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Salesforce Hotkeys (Beta)

Description from extension meta Adds hotkeys (keyboard shortcuts) to your salesforce record page. Example - CTRL + E for edit, CTRL + S for save and many more!
Image from store Salesforce Hotkeys (Beta)
Description from store This extension provides 2 types of hotkeys: ★ Hotkeys with CTRL, ALT and SHIFT buttons ★ GMail like combo keys (#awesomeness) =================================== ★ Questions/Feedback - bit.ly/hotkeys-feedback =================================== ★ Complete List of Hotkeys - bit.ly/sfdchotkeys =================================== Example: 1. ( CTRL + E ) OR ( h h e ) - for editing record (When user is on record detail page) [this is similar to clicking Edit button on screen]. 2. ( CTRL + S ) OR ( h h s )- to save record when user is on Edit record page or (Editing record inline). [this is similar to clicking Save button on screen]. =================================== NOTE: 1. This extension will NOT work for non-English salesforce users (users who have other Language selected on the user record in salesforce). 2. This extension also do NOT work on salesforce console(as it already have hotkeys). =================================== Please send me any ideas for enhancements that you have to make the this better (http://bit.ly/hotkeys-feedback). =================================== ★ Please note that this is not an official Salesforce extension ★
Latest reviews (2018-08-05) Sha Syed: Great Job buddy, you saved so much IT time. We can focus on other things from the time we save from manual steps we do to save edit records. -Shareef (2018-07-27) David Karpay: I mainly want to create new contacts. When I do 'ctrl + shift + C' from the Account record where I want to add a contact, I get taken to a blank contact page and have to manually enter in the account myself, which adds more time that I didn't need to do when I was creating from the Account record before this plugin. Please figure out how to push the relevant fields into the record type I want to create. Thanks. (2017-03-02) Diandre Langlais: Question: does this extension retain/record any data? Do you have a privacy policy? (2017-02-15) Coly: This is a great extension! Love the CTRL + E and CTRL + S! A must have for salesforce users!! (2017-01-18) Natalie Chou: Link to someone's video demo of extension below. While I wish (and I missed it) this would help me navigate _within_ tabs, like selecting the top item in a list, this extension is still a HUGE improvement over having to use the mouse to navigate and save between tabs and within records. THANK YOU! AND if you want a faster way to log calls, also check out tenfold.com Demo with sound - starts at 1:14 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyQolifY7Wg (2016-08-17) Absolutely a must-have extension if you use Chrome and Salesforce. CTRL+S and CTRL+E, and CTRL+ALT+F save me tons of time. (2015-06-02) Shashikant Kulkarni: Excellent!!! Loved it!!! It saves my data instantly. I am used to CTRL + S to save data and this extension comes in handy. Thank you. (2015-05-20) Prashant Kulkarni: Awesome...Loved it... (2015-05-20) Trey Carrico: I am just getting started, but THANK YOU!!!! SalesForce has neglected the customer and you have come to our rescue. Great job. ...wow, I can get to the search field without using the mouse. Phenomenal!!! (2015-05-10) Anil kumar Devarapu: Thanks for hassle free and Instant Tab switching! (2015-05-09) Madhumita Mantri: Awesome!!! CTRL + E, CTRL + S, and CTRL + ALT + F Life Saver!!! (2015-05-07) Charles Sides: Thank you. I had seen that idea years ago and when I just revisited I see that it was partially delivered only for the service console. Thanks for showing some love for the sales cloud users! (2015-05-03) Sanket Supe: Its really useful to handle the Application easily. Thanks for sharing.. (2015-05-01) Joshua Santos: Finally, CTRL+S in Salesforce! How have they not released this functionality after hundreds of requests in their community. Thanks for making this happen! (2015-05-01) Matthew Souther: Tested this extension, and almost all the hotkeys work for me. CTRL + E, CTRL + S, and CTRL + ALT + F alone will save my team loads of time! Thank you, Prafulla! This is a much needed set of features, and I hope it gets lots of traction with us die-hard Salesforce users. I have posted about it on the Power of Us message board so all my nonprofit Salesforce peers will install it too. :)

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