Also, there's no 'Clear All' option so you have to clear each downloaded file, one by one!! Other than that quite good.
  • (2019-06-11) Robert J: Great to add to Vivaldi, which is lacking a download status in the toolbar. My only complaint is that the height does not seem customizable and seems rather tall compared to a regular status bar. Allowing the end user to decide the height would be a great enhancement. Thank you!
  • (2018-05-10) Jorge Luna: Not a bad start, very helpful for Vivaldi Browser. I do wish the height could be set to less than 45. The bar is just a little too tall.


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