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Stop trackers from accurately fingerprinting your system through obfuscation and deception.

Image from store CyDec Platform Anti-Fingerprinting
Description from store This extension is designed to block, spoof and obfuscate information that can be used to uniquely fingerprint your browser. While not as precise as cookies, browser fingerprinting is a powerful method to track your movements across the web and can be used to build a profile of your activity. This extension stops that by giving you a unique fingerprint on every web request beyond just changing the user-agent string. When this extension is used in conjunction with CyDec Platform Anti-Fp or a valid license, additional options are available that allow you to finely tune your system fingerprint across 100+ different data points. Custom fingerprint profiles can be created and targeted on a per-browser and per-domain basis so that you can project the exact fingerprint you desire. If you don't use Windows or don't want to run an external application, you can now create profiles using the online profile builder at https://www.antifp.com (license required). Audio -Block, randomize or set Canvas -Block, randomize or set Client Rects -Block or randomize CSS -Block or filter ETag -Block Eval -Block or spoof FavIcon -Block Fonts -Block, spoof, or set Geolocation -Block, spoof or set Hardware (battery, network info, memory, CPU, touch points, VR displays, gamepads, media devices) -Block, randomize or set Math -Randomize Plugins -Block, randomize or set Referer -Block or set Screen size -Block, randomize, or set a specific size or offset of current size sendBeacon -Block SpeechSynthesis -Block and spoof Timezone and Date -Block, randomize or set WebAudio -Block, randomize WebGL -Block, randomize or set WebRTC -Block Workers -Block More information can be found at https://www.cydecplatform.com. ***NOTICE*** -Anti-Fp must be running or a valid license provided in order to access all available settings and options. -Some sites may break due to the deception and blocking. v1.2021.48.1841 (APP/EXT) (17 FEB 2021) -ADDED (APP/EXT): Exposed setting to block or spoof eval. -FIXED (EXT): Incorrect global override update for new favicon setting. -FIXED (EXT): Font spoofing not set when generating profile. -UPDATED (EXT): Other minor bug fixes and enhancements. v1.2021.44.2146 (APP) / v1.2021.44.1715 (EXT) (13 FEB 2021) -ADDED (EXT): favicon tracking protection. (Make sure to update your saved profiles to enable this new protection.) -ADDED (APP): Automatic lookup of latest browser versions. -FIXED (EXT): Status icon not updating based on regex matching. -UPDATED (ALL): Other minor bug fixes and enhancements. v1.2021.23.2055 (APP) / 1.2021.23.1601 (EXT) (23 JAN 2021) -ADDED (APP): Installation option to install for current or all users. -FIXED (APP): Time zone and language not being set in profile dropdowns. -UPDATED (EXT): General bug fixes and enhancements. v1.2020.359.2125 (APP/EXT/WEB) (24 DEC 2020) -UPDATED: Enhanced anti-font fingerprinting (can now set Linux and Windows specific profiles). -FIXED: Iframe spoofing issue. -FIXED: 'Use main domain' settings bug. -FIXED: Error generating profile with mobile selected on antifp.com. -FIXED: Extension popup not displaying correct override values. v1.2020.352.1515 (EXT) -ADDED: WebGL vendor/render extension overrides. -UPDATED: Minor UI tweaks. -FIXED: Some settings not fully turned off from global or domain switches. v1.2020.349.1710 (APP/EXT/WEB) -ADDED: Ability to generate profiles. -ADDED: Domain pattern matching. -ADDED: Ability to sync fingerprints from antifp.com to app. -ADDED: Profile building wizard. -ADDED: Built-in calendar and numbering system values. -ADDED: Ability to set speech, media, gamepads, network, battery and VR devices. -ADDED: Ability to spoof some web audio values. -UPDATED: Extension UI updates. -UPDATED: Expanded override options. -UPDATED: Date and timezone calculations. -UPDATED: Documentation. -FIXED: Numerous bugs. Release notes: While the list of changes is not that large, this version represents a major rewrite in both functionality and look. The extension has been redesigned and new capabilities added to provide better profile management. As always, please report all bugs to [email protected] v1.2020.293.1530 (APP/EXT) -RELEASED: https://www.antifp.com -ADDED: SpeechSynthesis spoofing. -ADDED: Ability to toggle status of anti-anti-fingerprinting. -ADDED: getClientRects blocking. -ADDED: Ability to set multiple values for memory, threads and touchpoints. -ADDED: Three built-in profiles to limit site breakage for new users. -ADDED: More built-in user-agents. -ADDED: Force sync button to refresh profiles. -UPDATED: Public fingerprints with latest options. -UPDATED: Changed random plugin generator output. -UPDATED: Options page for better domain management. -FIXED: Other minor bugs. v1.2020.252.100 -UPDATED: Enhanced anti-anti-fingerprinting. -UPDATED: Changed way that user-agent details are randomized. -ADDED: CSS filtering of screen resolution leaks. -ADDED: Math randomization. -ADDED: Additional canvas and SVG spoofing. -ADDED: Ability to sync timezone and language to IP address (currently uses ipapi.co for look-up). -FIXED: Sub-domains using main domain settings. v1.2020.232.1955 -FIXED: Error handling bug that was causing some sites to break. v1.2020.229.1830 -ADDED: Fingerprinting detection counts -UPDATED: Changed default getClientRects and audio to 'SPOOF' and fonts to 'NONE' -FIXED: sendBeacon/battery UI mixup -FIXED: Anti-anti-fingerprinting bugs. v1.2020.219.15 -ADDED: Alerts -ADDED: Can now block Workers. -ADDED: WebGL unmasked vendor and renderer can be specifically set. -ADDED: Separated timezone name and timezone location. -ADDED: Ability to sync your private profiles and tweak some values from the extension. -UPDATED: Enhanced anti-anti-fingerprinting. -UPDATED: Re-designed extension format and layout. -UPDATED: Default settings when Anti-Fp is not running. -UPDATED: Profile override is now globally persistent instead of just per-tab. -FIXED: Issue with some global override settings not remembering values. v1.2020.177.515 -FIXED: WebGL unmasked vendor and renderer now set to regular vendor and renderer values. -FIXED: WebGL set offset values now produce more consistent result. v1.2020.168.240 -FIXED: Issue causing some options to not set properly. v1.2020.164.1340 -ADDED: Screen size offsets of current resolution. -ADDED: VRDisplay spoofing and blocking. -ADDED: Gamepad spoofing and blocking. -ADDED: sendBeacon blocking. -ADDED: Geolocation spoofing, blocking and setting. -ADDED: Media device spoofing.

Latest reviews

  • (2021-02-27) Mohammad amin Yegane: it have problem for ltcminer.com plz fix it
  • (2021-02-25) JACO BELSKI: just scanned your exe file and yes 8 engine flagged as a trojan or crypto stealer... https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/f288b13a425fd9a3679cb7f8d187a586b5ac26a0d5016215b7c5b77da2758a9b/detection no one know who you are which country with what kind of law you are working and what's your responsibility to government... with absolutely non sense claiming you never collect any data...
  • (2021-01-20) Bliwi: great app. But it keeps turning back on in sites i have turned it off, any solutions?
  • (2020-12-29) 재미있는: I sent you an email but have not received a response, I am interested in it and want to buy it
  • (2020-12-21) Tanmay Singhal: Hello devs, I would like a favour from you guys, My exams will be over in a week, Could you please provide me with another week of free trial. It would be very helpful of you guys.. PLEASE
  • (2020-12-17) Tanmay Singhal: it was working before this layout change update, now the custom Webgl name like vendor, Unmasked renderor name is not working.
  • (2020-12-08) Андрей Маркелов: I bought a license and ran into an inoperable program. I set up a profile in the program, but it is not available from the plugin for Chrome (does not appear in profiles). The product is still very raw. Although the idea is good and very necessary. Disappointed! I ask for a refund.
  • (2020-11-13) Geronimo553: Overall it works and it works better than any other app to conceal your data. Before I had to run about fifteen separate apps for decentage coverage. Now I can run just cydec. It spoofs just about everything possible including screen resolution! cons: Total coverage in the options seems to break most web pages as the pages turn into windows 1995 or facebook thinks you are on mobile. Leaving the user with no option to fix these issues other than choosing min/stand/total settings. All three settings disable the start test button of "doileak.com" as well. It seems like java is disabled or formating is blocked with no option to disable it. I have disabled all the services trying to see which spoof causes this issue and the problem only continued. So it is caused by something in the background the user cannot easily adjust. suggestion: I would like there to be better options for spoofing. For example, instead of direct blocking or only allowing randomized spoofing. How about allowing us to choose what is spoofed and it stays to that setting. For example I choose which operating system it will always report. This manual setting would be available for all the options. The reason being, unless the user has an ip randomizer (pretty unlikely) then most sites are going to think the user is a bot and flag for additional security checks/steps against that user. Plus having the same ip and magically new hardware data every request (as the app is currently configured) is going to make the user look suspicious by default. Allowing the user to choose fixed data looks more authentic and is still protective with far less user hassel. So having the ability to choose what data is being reported would be my most wanted feature of this app. With all that said, best app of its kind and I have spent far to many days/months trying to find a good combination of protection from many apps that this single app covers in spades. Once they add better options like the one I mentioned above I think cydec will really shine. Keep up the good work.
  • (2020-11-05) Olivier Marsilius: Sites arent working even if I disable ALL requests to block... Minimal works even worse, unusable contrary to Canvas blocker on Firefox
  • (2020-10-17) Alexey: I couldn't check its work because it crashed the website I was trying check this extension on. The link is: https://browserleaks.com/rects It might be working on basic fingerprint detectors but it shouldn't brake websites for sure.
  • (2020-09-29) Vikorr Ebay: The most comprehensive anti-fingerprinting tool available - and the developers are regularly updating it (as of Sept 2020). The next best antifingerprint extension I found was SafeScripts antifingerprinting toolkit. Both Cydec and Safescript will break a decent number of sites (this is not a criticism), and so they come with a learning curve. Apart from a more comprehensive anti-fingerprint suite, Cydec allows a lot of randomisation (or you can choose blocking) - randomisation is very limited in Safescript. Randomisation doesn't break as many sites, but even so, both SafeScript and Cydec require you to adjust options in the Extension when faced with a broken site. Great extension
  • (2020-09-15) Dragon Kernel: Doesn't work here - https://fingerprintjs.com/demo
  • (2020-09-13) 小宝: 非常好用! How to enable google reCaptcha ?
  • (2020-08-27) Lopo: Kinda good one, but the fact that we use this extension can be identified and the random number in the user-agent has been added in some fingerprint tech and identify user as "spoofed" or "unworthy" and can adapt ads for vpn or privacy stuff. Same thing for extension detection, it can even block all navigation when he detect that type of behavior. As user using this app are rare, it can track without too difficulty and automaticly all move of these unusual user and by so, target them, understand them better. Just one BAD thing: on https://panopticlick.eff.org/ the Hash of canvas fingerprint are not randomised at all and after 15 test on 10 days, he manage to get the same each time.
  • (2020-08-18) Abraham: Pros: - ui and settings are simple - there are a lot of options Cons: - some of the results are a mess: 1. navigator language(s) do not match 2a. maxTouchPoints, deviceMemory, hardwareConcurrency are strings, but these should be numbers 2b. these values should be limited to a common min-max range (deviceMemory 90 looks suspicious) 3. userAgent string is a mess and does not match appVersion or platform: "(Konqueror, like Opera) ZskxlNXaF9 Gecko/5.0 BLFDbY9w9tKO2M9 ZvgyReg86fNesh8 Firefox/537.36 (Linux NT 10.0; Win64; x64) VWlsZkLZRvlc9T 6ZHMwZE2 Mozilla/83.0.4103.106 Hw0SOt2D9f9ZZ9J bkZZulKIZu ZsfsGIoHWnaW" - Like many other fingerprint extensions, the estension code itself can be fingerprinted. Enter this in the console to veiw the developers code: HTMLCanvasElement.prototype.toDataURL.toString() CanvasRenderingContext2D.prototype.getImageData.toString() EDIT: I'm bumping this to 4 stars. The most recent update fixed most of these issues and added some very thorough improvements to the timezone. Well done!
  • (2020-08-16) Vegetarier für Tierschutz: 21.10.2019: You offer the only true fingerprint-defender, from all tools, which i had tested. Thank you! Update 16.8.2020: The tool worked superb and perfect untill last week. Then it made an Update self, and now it breaks 20 % of the Websites. Also i had my first browser-crash. I dont know, what they have changed. Therefore i can not solve the problem. Too bad :-(( Update 17.8.2020: Maybe the tool is better now, and the user have to setup the settings new. I will try to learn to understand the new options.
  • (2020-08-16) c path: v1.2020.219.15 causes many websites' scripts failing to execute properly. The affected sites are YouTube, ASF and so on. Even Tampermonkey has been blocked, reporting "Tampermonkey sandbox preparation failed. This usually is caused by a third-party extension. TypeError: Cannot set property 'name' of undefined". I have tried figuring out which spoof setting leads to the problem, only to find that the problem could be solved only with domain or global spoof disabled, not related to any individual settings.
  • (2020-08-15) Gerald Schwab: There's a UI bug in the desktop app, on Widows 10 (2004) x64 I the tab's are all being cutoff. For every option (although I only screngrab'd the first one) the tabs in "Fingerprints", "Browsers", "Domains", etc.etc.etc. are all cut off. Trying to analyze the capabiities and maybe purchase a license, can this be fixed? https://paste.pics/52a03b3f3506fab0f6c13821ef142e96 Looks very promising otherwise. I'm looking forward to being able to properly demo the software when the UI is fixed.
  • (2020-07-28) Aditya Rathod: THIS IS BY FAR BEST EXTENSION IN TERMS OF PROTECTION AGAINST BROWSER FINGERPRINTING AND TRACKING. Every time I refresh my page, My OS, Browser(Canvas), Browser Version is Spoofed. This is an EXCELLENT ANTI-Fingerprint Solution. BUT BUT BUT, I am now concerned about data collection by the company that provides this solution. I read the privacy section on the site and they did say they do collect data by users permission and extension comes with data collection disabled by default. But as you see there are lot of tech giants that say such things and still collect data. IS THERE ANY PROOF (like a section in privacy policy) where THE SAME is said? If I am assured of this data collection can be controlled by user, THEN I WILL BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO PROMOTE THE EXTENSION ON YOUTUBE. Note: I cannot see any option regarding data collection in my Browser extension options. The Developer is awesome.
  • (2020-07-10) Renam Rr: Is good but, in my tests, hash WebGL and Canvas were not randomized.
  • (2020-06-30) Arthur Kolin: Etliche Anti-Tracker Tools ausprobiert, jedoch ist das, der einzige neben ScriptSafe der wirklich alle Tracker ausschaltet. Wer es selber einmal versuchen will, kann ja mal die Wirkung dieses und die der anderen Programme auf https://www.dein-ip-check.de/ ausprobieren.
  • (2020-02-16) 4brahm J: Spoofing and distorting fingerprint variables only makes your fingerprint more unique.
  • (2019-10-09) Syauqi Dir: i think this good, make user agent random to modern browser. some times break site if user agent old version
  • (2019-08-26) nop2rop: breaks sites like virus total because it still injects things into the cookie header (even when you try and turn it off for that domain)
  • (2019-07-14) John Franson: Does what it says on the tin.
  • (2019-01-12) Maybe it's better to provide a function of changing global spoof settings. Once user agent is disabled, many sites can't be loaded correctly and I need to change every site setting one by one.
  • (2018-12-19) Richard Bailey: It hardly did anything at all. I tested against Panopticlick, and got the following results even though all spook settings were turned on: NO change to User Agent HTTP_ACCEPT Headers were changed by inserting random characters Screen Details NOT changed Time Details (timezone) NOT changed Audio - not tested by Panopticlick Canvas fingerprint NOT changed WebGL fingerprint NOT changed In addition, the System Fonts list was not changed.
  • (2018-08-02) Kevin: Works flawlessly. Could use an update to the overall usability and simplicity of the functionality, but overall a really nice extension. Great job, devs!


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