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Description from extension meta a simple way to copy tab title and url with ease
Image from store copy 2 clipboard with ease
Description from store Features A simple and quick way to copy title and url with ease in chrome browser. * default has 8 copy pattern * `title` * `[title](url)` * `title - url` * `url` * `surl` * `title - surl` * `[title](surl)` * `=HYPERLINK("url","title")` * create custom pattern with `url`, `surl` & `title` (multiple) keyword to create arbitrarily pattern * enable/disable copy pattern you want * contextMenu support Change log 2.0.0 / 2018-08-29 ================== * totally rewrite with react, redux & material UI * 8 default copy pattern * enable/disable copy pattern * create custom copy pattern you want * contextMenu support page/link source 1.0.3 / 2016-11-06 ================== * modify permissions 1.0.2 / 2015-11-23 ================== * fix shorten API error. 1.0.1 / 2015-04-05 ================== * pattern input problem and other bug fixed. 1.0.0 / 2015-04-03 ================== * add options settings sync via Google account between different chrome browser. Change UI themes from Bootstrap to semantic-ui. minors bug fixed. 0.0.110 ================== * add copy link with name feature. 0.0.109 ================== * chrome shortcut support. Default extension is "Shift+Alt+C". You can setup shortcut you want to enable fast copy one option of 5. 0.0.104 ==================
Latest reviews (2018-11-16) Philip Rhoades P: Exactly what I wanted! - many thanks! Now I will look at the code to see how it works . . (2018-09-02) Liu Bo: Please please, add the shortcut key binding back... (2018-09-02) ريم خالد: الإضافة ممتازة، تسمح بنسخ عنوان ورابط الصفحة في آن واحد. يمكن وضع اختصار للإضافة من إعدادات Chrome في قسم الإضافات بحيث يتم نسخ العنوان والرابط بعدة أزرار محددة بدون استخدام الفأرة. (2018-08-30) Armand Salmon: UI has changed and the options a bit cryptic. The short URL service randomly stops working (2018-08-29) Tom: What's going on? It required no permissions now it wants a couple very important ones. I see the release notes but still don't see how such a significant change could be warranted. (2017-12-03) Christian Liendo: does not work (2017-10-04) Isa Betancourt: Does what it says ~ It isn't hard to copy and paste the title and url of one tab myself...I am looking for an extension that will copy the titles and urls of all the tabs I have open in a chrome window. There is a fantastic extension that does this perfectly with Firefox. Would be great to have the same for Chrome. I hope cage.chung can extend this extension to include that capability. (2017-04-27) Tyler Lee: great, solved my need to copy tab's title and link together easily, Thanks. (2017-01-26) Curtis Long: It's okay, but it would excellent if it offered a [Title|URL] option, which would create a link that, when pasted, displayed only the title and not the URL. Also, the pasted text has formatting, which you then have to change to match your document (an extra step). It would be much more useful if it used a generic font that takes on the characteristics of the document you're pasting to. (2016-02-06) I cannot copy and paste a URL with this extension so when I paste in Gmail it is going to appear as a URL. It always appear as text and not as a URL like Easy Copy or Copy Title and Description in Firefox. (2014-10-26) Hai Yun Chiu: Nice to use with title copied (2014-03-12) Rhett Chao: good!

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