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Replace your New Tab Page with the choice of 4 search engines and an AI assistant that allows you to search the web with your voice.

Image from store Luminous
Description from store Replace your new tab page with a choice of a Google, Yahoo, Bing or Ecosia search bar. AI assistant allows you to search the web with your voice. Luminous is your most efficient new tab page to browse the web. Features: - Personal AI assistant. - Speech recognition ability. - Inspiring nature images. - Choice of 4 Search Engines. - Search bar in the centre. - Simple and efficient layout. You have a personal AI assistant called Luma. You can interact with Luma using text or speech. Luma currently three commands; - Searching the web. - Navigating to websites. - General chat.

Latest issues

  • (2021-04-08, v:1.0.7) margaret rosita hector: Luminous
    Basically ill be Passing you All  commands Fanz will L❤VE ranking by importance #1Media-Commands playing [Random Vids]=Play (A) bob Marley.video [YT Result Searching]=video·search Bob Marley/Video search For:bob_Marley/>YUTube Search Bob marley/For BθBMarley >[Result.selection]=0PEN click/Select.THE First-second-third video by Vid Name/Title aswel as Letter tag - numeric Tagz.[Google image Searching]=Search images/photos/Pictures OF>bθb_Marley <easy/basic Way>>Show me: Bob marley/ Photo/Image Search_Bob marley_ [Reading pages/articles Aloud]=Read!//Read Aloud// Read That/Read The Screen/Read The PAGE/Read it/Read this/That for me.. [Tab Closing/Exiting] < close/Exit >Page/tab 1-2-3//Number 1-2-3//The >first-Second-Third page/Tab.Last/Final Page/Tab which is at end probably wont see it >by Name? close/Exit cnn [OPENing-Tabs]=Switch-To 1st second THIRD Final/Last Tab/page< aswe as by seen Tab Name switch Tθ cnn.COM if more than 1 Cnn tabz..Say CNN Till getting What you need Exiting with Identical Tabs Opend Gotta be first Tab etc or Ya might Exit the wrong Tab with Name/Title >closing Tab in view/Display close/Exit This tab [Playing video@ certain Marks] play video at 5:36 19:25 etc if mark Dont exist it shouldnt D0 anything [AUto-SCROLing]=Auto-Scroll up/Down -Slide up Down/UP The command stop it Should have it stop /Dθnt Move/Stop moving...[pausing.videos]=PAUSE/STOP The  Video [playing-Videos]=continue-Play-Resume The Video /With The-this video [Muting] Silence The video/Mute The video simply mute /silence - be Silent/Quiet TOo [clickable Elementz Such as Linkz]=Click/select/open Example iLoveDogs what ever Name/Title it may Be Probably The most important i command i Ranked it incorrectly especially That
  • (2021-03-30, v:1.0.7) margaret rosita hector: Luma
    Oh HθW id Love To see this improve And be more Like hey BUDDY
  • (2020-03-03, v:1.0.7) aison liang: d
    How do u change the background
  • (2018-08-02, v:1.0.7) Sofia: not working
    no wallpaper, luma doesnt understand when i asked her to give me one + plain white screen with white letters


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