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Folderwise Bookmarks: Search & Sessions

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Search for Bookmarks by Folder Name, and save Sessions in Bookmark Folders

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Description from store With its searchable folder-centric approach, Folderwise Bookmarks rewards you for your well-maintained hierarchy of Bookmarks! ⋆ Search: Search for Folders by Name, by Path, or by the Bookmarks they contain; expand a folder panel to see its Bookmarks. Click a Bookmark to open it, or use the buttons in the folder panel to open all Bookmarks. Hold Shift to open in a new window. ⋆ Sessions: If you have too many tabs open and want to de-clutter, or if you want to save your work and pick up on a different computer, click the Save button at the foot of the popup. Folderwise Bookmarks saves sessions as Bookmarks, so they will be available on all your devices and can be reopened from the popup. ⚠ To use the Sessions feature, you will be required to grant a new permission to the extension: "Read your browsing history". This permission will be used only to access the addresses and titles of your open tabs, specifically to create Bookmarks for the saved Session. ⋆ Quick-Save Session Leaving in a hurry? Right-click the toolbar icon to save and close the current window. ⋆ Icon credits: "Places folder favorites Icon" by Oxygen Team is available from http://www.iconarchive.com/show/oxygen-icons-by-oxygen-icons.org/Places-folder-favorites-icon.html and used under the GNU Lesser General Public License Icons used in promotional images are in the public domain and available from http://paomedia.github.io/small-n-flat/ ⋆ Changelog: 3.0.1 2019-02-14 Now using lighter icons for folder options. Updated for new Chrome behaviour regarding data URIs and bookmarklets. Bypassed Chrome limit on the number of tabs opened in a new window.

Latest reviews

  • (2019-12-26) Дмитрий Леконцев: Именно то, что я искал! Спасибо!!!!
  • (2019-05-11) Fred G Husby: This extension is so much more than what the name says, Folderwise Bookmarks. It handles duplicates and multicats of both folders and links. In the beginning, I used Chrome's own Bookmark Manager to make sure I didn't delete wrong folders and links. I no longer need that, I feel confident in this expansion. Chrome has no function for sorting by date, and no for exporting folders and subfolders as independent sections. Folderwise Bookmarks has several solutions. I'm trying to achieve what I want without editing HTML, and FwBm is very helpful. Thank you very much! Good developers!
  • (2019-04-23) Martin Meixger: What a gem!😍 Simple and effective. Sync across devices. Now i'm going to uninstall Session Budy and FreshStart.
  • (2018-10-24) Dmitriy Milenky: Simple and very useful! Just what I needed! As tabs are saved as bookmarks they are accessible from any device, and automatically backed up by Google - no worries of accidental lost of information on sessions.
  • (2018-08-28) Mathez Digital: It is great, fast and works well. Searching folders is a big plus. I miss the possibility to search folders when bookmarking a page, though.
  • (2018-08-11) Josef H.: It's a shame that it's all just black & white and there is no option to use colors or symbols for the folders. Colors and symbols are what makes the brain recognize things immediately. Without it, you have to read each folder's title when you're looking for the right one and if you have more than 10 folders, it's quite annoying. Also, there is no option to reduce the font size, it's just too big. If you have more than 5 items, you have to scroll..
  • (2018-05-28) Phil S: Works solidly, and looks good. I will use this mostly for managing saved sessions, but the search is a nice feature (using the 'show folders with matched bookmarks' option is the most helpful for me). One area which could be improved is that you are not able to easily update or overwrite an existing saved session. For instance, load a session, add a couple of tabs, and save the session again.
  • (2018-04-09) just what i was looking for!
  • (2018-03-09) Martin Lichtblau: Functional and well made. Very promising (Y)
  • (2018-03-08) Matthias Behrends: Does what it says... deserves a closer look and more attention! Will update review upon further testing.
  • (2017-11-16) Jeremy Taylor: It would be nice to search both for the folder AND the bookmark itself. I enjoy the functionality and UI in folder search, but requires a useful bookmark organization structure. Keep up the good work though, will update my review when additional features become available!

Latest issues

  • (2019-04-18, v:3.0.1) Alexander Anisfeld: How can I change the look? Bigger buttons, for example?
    Hello! Nice and useful addon, thanks for your work! After some work with it I think, it would be much more comfortable, if I would have bigger buttons and maybe smaller font. I suppose, there are many users, who like so, how it is. Therefore I ask you, if I could change it in settings, just for me?
  • (2017-11-27, v:2.0.1) Extension Rating
    I didn't rate this in the Web Store because I would've had had to create a Google+ profile, which I refuse to do! However, I wanted to tell you that this extension is absolutely amazing. Thank you. It was just what I was looking for. :)
  • (2017-11-16, v:2.0.0) Jeremy Taylor: Add Icon To Folder In Search
    Adding the ability to add an icon to folders would be a great way to visually parse through what could be similar names for folders, as well as better at-a-glance searching.
  • (2017-11-16, v:2.0.0) Jeremy Taylor: Show Bookmarks in Search, Not Just Folders
    When searching, it only searches on the folder names. If in the search it would bring up the folder, expanded, as well as matching bookmarks, that would be fantastic!


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