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Description from extension meta Creates a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + I or Ctrl + Q) to go to other Search Engine and Ctrl + M for modifing previous query.
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Description from store OpenRewrite.com is an aggregator of knowledge and answers providers. For a given type of query, there are websites providing the best answer, i.e. if the query is prices in boston, the website Numbeo.com provides the best result to this query. When searching for informations, users want to see best answer whenever possible, rather than list of links to answers. OpenRewrite.com: - Finds the best answer to your query, direct. - Gets result faster than using standard search engines - Aims to reduce CO2 emition per search engine query - Founded by former Google software engine
Latest reviews (2017-05-24) Lion: It does what it's supposed to do, although I was very frustrated that the keybinds are not changeable as far as I found out, which really sucks because with a german keyboard layout Ctrl+Alt+Q is the (at) symbol, which I can't type anymore without triggering this extension. It's okay. (2016-03-14) Nicolas LEVY: I love it ! Very useful, I stopped losing stupid seconds here and there every time I do an obvious query. I gained at least enough time to write that review ! I'd love it if I was able to add my personal favorites, such as writing a given text always sends me to the same thing (including intranet or local files).

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