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Paga con Klarna dovunque

Image from store Klarna | Compra ora e paga dopo
Description from store Usa l'estensione Klarna per pagare ovunque tu faccia acquisti, anche presso marchi importanti come Zalando, Unieuro, Euronics e GD Sports! Con l'estensione Klarna non pagherai mai in eccesso: trova automaticamente i migliori buoni sconto per te e ti fa guadagnare punti* quando fai acquisti in oltre 20.000 negozi. Basta un clic e testeremo diversi codici per applicare poi il migliore al tuo carrello. Che si tratti di pizza, scarpe, borse o viaggi, i nostri utenti acquistano sapendo di ottenere la migliore offerta. Aggiungendo questa estensione, acconsenti all'utilizzo da parte di Klarna delle informazioni provenienti dai siti web che visiti per fornire il servizio, compreso il controllo della sicurezza dei siti visitati. Sei consapevole di poter revocare il tuo consenso disinstallando l'estensione. Aggiungendo questa estensione, accetti i termini e le condizioni generali di Klarna Shopping e confermi di aver letto l'Informativa sulla privacy di Klarna (i link si trovano nella colonna di destra sotto il link all'Informativa sulla privacy). Klarna collabora con reti di affiliazione (link nella colonna di destra sotto il link all'Informativa sulla privacy), a seconda dei casi, quando scegli di utilizzare i nostri buoni sconto, cashback o programmi di punti premio. Le reti di affiliazione documentano il tuo utilizzo di buoni sconto, di cashback o di attivazione di punti per calcolare una potenziale commissione per Klarna. Klarna chiede il permesso di leggere e modificare tutti i tuoi dati sui siti web che visiti per assicurarti sempre la migliore offerta. Sei al corrente dell'esistenza di coupon, che vengono applicati automaticamente, e i tuoi punti sono attivati. Klarna trova per te prezzi migliori su prodotti, servizi, attività, eventi e prenotazioni di viaggi che acquisti online. *I programmi di cashback/punti sono disponibili solo per gli utenti di Stati Uniti, Regno Unito, Francia e Germania.

Latest reviews

  • (2024-04-07) Busra Caliskan: schnelle Abwicklung , Danke
  • (2024-04-05) Angela Postell: Loved this very much!
  • (2024-04-03) Hans-Josef Kirsch: Zuverlässig und Schnell
  • (2024-04-01) IONUT GRIGOROV: Easy for the people who don`t use a credit card.
  • (2024-03-31) sowjanya: Its ok to use klarna in friendly way
  • (2024-03-31) Herbert Soller: schnell und zuverlässig
  • (2024-03-28) Jon Strembicki: I will see if I really do save anything!
  • (2024-03-27) Rafael N. (Pastor Raf): I have zero idea how to even access the supposed cashback I have on this extension... the app shows nothing and there is nothing online.
  • (2024-03-26) Tiffany Clemons: I wasn't aware of all the different perks that Klarna provide until now. this cashback comes in handy as i was trying to send sympathy flowers to someone but, was balling on a budget. not only did i save money utilizing groupon but also noticed i can receive $4 cashback through KLARNA! :)
  • (2024-03-23) Sheri Parker: I love using it..
  • (2024-03-20) Holger Schöttel: Einfach. Sicher!
  • (2024-03-17) Kai Radke: Unkompliziert wie es sein soll
  • (2024-03-09) Lola xo (Lola): helpful with savings
  • (2024-03-06) Dl Alexander: Interesting and helpful on savings and advertisement
  • (2024-03-06) Антон: GOAT
  • (2024-03-06) Andrea Fischedick: Einfach und transparent, sehr gut!
  • (2024-03-01) Maria Lopez-Bernstein: I think their extension has improved quite a bit. I like that they allow more items to be bought using Klarna. What I like the most: Using Instacart with Klarna. Klarna is listed as a payment choice and all you have to do is choose it. It's so simple! I wish everything else was as simple as that. I'd give the extension 5 stars if they allowed some subscriptions or even bills to be paid using the installment plan like other platforms allow. All in all though, it's been improved.
  • (2024-02-28) Stefan Leuschner: Mit Klarna einzukaufen macht sehr viel Spaß! Alles top
  • (2024-02-25) Susan Barredo: Great app! Great timesaver!
  • (2024-02-25) Hermann Becker: bin vollkommen zufrieden
  • (2024-02-24) Rudi Damm (Rudolf Damm): Mit Klarna bin ich voll zufrieden, schnelle Lieferung..
  • (2024-02-22) IVONNE LERMA: confiable y excelente
  • (2024-02-18) Gloria C Torres Duran: One Word: EXCELLENT! Thanks.
  • (2024-02-16) Nico Rosenow: tip top
  • (2024-02-15) SPIN HYPE: Outstanding
  • (2024-02-14) TIMOTHY GOSSETT: always so helpful whenebver I need em, thyre there!!
  • (2024-02-02) Julia Valterria: When shopping I appreciate the Klarna alternative option to pay.
  • (2024-02-02) Tania Honorat: Where are all my rewards? I keep activating my Klarna rewards for years now and I can't find them to use them.
  • (2024-01-27) Carsten Trapp: Unkomplizierte und einfache Website zum Bestellen Relativ einfache Anwendung und gute Aufmachung des Shops. Was mir auch sehr entgegen kommt, ist die vielfache Möglichkeit der Bezahlarten. Klasse!
  • (2024-01-26) M. D.: Sehr hilfreiches Tool.
  • (2024-01-24) Lee Persson: Efter att ha läst alla andras recensioner så märker jag att det inte bara är jag som inte kan få rabatten på 12% som erbjuds på lite olika ställen verkar det som, i mitt fall på Babbel.com. Det står att den läggs till i kassan men i kassan finns inga klarna alternativ alls inlagda. Vilken miss. Eller vilken blåsning. Inte nöjd alls. Var en nöjd kund i början när Klarna kom, men de har tappat det helt idag. Känns bara som mer o mer blåsningar o högre räntor o avgifter... inga bra förmåner alls längre... tummen neeeeer
  • (2024-01-20) David Kissling: Perfekte Erweiterung. Erleichtert die Arbeit.
  • (2024-01-19) Ulrike Diez: alles läuft supi und schnell unkompliziert
  • (2024-01-18) Deborah Cunningham: Great resource.
  • (2024-01-18) LuigiSonic 2020: Great resource, and user friendly.
  • (2024-01-17) Hiltrud Hannen: Einfach und Stressfrei, nur zu Empfehlen
  • (2024-01-14) C H: Klarna kann ich nur Empfehlen
  • (2024-01-11) Ramses Silva: Offered $52 Bluehost website. Did not work at all.
  • (2024-01-07) Intellituning GmbH Softwareentwicklung Chiptuning: ei war alles subber
  • (2024-01-06) Gosiasch: Unkompliziert, bietet immer eine Passende Lösung. Würde ich jedem empfehlen
  • (2024-01-06) P. Mobi: Klarna ist unkompliziert, hab da auch ein Konto! Sehr smart mit der App!
  • (2024-01-05) This Item is what I am looking for
  • (2024-01-01) Madeliene VanMarter: Love the wide variety of jobs to choose from! More options than other sites.
  • (2023-12-18) Holger Herbig: ALLES SUPER GELAUFEN - DANKE
  • (2023-12-16) Michael Pohlmann: Super
  • (2023-12-13) Martina Bowers: Best ever for even more discounts!!!!
  • (2023-12-13) Heinrich: Besser und einfacher geht es nicht. Das ist einfach klasse.
  • (2023-12-03) zMerzly: Also ich finde die Funktion Klarna in Chrome Super!
  • (2023-11-25) Viola Atzhorn: super angeobt
  • (2023-11-24) FRAN ANDRES: facil, sencillo rápido y seguro..

Latest issues

  • (2016-09-03, v:2.0.39) Please Provide Real Answer & clarity!
    Under SUPPORT, I've noticed & read where you've given conflicting/contradictory advice on the subject of having & using similar Cash back earning extensions, (ie. Ebates, Honey, etc.) at the same time as yours, (the Piggy extension) and whether or not if having both or two extensions installed & running simultaneously, (for ie., Ebates Cash-back button & Piggy) will work and not cause conflict or operating running smoothly. As in if one has a greater or higher percentage amount cash back offer than the other or if one offers cash back & the other doesn't at all. One response I read where you state they will conflict with each other; but in another you state you can have both but only one site will be giving you cashback. You also seem to dodge the main question & point of inquiry by just encouraging the user to use your extension only & claiming Piggy is the best extension of all of them & claiming it will save you the most by the average savings of using one of your coupons compared to other extensions; as well as declare it's more convenient & faster technology than any of your competitors. However, none of that is relevant to what any of the inquiries were asking or to mine now. We didn't ask what extension would save us more or who has the best coupons. We just want to know if Piggy will still operate as it says it will along side another similar performing & functioning cash-back, coupon saving extension? Will it?? We understand only one extension & site will be providing/issuing the cash-back but want to know if both extensions still search for coupons/coupon codes,etc. to find the best deal and then the operator can choose between the two extensions' 'findings'? I know you cannot speak for other extensions or their functioning, but you can & should be able to speak for your own & know if it performs alongside other extensions & coupon-saving applications as it should. Most should and Ebates works alongside Coupons at Checkout & other similar extensions in unison without issues. Does Piggy? You should be able to say with clarity & definitively. In addition, if your 'claims' that Piggy is the best & provides the most savings either via the cash back, the coupon savings percentage or a combination of both of those, then Piggy would be the one we ultimately choose at checkout to apply if it's savings turns out to be higher or it finds a higher percentage coupon code than the other competing extensions. It shouldn't be a deterrent or worry to you for people to use competing apps alongside yours if yours is the best as you say it is & declare, right?? If your 'claims' are true, then you should encourage the comparison & not fear the truth to be revealed using any & other similar applications alongside yours or in unison. Just from a brief comparison between Piggy's cashback amounts & Ebates amounts, you do not offer near as many cash back stores as Ebates does currently. I could list at least 15 of my favorite stores they offer cashback at that you do not; including a big one, Amazon. Now, I did not load this extension yet to see a coupon code comparison between the two b/c I am still seeking the above main question to be answered in clarity & without conflicting information before I do so. I also noticed you do not have a cash back button to load in browser on homepage, like Ebates does, that automatically tracks cashback offers at the stores you visit, making earning easy, & not requiring the consumer to go to their website first to get the credit of cashback via the store they want. So, just based on that, I do not see how your declaration of Piggy being easier & faster & more convenient or technologically more advanced is accurate or b/c you do not have a cash back button for the user's browser & homepage that automatically knows if the shopper is at a store that Piggy provides cash back at & alerting them w/a one step easy, one click activation. You also do not have a mobile app equivalent as of yet. So I'm still not sure how your 'claims' of Piggy being more technologically advanced than the others is valid.
  • (2016-09-01, v:2.0.39) Allyn Schoenthal: Some Store Offers
    Are we able to apply the additional percentage off sale items (like Macy's often has) if we use the Piggy app?
  • (2016-08-26, v:2.0.39) Amy Yarnall: Multiple similar extensions
    If I already have a similar extension (like honey) can I also load this one? Or will they conflict/compete with each other and cause problems?
  • (2016-08-26, v:2.0.39) Peggy Sanders: store
    can you us this app in stores that is how I shop? in what stores is Piggy accepted? Is the discount applied when I go into the store or is it just an online shopping thing?
  • (2016-08-26, v:2.0.39) Savannah Mapping: Stores
    In what stores is Piggy accepted? Is the discount applied when I go into the store or is it just an online shopping thing? I still like to go into stores.
  • (2016-08-21, v:2.0.39) Annette: downloading
    can this be put on phones i have a samsung galxey s7
  • (2016-08-20, v:2.0.39) Mary Braunlich: Availability for iPhone?
    Is this app available for download on the iPhone?
  • (2016-08-13, v:2.0.39) Sherry DeRoch: adding Piggy to chromebook
    I copied the link listed and pasted it which takes me to Piggy but still not letting me add it.
  • (2016-08-12, v:2.0.39) Tracy Brookshire: reviews
    where do I write a review
  • (2016-07-31, v:2.0.39) Brenda Eisler: EBates
    If I download Piggy, will EBATES still work if their cash back offer is greater than Piggy or if Piggy isn't offered at all at that site?


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