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Customize your new tab page so you can fight climate change while browsing the web. Save trees by doing what you do every day.

Image from store OpenTabs: Save trees by opening new tabs
Description from store ➤ About OpenTabs OpenTabs lets you fight climate change in the most affordable and convenient way possible. Our extension replaces your new tab page with a personal dashboard that saves a tree for every 10 tabs you open. We’re on a mission to redesign the internet for social impact and we’re continuously working on creating free, easy, and accessible ways to save our planet. ➤ How it works OpenTabs transforms your "new tab" page and includes incredible features such as custom widgets and beautiful wallpapers. We raise money through unobtrusive advertisements which allow us to save trees for free, simply by opening tabs. ☆ 10 Tabs Opened = 1 Tree Saved ☆ ➤ Your privacy and trust matters We are committed to protecting your privacy and using your data responsibly. We're interested in trees, not your data: we don’t see your searches, we don’t track the websites you visit, and we don’t create personal profiles. The ads on our extension are delivered by our advertising partners, who may collect anonymized data in order to show you ads you'll be interested in. ➤ We don’t plant trees ☆ "Planting trees is good. Saving existing forests is better." - WWF ☆ We made an active decision to save existing trees rather than plant new ones because compelling studies show that planting trees won’t be enough to tackle climate change and that efforts on rainforest conservation lead to a more sustainable and lasting change. Here are three facts you might not know: ✓ Forest conservation needs 30x less land to have the same climate mitigation outcome as planting trees. ✓ Forest protection efforts help protect the natural habitat of thousands of species and local communities that depend on natural resources. ✓ Forest conservation typically costs half as much as forest restoration efforts. ➤ Join our community and follow our journey Discord: https://discord.com/invite/RWh4C6wZDh Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/get.opentabs TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@umberto.greco LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/opentabs-org ➤ Learn more About Us: https://www.opentabs.org FAQs: https://opentabs.notion.site/FAQs-56d96d07bcee42e5b0eb135b4fd71619 Contact Us: https://opentabs.contactin.bio/ ➤ Key features ✓ Save trees by opening tabs ✓ Save trees by searching with OpenTabs Search ✓ Beautiful background photos ✓ Gift trees to your friends ✓ Dark mode ✓ Shortcuts to your favorite websites and apps ✓ OpenTabs Games — save a tree for every 5 minutes played ✓ Tabbing Buddies — a leaderboard to save trees with your friends, family, and coworkers ✓ Private and secure — we're a data-ethical non-profit ✓ Keep track of your trees across browsers and devices ✓ Win impact badges for every milestone you reach Transform your screen to the gorgeous dashboard that saves trees. Note: For the best experience, after installing OpenTabs click the ‘Keep it’ button on the ‘Change back to Google’ notification. This will show OpenTabs on each new tab as intended.

Latest reviews

  • (2022-09-25) Crystal Chen: I saved lots of trees but then it broke so after reinstalling it it worked again but broke quickly please solve i'm removing for now. Great concept though and it was very fun while it lasted.
  • (2022-09-21) Fujii: This extension offers a seamless experience and doesn't slow down the search process. I've been using it for more than 180 days and I've planted more than 400 trees just by simply doing what I would be doing without this extension. The team behind this extension is working hard to constantly add new features/widgets to add value to the experience. I've recommended this extends to all my friends and I definitely recommend it to you.
  • (2022-09-20) nocturnal digitalist: Very limited and changes your settings to default like home shortcuts and wallpaper that you added through link (just reverted back to default) and now I cant change my search engine this addon settings. I installed this to support your cause (despite not seeing any openness of the cause) but you decided to revert back to what you like. Plus the ads in this addon isn't up to the mark. Anyways, you reverted back as you please and I will revert back to my previous new tab addon I was using. Thanks.
  • (2022-08-11) Pyaekyaw Thu: Sample and esay to use. Great idea.
  • (2022-07-20) Marques Red: Perfect extension to pair up with Ecosia.
  • (2022-07-17) Hollyleaf Riverclan: Amazing! 10/10 recommend!
  • (2022-07-01) Roy H.: I love how we can use this and Ecosia at the same time! I also enjoy the backgrounds a lot!
  • (2022-06-22) Kassandra Jutis: Simple way to make an impact on a daily basis! I work a lot on my computer for school/research and double this extension with Ecosia. I also try to tell all my friends about it and promote around my school whenever I can so you should download too :)
  • (2022-05-22) Krissy Kontos: Great extension, i use it with Ecosia so i feel good about browsing the internet. Make sure to use adblocker that doesn't impede it (uBlock origin is good)
  • (2022-05-15) Venkat Rakshith: Saving tress just by doing usual browsing, and creating a greater impact.
  • (2022-05-09) A Human Box: Such a simple thing to make a huge impact. Acts exactly like normal google, if not better because you can play games on it. Doesn't effect my searching, its like its not even there. Great extension, we need more things like this in the world.
  • (2022-05-03) Jinnamon Roll: can you please please please PLEASE make it available on mobile i beg you
  • (2022-04-27) TipsJazzInferno: Can Really Planet Tree Any Proof? Where Planet Tree I Think it is Fun Game Just Show Ads And Earn Money Not Planet Tree
  • (2022-04-24) HIRO: This is a God send!
  • (2022-04-21) Cookie PotatoMan: you can mic this with ecosia and you can get trees for searching and opening taps!!!! both extensions work at the same time.
  • (2022-03-07) Lambros Spyrou: Brilliant stuff
  • (2022-03-03) Thomas Harris: A great and easy way to make change! Even with the Forest Tabber option, the ads aren't extremely intrusive. The most frequent sites and daily backgrounds are great features. One request: please put the app drawer back on the left side, or give the user the option to move it. It was a very convenient way to open Gmail or Calendar because the app drawer was right under the new tab button.
  • (2022-01-14) Jente Verlinden: Love the concept and execution.
  • (2022-01-12) Iris: Great!!
  • (2022-01-07) Spandana: love the whole concept as well as being able to customize to your needs!
  • (2021-12-18) hatice rana aktaş: hiçbir sıkıntısı yok aynı google kullanıyorsunuz sadece kenarda çıkan küçük reklamlar(uygunsuz şeyler çıkmıyor) dan eld edilen parayla ağaç dikiyorlar arayüzü ve selam vermesini de çok seviyorum kullanın kullandırın
  • (2021-12-07) Mary Shaheen: I was using the momentum extension, this extension does the same thing it says good morning/evening/afternoon to me ++ it has a good impact on the conservation of rainforests for it saves 1tree for each 5 tabs I open!!! literally the best extension!!!
  • (2021-12-02) L F: Very nice backgrounds !
  • (2021-11-23) Jill Parreño: Very transparent with where the money they get goes - legit and highly recommended!
  • (2021-11-12) Claire Kowalec: I'm a college student and I love using OpenTabs together with Ecosia (an awesome search engine). Each enhances the other's impact. And both are easy and practical for a college student to use! I wish I made the switch a long time ago.
  • (2021-11-06) Lia Nik: I have fallen in love with it since day one, recommend to everyone.
  • (2021-11-05) Fabiënne Schaller: Very easy to download and doesn't mess up your tabs in the slightest. Just do what you normally do and save a tree while you're at it! :)
  • (2021-11-05) Paolo Cucchiara: Really good
  • (2021-11-04) Emilia Carriquiry: Creo que es una gran idea y funciona espectacular, super recomendado!
  • (2021-10-24) Mouseketeer1955: Love this application :-)
  • (2021-10-09) Jeet Mandaliya: Amazing idea and fantastic opportunity
  • (2021-10-08) lieke slingerland: the backgrounds are beautiful! you just do your thing and at the same time your are saving trees! it's amazing.
  • (2021-10-01) Liz: this is completely incredible! there's literally no reason not to get this extension! <3
  • (2021-09-30) gray: It allows you to choose how many ads you see whenever you open a new tab (1-3), and if you increase the amount of ads appear on your screen, the bigger impact each new tab has. I highly recommend! It adds gorgeous background images to your new tabs, and you're able to customize the colors, time, and how each new tab introduces you. I love this, and I plan on trying to get my friends to add it, too. It's amazing!
  • (2021-09-23) noa sivan: Love it
  • (2021-09-22) Daniel Agapov: me like save environment :) also AdBlock make me no care about ads to save more trees
  • (2021-09-21) Bloop Bleep: great!
  • (2021-09-20) Hana Ardini: I really love this because I can finally help the environmet.
  • (2021-09-18) Ben Parnell: Simple effective extension that works towards a great cause. Planting trees and providing microloans to the third world from ads, couldn't ask for more
  • (2021-09-17) Vica Degullacion: Works great! I only wish I could see my bookmarks bar on chrome. (edit) Absolutely love it after using it for a while! My only problem was an error on my part, which is fixed now thanks to Quinn :). Would highly recommend! Easy to use and reliable!
  • (2021-09-15) Aly Elseginy: It's very useful.
  • (2021-09-15) Jana Alyousef: creative way to help the environment!
  • (2021-09-14) Yahui Niu: The extesion is very good but what really annoys me r the ads, everytime I open a new tab, ads appears. If that could be solved it would be a 10
  • (2021-09-14) Melanie Dsouza: Absolutely amazing! Open Tabs has such a user friendly interface, a track record, a beautiful cause and an alert suggestions tab
  • (2021-09-14) Sarthak Chodnekar: Excellent way to impact nature without any hindarance
  • (2021-09-14) Tillie: i made it say good afternoon shawty
  • (2021-09-14) Nghi Nguyễn: this extension is extremely good and such an innovation. Definitely recommend you to try
  • (2021-09-12) Liv Madsen: Den er fantastisk, det er fantastisk at man kan redde træer ved at åbne chrome!!
  • (2021-09-10) Karan Jeyakumar Nadar: Love that I can help the environment and people by just opening tabs.
  • (2021-09-09) Dr Ruchi Gulati MD Ayurveda: Soo good that it is for a good cause and so custumisable. I love the facts opening tabs plants tree's. overall great thing to add to your Chrome :D


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