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Maintain your vocabulary, add the words you already know

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Description from store This is just a very beginning of the attempt to maintain your vocabulary in your browser. Please feel free to share your thoughts, what you think would be nice to add or even better contribute to the project or create a fork if you have your own idea how to implement that tool. It’s under MIT and it might be a good boilerplate for that. Here is the link: https://github.com/AntonLapshin/yourvocab There are a lot of interesting and challenging things to be done: - integration with a translation tool (Google Translate, context.reverso.net) - properly calculate the total number of words you know - detect different forms of a word - and many many more I would like to continue working on it. I was inspired by the idea to maintain your vocabulary and learn new words in the browser since we spend/waste so much time out there. Then why don’t use this time to learn new words. Isn’t that great, you open an article, activate your extension and see the words you don’t know (they are highlighted). By this you can quickly get an idea how much of the information you will understand. You also could add these words to the list to remember and these words will appear time to time in your browser when you surf with a translation or other useful information that you can eventually remember them. For now it’s just showing the words that you have not added yet to your personal database. By clicking at any highlighted word it will be added to the database and will not be highlighted anymore on any other page in the Internet. Thanks!


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