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All the GIFs and Stickers from GIPHY.com in a compact extension. Just search, then drag and drop!

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Description from store GIPHY's search engine at your fingertips. Search for the coolest GIFs and Stickers, and then drag and drop to your target. * Drag and drop support depends on the website you are dropping on, they may correctly display the GIF, or they may insert a link. * If dragging outside the browser, first "click" on a GIF to see the large view and then drag the high res image. In the browser, dragging the small images is okay, it will still insert the large image, but outside the browser you'll need to drag the large image as what is dropped is beyond our control. Using Gmail? We have an extension for that as well! Search for "GIPHY for Gmail". Please contact our support if you have any issues: [email protected] Learn about GIPHY's privacy practices here: http://giphy.com/privacy

Latest reviews

  • (2022-06-25) ᴀʙɪɢᴀɪʟ ᴍɪᴋᴇʟᴀ ᴇꜱᴘɪɴᴀʀ ᴍᴏɴᴢᴏɴ ඞ: En sitios redes sociales por la pagina web no me permite usar los sticker, por más de que los haya descargado, copiado el link o el codigo del mismo, PÉSIMO
  • (2022-04-07) Adesuwa Osazuwa: Just downloaded it and tried to send a gif to my friends. I move it to my emeail and even to my watsapp but instead of a gif i get an image... Am i doing something wrong? It said "Drag&drop" and thats wat i did...
  • (2022-02-20) Juan: Es una buena alternativa para la carga lenta de gifs en Facebook, solo extraño una opción para autoinsertar el gif en un comentario o chat.
  • (2022-02-11) David Mariluch #GRIT: I use it on chats and it works but I have to click the GIF to get the big version before dragging and dropping. The only thing I dont like is that I cant hit a hot key like cntrl+A to open the Giphy user interface to grab gifs faster. I have to click the extension each time which isnt good if your using it in a fast paced environment. Some hot keys would be a great addition.
  • (2022-01-20) Sean vanZandt: Used to work just fine with drag and drop into IRC Client chats like IRCCLOUD, but as of recent, dragging and dropping no longer seems to work. Every time I try to drag an image/emoji into the chat edit box area (where you type text), nothing happens... [previously would paste the embedded URL there and I'd just have to hit ENTER to send]. Using latest version of Google Chrome. Please fix! This is a 5 star browser extension if it works like it used to, again. Thanks!
  • (2021-11-28) Luz Gabriela Fuentes Sanchez: Desde hace dos semanas no me permite usarla, me dice que esa imagen no esta permitida! por favor arreglenlo!!!!! Gracias!
  • (2021-11-20) BJs 21: I don't know why it not let me use in google slide anymore, i can not drag & drop, but in the past i can, why????
  • (2021-09-08) Dru Sedgwick: Anybody got a fix for drag & drop in google chat? I think my work is starting to get grumpy b/c I keep downloading all these gifs to send.
  • (2021-09-06) Ana Rut Paredes Ráquel: me ha funcionado excelente en mis presentaciones que hago en slides o en el jamboard.
  • (2021-08-11) Zinira Pimentel: 😍
  • (2021-08-01) Deepti Jindal: it does not work it always comes"Error loading GIFs. Try again?"
  • (2021-06-25) Nathan Ng: It was great under Google drop Hangouts and went with the Google Chat
  • (2021-06-21) KeShAv RaWaT: It is not working ☹️☹️☹️
  • (2021-06-17) Ahhna Shrivstava: It was nice but text not working
  • (2021-06-15) DjChillPlayz: It has inappropriate stuff
  • (2021-05-27) TIAGO DE SOUZA MARQUES: gostei do aplicativo, mas só tem um ploblema quando você seleciona o Emoji não da para colocar tipo no Whatsapp por Explo mas fola Isso achei legal asssinado Cebolinha.
  • (2021-05-24) Ryan Shaughnessy: It used to work for me. Now when I click the button to open GIPHY in an email draft, it sends the email instead of opening GIPHY. Help?
  • (2021-05-05) Space Technology Space Technology: كلاسيكي
  • (2021-04-26) Dessert Demon: Awesome! I personally haven't had any problems with this app, but I guess others have.
  • (2021-04-19) Trina Lu: Seems like drag&drop on GitHub comments doesn't work anymore after the recent update. Github will treat it as normal links and no previews will be shown automatically. :(
  • (2021-04-14) Saloni Kulkarni: Great app! My friends don't know this, they'll be surprised when I send them a giphy in hangouts!
  • (2021-03-30) Defne Dağ: güzelllllll
  • (2021-03-23) I love it u can use it for styling up yourself
  • (2021-03-23) ibrahim tarek: its very helpful
  • (2021-03-11) CONG LU: It is funny!!!
  • (2021-03-02) acarthatswims: the new update is a huge upgrade to my gif game. i can grab a gif without having to switch contexts : )
  • (2021-02-23) b l u e a b l y s s: IT'S TRASH I DON'T RECCOMEND IT
  • (2021-02-07) love patrick: LOVE IT
  • (2021-01-29) random doves: It was ok but it doesnt work in jamboard. I understand kinda how it doesnt but can you make it so you can add it to like slides,docs,jamboard and like that
  • (2021-01-18) ANASHEED: جميل
  • (2021-01-12) King: SO COOL!
  • (2021-01-10) Siegfried Heilmeier: Sehr Gut
  • (2021-01-03) IrishGabe: it wouldnt load at all the second i opened it whenever i searched it crashed and when i did get gifs they sucked
  • (2020-12-08) Elly Bitmoji: Works on google docs and i use google docs a lot and having GIPHY there made is so much more fun!!
  • (2020-11-30) Jean Carlos Gomes: mt bom recomendo
  • (2020-11-20) Ethan: it suck
  • (2020-11-13) DogeDecides: Love it so many good images like Doge
  • (2020-10-28) Ronzoni Beats: Love this extension! You can't drag and drop everywhere, it depends on the site. It's faster than going to giphy.com, I use it every day!!
  • (2020-10-19) Yashwanth Kurilla: it is worst i was satisfied by the GIF's but when i try to upload any GIF to any messaging application then it uploads a link instead of a GIF.It doesn't even work for any applications or in Gmail too.I would rate it 0 Stars if i could .
  • (2020-10-14) Eliza Sga: it Doesnt work anymore. Every time I try to add it to a goole doc or google slide, it doesn't add at all!!! It's a shame...
  • (2020-10-09) Kayllek Eyllin Eyri: Ну что ж. На некоторых сайтах не работает так как нету линка на саму гифку. Линк только на сайт, перетаскивание тоже мало где работает. Не стоит того =/
  • (2020-09-08) Ralph Bishop: Works like a charm! Like in the latest update how I can click on artist names too. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • (2020-08-03) Gianni Ferullo: Awesome extension, I use this to add GIFs to github comments several times a day. I also use the GIPHY for gmail extension for gmail. It won't work everywhere, some sites just don't accept the GIF drop
  • (2020-04-12) an Trương thái: cũng được
  • (2020-04-09) EVELYN FLORES: bri colber
  • (2019-12-04) Bridget Stewart: thank you for da gifs <3 much love and peace and respect to the creators <3
  • (2019-09-19) Audrey S.: OMG I LOVE THIS SO MUCH
  • (2019-09-17) Jindra Bo: Holy Lord I'm Scared After I downloaded this I checked the reviews and some people are saying it's infected with malware. Not sure if this is real or if they're just spreading fake news Help me I need help... Help
  • (2019-08-27) Brian Johnson: I used to be able to right-click on a gif directly from the extension and it would download a .gif file. Now when I try to do it it download the gif as a webp file and I can't do anything with it. I have to click through to the actual site and download from there....
  • (2019-08-20) Lauren Powers: LOVE AND HIGHLY RECOMMEND


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