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Boost & manage your social selling & lead generation

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Description from store Linked Booster is not affiliated with Linkedin. Linked Booster offer 7 trial days for your exciting experience with us! We offer special promotion with 50% off for all Linked Booster packages, only for January Happy New Year https://linkedbooster.app/pricing/ Let's us do the work for you. The one that allows you to auto connect with your targeted customers, visit hundreds of profiles a day, get access to your personal CRM page, support social selling, and even generate LinkedIn users lead… For recruiters, Linked Booster can help you to source and hire new candidates, new talents. So the good news is here! Our Linked Booster is your perfect solution! It is also a perfect match to use together with Linkedin Sales Navigator extension to relieve and manage Linkedin activities. Let Linked Booster be your virtual assistant on LinkedIn. Check out what you can do with Linked Booster. We do not store user information from Linkedin automatically on our server. 1. LinkedIn auto connect Just click “Connect All” on search page results or "Connect all profiles" from Dashboard page and Linked Booster will help you make meaningful connections faster and more easily. Relieve your work on LinkedIn. Sit back, relax and enjoy your coffee. Why not? Just enjoy the automation 2. Tags & Notes Add tags and notes to your high quality leads on LinkedIn. You can segment and organize all those notes and tags through your personal CMR page. 3. Dashboard Manage your personal CRM page. It’s an alternative LinkedIn tool not only for sales but also for recruiters with a powerful capability of generating thousands of lead in a shorter period of time. 4. Dark theme It is the first Linkedin support tool with dark theme (night mode) - your eyes will thank you . You still can enjoy recruiting and sales tool like Dux Soup, Linked Helper, Octopus CRM but with relieving spirit. 5. Snatch Profiles (Auto tag) Giving tags and adding several high quality leads on LinkedIn to your personal CMR page automatically. This tool will help you create your lists of data based on your search results and improve your talent acquisition. v5.0.0 - Upgrade core architecture - Dark theme improvements - Snatch Profiles (Auto tag) v4.0.0 - Linkedin Dark themes v3.0.0 - Add Customer Support page - Add Linkedin Logged information & badge numbers to popup v2.0.0 - Allow tagging & note in each profile - New data architecture v1.0.0 - Display Connect All button in People search results page without refreshing page - New architecture to improve performance & stability v0.2.0 - Allow users to add customized message when connecting with people For more information: Official website: http://linkedbooster.app Support email: [email protected] We truly hope that our Linked Booster will be your most helpful assistant on LinkedIn. And if you are happy with our product, please leave a review on our Chrome Store. Enjoy LinkedIn with Linked Booster! Best wishes, Linked Booster Team.

Latest reviews

  • (2019-11-11) John Warren: BEWARE ILLEGAL EXTENSION: Do not risk getting your account banned from LinkedIn. Automatization of LinkedIn tools is illegal. Any and all services that make use of LinkedIn’s website must comply with the terms of the LinkedIn User Agreement, including the Don’ts listed in Section 8.2 (https://www.linkedin.com/legal/user-agreement). LinkedIn investigates reported abuse and takes action as appropriate. The extension also violates Google’s CWS Developer Agreement & Developer Program Policies, LinkedIn’s terms of service (https://www.linkedin.com/legal/user-agreement), and the law, including by automating activity and overlaying or otherwise modifying LinkedIn’s website.
  • (2019-09-24) Tam Tran: It really does boost my productivity. Found my truly Linkedin Partner. Many many thanks^^
  • (2019-09-03) Vinh Nguyen Dinh: Good job
  • (2019-08-15) Eric Ibekwem: Does exactly what it says on the tin. A great resource and will save you hours of manually adding contacts to your network. Thanks guys
  • (2019-07-27) Thomas Trần: This tool is amazing, I installed it and it automatically visits LinkedIn profile in a way that it seems almost human like. It needs little instructions from you and visits profile that has true potential generating business for you. GREAT app, Thank you Linked Booster
  • (2019-07-25) Pham Susan: Linked Booster saves me hours of repetitive work every day, and for that it is truly valuable! In addition, since this extension helps me to stay consistent with Linkedin direct outreach, I have actually more than doubled my weekly leads!
  • (2019-07-25) David Tran: One of the most powerful and useful tools on the internet for B2B companies. Makes life so simple.
  • (2019-07-24) Hoang Helen: Amazing product. It definatley works. I totally 100% disagree with the comment 11 hours ago. Must be some hater because this is literally the only product that works! Learn how to use it! Amazing
  • (2019-07-24) Le Nancy: This is an amazing product and my only regret is why didn't I subscribe to such an outstanding product earlier? My only suggestion is to make your training videos simpler so we could make best use of this awesome product.
  • (2019-07-24) Tran Lisa: Great features. As a job hunter, I only needed a couple of tasks. I can see the value of the bulk features for recruiters and agencies making bulk contacts.
  • (2019-07-24) Wright Bob: Very helpful, I'd add a random message selector, so I can put several messages, and have the sender chose randomly between them, so I don't look spamy.
  • (2019-07-24) Nguyen Ken: I first came across this tool 4 months ago. My first impression of this tool was very nice. The UI is simple, easy to understand and I like that there are many features. I decided to pay for 1 month of "membership" to allow me to fully take advantage of all tools during my linkedin campaign...I was sceptical at first during checkout because It's not too mainstream but upon contacting the developer I was informed that this is simply because of payment processing ristrictions in his current country. Nothing to worry about. I was relieved. I paid for this tool and have used it for a total of 3 months so far. It consistently generates great results, does everything it claims, has many video tutorials to assist you with learning how functions work and I have yet to discover something I cannot achieve using Linked Booster. Have used this for personal use and for my clients. Works create for job seeking and making outbound communication en mass + works create for using on behalf of another person. My favourite features are the automatic follow up tool that automatically messages all my new connections. Absolutely love it. Keep it up, A grateful customer.
  • (2019-07-24) Mai Daniel: Totally took a chance on this tool and was very surprised, have been using it for over a year now and it does what it says it does. I still haven't had the chance to use all the tools within Linked Booster but it has built out lists for me, doubled my sourcing efforts, and has proven to be an amazing networking/recruiting app. Love it.
  • (2019-06-29) совсем неважно: Once you started to connect, there is no obvious way to stop it. Have to reload page. Also it could work a lot faster. It's like 1 contact per 5-6 seconds. Can't imagine what are this tool spending so much time on
  • (2019-03-09) Hoàng Thức Bùi: You're awesome ! Technology keeps changing but what really matters is the support behind the product
  • (2019-03-09) tam quoc: Easy to use and extraordinary effective. A great way to automate what you are already doing.
  • (2019-03-08) Ngoc-Han Tran: Simply a perfect tool for a new entrepreneur who wants to grow her network! Love it!
  • (2019-03-08) What an exceptional tool to have. Worth taking the time to get to know it well
  • (2019-03-08) Really powerful & efficient tool! Excellent, responsive customer service!
  • (2019-03-08) Nguyên Vũ: Great tool. Great customer service. I asked the developer to add some functionalitíe and they added it in 1.5 weeks. If you are looking for an easy to use tool to get more profile views I highly recommend Linked Booster
  • (2019-03-08) Nguyên Vũ Trọng: Fantastic support and a must add-in for anyone in sales!
  • (2019-03-08) love it and can't wait to use it to the fullest and see a huge step up in my business!
  • (2019-03-08) Onepiece VN: Excellent helper and productive tool.
  • (2019-03-08) As a recruiter, this tool is so beautiful that it brings tears of joy to the eyes. Thank you guys!
  • (2019-03-08) Paper New: This extension is AWESOME!!

Latest issues

  • (2020-01-07, v:v7.0.3) Eric Ibekwem: Logging In Issue
    Great extension although it never sends the forgotten password token to my inbox. I've therefore had to create multiple accounts but can never re-log back in. Please help. I've checked spam inbox and tried setting up account with the same email but it says 'invalid'.
  • (2019-11-05, v:v6.3.0) Idan Zimbler: Addon doesnt connect to anyone
    Hey, I followed the youtube instructions and after adding 500 people to tag I clicked start without a note and it open new tabs but doesnt really add anyone... just opening and closing tabs Please help.
  • (2019-08-07, v:v6.1.8) Nhật Bùi: Cannot input new password
    This is the 1st time I use this extension and I can not fill the fit password even use the random password I found on the Internet "b<Gk8ytv". Pls support me to solve this. Thank you.
  • (2019-05-31, v:v5.3.8) David Cantale: Doesnt work
    it doesnt even want me to ask to contact someone with or without message. i am logge in in linkedin and the link booster is regocnize this. but he doesnt want to start....


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