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* Infinite scroll up to 30 pages of search results. * Trim down results by rating, review count, and price with the Trusty filter…

Image from store Trusty Search Assistant for Amazon
Description from store * Infinite scroll up to 30 pages of search results. * Trim down results by rating, review count, and price with the Trusty filter sliders and input boxes. * Sort and reverse sort results by rating, review count, or price and see changes instantly. As seen on MakeUseOf.com - http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/amazon-search-assistant/ No more hunting through page after page. Find the very best products Amazon has to offer in seconds. Search better with Trusty Search Assistant for Amazon. v.1.0.7 - Fixed rating and price bugs for UK and DE. v1.0.6 - Fixed UK display bug and added fallback support. v1.0.5 - Fixed missing Trusty bar bug. Updated to work with new Amazon layout. v1.0.2 - Added international support! Now works on: amazon.com amazon.co.uk amazon.ca amazon.de amazon.it amazon.es amazon.fr amazon.com.br amazon.in v1.0.1 - Fixed persistent search result bug

Latest reviews

  • (2020-12-12) Sam G: I love it! I'm not sure why these features aren't built into Amazon, but this extension solves the problem. It works really well and looks nice.
  • (2020-11-15) Steven Morlock: The search facility seems to work well however if you click on an item in the filtered results and navigate back to the filtered results, the filter is reset. This would be a 5-star extension if it were not for this errant behavior.
  • (2020-10-20) Noctuna: Thanks for fixing this extention, was so sad that it didnt worked for quite a while. A must have extention for amazon, saves so much time digging through tons and tons of unwanted search results
  • (2020-07-29) Stephen Rodgers: This is exhibiting odd functionality now. Infinite scroll no longer seems to work; instead it simply loops the filtered products from the 1st page of results over and over. So if you filter down to 24 products, but 8 are on the 1st page, instead of scrolling through 24 you scroll through 1-8, then 1-8 again, etc. This is what people are talking about when they say that valid results are "jumping" off the page. Unfortunately that means that this extension actually hides results you want to see instead of surfacing them. It's one of those things that's either 5-star or 1-star. I REALLY hope the dev manages to restore functionality, because for a little while, this thing was amazing.
  • (2020-07-22) Jess D: EDIT: as of about 2/20, stopped working. First, was getting repeat results; now, the most useful feature--infinite scroll--doesn't work on Amazon. Developer, you doing anything with this? Really want it back! Would even pay. :( Was using Infinite Scroll for main purpose of continuous page, but that extension is apparently dead; installed this and voila! works great plus additional functions! So far, absolutely great. Only concern is that it is fairly heavyweight, but enabling only when using Amazon causes no problems as of yet even on my older system. Thanks developer: please continue to maintain this! :)
  • (2020-01-10) Ethan Dean: Game changer.
  • (2020-01-06) Fawn Carter: I did love this extension. It gives you excellent control over sorting, much better than Amazon. However! I recently noticed that it filters out items before you even use it, meaning some items immediately jump off my search results page without me even touching Trusty. When I deactivate Trusty items suddenly appear in my search. And often they are items that match my search best. I've checked, they are not further down the list on Trusty, they are available Prime items with reviews so there is no reason they should be filtered out and yet they're just gone. I don't know why this happens but I do a lot of Amazon searches to price items for resale and it's not just a few little glitches. I really liked the filter feature but not at the expense of finding what I'm looking for.
  • (2019-12-23) Melinda H.: Wonderful but crashes quite often when you scroll back up. Chrome running on latest Mac OS (10.15.2) Catalina.
  • (2019-10-02) Hollis Tibbetts: Five stars out of five especially considering the price (free!). I have saved a GREAT deal of money and time as a result of this extension. Furthermore, I have been able to make much better purchasing decisions. I have been a very serious Amazon shopper for years and years. My only regrets about this extensions - that I did not discover it ages ago. <editorial_comment>SHAME ON AMAZON for their deplorable search "capabilities". Shame shame shame</editorial_comment>
  • (2019-04-14) T. H.: This tool is amazing, a game-changer. The only bad thing I have to say is that I'm an idiot for not seeking it out sooner. As a heavy Amazon user, I cannot recommend enough.
  • (2019-04-08) Thomas Seck: I'm stealing this review from Travis Holt, because it's exactly what I wanted to say: "This tool is amazing, a game-changer. The only bad thing I have to say is that I'm an idiot for not seeking it out sooner. As a heavy Amazon user, I cannot recommend enough." The only request I have would be the ability to pause it. ***KEY NOTE***You have to increase the number of pages (far left option) or it severely limits the number of products. I've set it to 1000 and it keeps adding more every time. I'd like to be able to change the default (10). I really think they should remove that completely.
  • (2018-10-30) A I: I've been looking for an Amazon ratings filter like this for a while. It can filter by the exact rating you want (4.6 or above), and the number of ratings (100 reviews or more), and by price as well. It's simple, but works perfectly.
  • (2018-06-13) Daniel Jackson: Wow. Have tried other sort plugins before (it's silly that Amazon doesn't let you do no. of reviews in their own filter) but this one is amazing. The way this extension dynamically updates the result number as you're adjusting parameters is *stunning.* Brilliant work. I'm telling all my coworkers about this extension.
  • (2018-05-28) Mark Siedler: Best Amazon Search Assistant Ever!
  • (2018-04-24) Christina Powers: I have been looking for an extension to filter by 4.5+ stars and 50+ reviews for the longest time. This does a great job of it. Thank you!
  • (2017-12-21) * being able to enter the number on the various filter would amazingly make this better

Latest issues

  • (2021-01-06, v:1.0.9) Greg Spruce: Dark Reader compatibility
    This is great! Would it be possible to have better compatibility with Dark Reader (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/dark-reader/eimadpbcbfnmbkopoojfekhnkhdbieeh)? At the moment, I cant read the trusty bar with dark mode enabled.
  • (2020-11-08, v:1.0.9) Can Sarac: Amazon.com.tr is being used too
    so is there any way to add it to this addon too? <3
  • (2020-07-22, v:1.0.7) Jess D: anyone find an alternative to this, assuming Casey isn't updating it?
    really want to get back to features. thx
  • (2020-07-22, v:1.0.7) Jess D: you still supporting this?
    not working for months, afraid it's gone the way of others of its ilk... could you fill us in? was great extension, i'd even pay for it if it was stable. :(
  • (2020-06-10, v:1.0.7) Ali Ramzanali: Sad Day
    Sad to see that my most used, and favorite extension is no longer functioning. Does not load more than a page of results, infinite scroll repeats the same page (when it works at all), sorting and price filter are dysfunctional as well. I understand this is likely due to amazon, and not the dev. I would be happy to assist in debugging if needed.
  • (2020-05-26, v:1.0.7) Ethan Dean: Only loads 60 results
    Love the extension, and swear by it when using Amazon. But persistent problem in that it only loads 60 results no matter what the pages number is set to. https://imgur.com/KtBz1EX
  • (2020-05-23, v:1.0.7) Noormohammad Bhuayan: Infinite scrolling
    Infinite scrolling upto 30 page is not working for 10 https://imgur.com/a/LPLoiUT for 30 https://imgur.com/a/bdnfiZa
  • (2020-02-14, v:1.0.7) Ritvars Radvilavics: Upon infinite scroll down the app glitch suddenly adds all products from page to basket
    Hello, Upon infinite scroll down the app glitch suddenly adds all products from page to basket, screenshot: https://nimb.ws/wIoPhH Please sort it out, thank you.
  • (2019-11-11, v:1.0.7) Melissa Rice: doesn't load
    i've tried many times to download and add this to my chrome and it never works
  • (2019-10-02, v:1.0.7) Hollis Tibbetts: expanded capabilities?
    First off, your Chrome extension simply rocks. Just wrote a review. If you are ever in Austin TX and are looking for a free coffee or lunch, LMK. In the past, I've ended up writing cobbled together "web scraper" scripts and such - an effort that was only worthwhile for making relatively major decisions. I've saved quite a bit of time and money using your extension, but more importantly, I've been able to make much better "buying decisions" - finding the best product out there at the right price point. I'm very grateful. Thank you. Have you ever considered releasing a "premium" version of this product? I adore this extension, but as a heavy Amazon user, I do find myself wishing it had additional functionality, which I believe would justify a premium cost.
  • (2019-04-01, v:1.0.6) Sam Burbon: Not working on Amazon DE
    Review Count works, but Rating and Price don't work.
  • (2019-03-19, v:1.0.6) T. H.: Thanks, looking forward to it. Love this tool!
  • (2019-03-14, v:1.0.5) T. H.: Rating slidebar not working on Amazon UK
  • (2019-03-06, v:1.0.2) jeff hicken: I know stuff is broke
    Hey if you open source it I would be happy to contribute.
  • (2019-02-18, v:1.0.2) Becky Cooper: Search Options No Longer Showing Up
    I LOVE this extension. I noticed in just the last couple weeks that it suddenly stopped showing up. I've tried 3 different computers and none of them are showing the search options anymore :( I've had it installed for several months and it's worked perfectly. Now it's gone :(
  • (2019-02-10, v:1.0.2) Stephen Zimmer: No longer works...
    Sliders stopped working a few weeks ago. Verified across several instances of Chrome and no new extensions have been added.
  • (2019-01-22, v:1.0.2) The sliders don't appear
  • (2019-01-21, v:1.0.2) andres varela: Filter by price improvement
    I wish I could choose a lower bound for the price. Right now I can only choose an upper bound, but many times I want to set a lower bound to filter bad quality products.


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