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Compact Density for Google Reader (delisted)

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“Fixes” changes made in the new version of Google Reader to add more color to the page and give you more space to read your content

Image from store Compact Density for Google Reader
Description from store Google recently released an update to Google Reader that, in addition to removing the social features, redesigned the interface. Many users are displeased with the new look, so this extension offers several improvements. It removes unnecessary padding and brings some color back into the new gray UI. Some of the things this extension “fixes”: - Less padding in the header, sidebar, toolbar, and menus - Gray header to match other Google products - Narrower sidebar - Links are blue instead of gray - The currently selected item is indicated with color instead of a shade of gray Overall the result is a less dull Reader experience with less space taken up by interface and more room for your content, which is what Reader is all about. The reason for the long permissions list is simply to access Google Reader in all countries. Updates: - Update 18 fixes an uncaught manifest error that prevented updating. - Update 17 fixes the Google Bar covering the top toolbar, adds support for many TLDs (e.g., “.fr” or “.co.uk”) instead of just “.com”, and upgrades to manifest_version 2. - Update 16 fixes some icon alignment issues in list view. - Update 14 fixes some bugs with the new Google Bar. - Update 13 adds support for the new Google Bar (youtu.be/vSIMpFfNLEA). - Update 11 decreases the size of and space around feed titles on the Home page. - Update 10 removes the white box around the logo. - Update 7 removes more unnecessary padding from the sidebar. - Update 6 fixes full screen mode and supports list view. Also try: Compact Density for the new Google Bar: http://goo.gl/lLlOV Compact Density for Google Contacts: http://goo.gl/mSuHp Compact Density for Google Docs: http://goo.gl/bcWAz Compact Density for Google Voice: http://goo.gl/leabq

Latest reviews

  • (2012-09-02) Karl Horky: Hides top chrome altogether, making Reader unusable.
  • (2011-11-26) Philipp Bach: Good extension! Simple do what is promised in the title! That's what I like! EDIT: Seems that the extension breaks because of a reader update? Could you fix that?
  • (2011-11-21) Arvin: Seems like the density is back to normal. Probably chrome or reader was updated to break this extension? Seems like google really wants to kill the reader.
  • (2011-11-19) 非官方特准合法翻墙: i like it it's fit for netbook
  • (2011-11-18) Todd Vierling: Trims list view as of this writing, and finally gives me back the screen real estate. I don't have a tablet, so I don't need big finger-sized spacing.
  • (2011-11-15) Brian Boyle: Seems not to be working anymore...
  • (2011-11-11) Ben Trombley: Just what I was looking for, saving a little space on the top was my only complaint about the new google reader.
  • (2011-11-08) Does exactly what I wanted it to do. Very simple. Unfortunately there is no customization but I haven't found a need to customize it.
  • (2011-11-03) Dan Smith: Very nice, I like how it minimizes wasted space. It would be nice to allow end users to add css rules of their own.
  • (2011-11-03) David McCoy: Great initial release! There are only a few bugs: - Fullscreen screen mode no longer works with the extension - The Google Reader logo has a white, rectangular background, rather than gray - The tags are aligned incorrectly in relation to the folders/feeds And a few suggestions: - I would like to be able to remove the icons next to my RSS feeds--they take up space I'd like back - I would also love the ability to remove and re-add the Home/All Items/Explore items from the sidebar. Maybe even eliminate the "Subscriptions" category title and just have the folders and tags take up the entire sidebar - It would also be amazing if you could change to SUBSCRIBE button to grey as well - Remove the arrow icon next to the post title - If there is any way to make the header (where subscribe, refresh, etc are, as well as the GR logo and search box) minimized a la the Windows/OSX taskbar/dock so that you can mouse over it to use it? GR's fullscreen mode has the same feature. I virtually never use the header and would love to have that space back. Thanks again for all your work!
  • (2011-11-02) George B. Moga: I love the extension, especially that it brings back blue links! However, like some other reviewers pointed out, you should consider tweaking the list view as well with less padding, maybe even a slightly smaller font, that would bring it even closer to the original UI of Google Reader. P.S. I also found a bug: in full-screen-mode (f shortcut) and when hiding the left pane (u shortcut), the place occupied by the pane on the left is solid blank instead of actually hiding and making place for content... Please look into it when you can.
  • (2011-11-02) Dragan Pozder: This addon didn't do anything in my G Reader, it is still the same new s..t
  • (2011-11-02) Brion Swanson: There is no way to rate this extension as "not applicable" or "incomplete" - I don't dislike it, just doesn't benefit me. As Alexander van den Hurk said, this extension doesn't change the list view at all. I thought it was broken until I read his review. I only use the list view so unfortunately it doesn't do anything for me. It's a great idea though and I give you full marks for that!
  • (2011-11-01) Love the idea and also the release of your tool just after the new layout hit. Would be great if you could remove some of the padding in the listview aswell!


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