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2 pane type bookmark manager, and utilities for Restore Session, Recent History, Google bookmarks, Extensions and so on.

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Description from store Other Features: - Addons folders - Google Bookmarks, Tabs, Apps, Extensions, RecentHistory, MostVisited and RecentlyClosed - Restore the form data of the POST method requested page - Change folder color/icon - Keyboard navigation Keyboard navigation reference: Alt --> Switches the mode of Access key and Bookmark search mode Alt+[a letter key] --> Select an item with the initials or specified letter note: How to make the specified letter, to change to the name you gave a "&" before the letter. (e.g.: The name "Te&st" for the letter "S") Enter --> Enter Access key mode for a current folder Tab/Shift+Tab --> Switches Bookmarks pane, Folders pane and input field with Access key mode or not Esc --> Clear a input field in search mode, or go back state in access key mode Arrow Up/Down --> Moves up/down a folder Arrow Right/Left --> Expand/Collapse a focused folder Updates: (Jan 22, 2016) Fixed: Does not work since Chrome48 the reason that CSS Canvas has been removed (Dec 6, 2015) Fixed: Google bookmarks and Recent history can not be opened since Chrome47 (Dec 3, 2015) Fixed: The changed name of Add-on folders reverts back to the original 0.3.14 (Nov 25, 2015) New features: - The open mode can be set for each of the bookmark - Keyboard navigation Improved: Add-on folders are now renamable 0.3.10 (Oct 26, 2015) New feature: Restore popup window position/size 0.3.9 (Oct 18, 2015) New feature: Added Chrome extentions manager 0.3.8 (Sep 20, 2015) New feature: Open bookmark as a popup window Fixed: Doesn't work remember the window size/position in window mode

Latest reviews

  • (2017-04-23) zma61: Не сказал бы что расширение удобнее чем стандартный диспетчер закладок. в правой части окна плагина нет полосы прокрутки, а колесом не удобно и долго крутить. ставить его это значит менять шило на мыло. Не рекомендую другим устанавливать, не доделан плагин
  • (2016-01-21) Jeremy Wallis: After the Chrome Stable update today this is completely broken. Opening the Bookmarks window from the tool bar button displays an empty window.
  • (2015-10-03) ВАСЯ пупкин: Расширение отличное! Но теперь у меня не видны онлайн закладки. (
  • (2014-05-26) mohamed atef: Nice extension, i hope to add folder filter to show a specific folder when i search with folder name.

Latest issues

  • (2017-09-15, v: m__m: 改善要望
    サーチボックスの縦サイズよりも多いフォルダを作った場合 一番下まで下がるのはいいが 上に戻ってきたときにフォルダが見えないことがある キチンとサーチボックスがアクティブなマウスセレクトを追随出来ていないような感じがします それとフォルダをドラッグしてしまい戻そうとして別フォルダに入れてしまうと戻すのが苦労する その際左側のボックスサイズが小さくなってしまったり左にずれてしまう?が水平バーが表示されないため戻せない?
  • (2016-01-21, v: Jeremy Wallis: Broken
    After the Chrome Stable update today this is completely broken. Opening the Bookmarks window from the tool bar button displays an empty window.
  • (2015-10-29, v: Jeremy Wallis: Tab mouseover
    Just realised that sometime over the last few updates you've removed the ability to switch / preview open tabs by mouseover. What happened?
  • (2014-07-16, v: Jeremy Wallis: Chrome 64 Bit for Windows (Canary)
    Just to let you know that 'window mode' does not remember window size, arrangement or position in the Chrome 64 Bit for Windows (Canary) build.
  • (2014-04-27, v: Jeremy Wallis: Saving Tabs / Sessions
    Hi, Could you take a look at this extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/savetabs/ciemojomefnilhnidpjknolhbefbdoie/reviews I like it because it's a really simple way of saving tabs in bookmarked groups as 'sessions'. The only problem is that it saves ALL tabs in the current window with no way of selecting individual tabs. So, I have to use Dial Bookmarks to 'Move a tab to a new window', then dragging and dropping further tabs to that window if I wish (within Dial Bookmarks). When I'm finished I create a new session 'folder' with the SaveTabs extension and that folder is instantly visible in Dial Bookmarks for me to open later as a 'tab group'. With the 'tab preview' function already in Dial Bookmarks it would be great if you could add a way of selecting different tabs in the tabs 'folder' and then either moving that selected group 'as one' to a new window, OR sending them to a new, dated / renamed folder in Bookmarks. I guess you could integrate directly with SaveTabs or, neater still, add similar functionality to Dial Bookmarks. Either way, I thought the simple, folder based method of saving tabs fitted very well with your extension and it would certainly be very useful. Thanks.
  • (2014-03-20, v: Jeremy Wallis: Tab Ordering
    Hi again, Drag & drop of tabs in the tab list to reorder, and perhaps a 'group by domain' right click function would be very useful :) Thanks.
  • (2014-03-20, v: Jeremy Wallis: Window Mode Issues
    Hi, Thanks for this. Two issues I have: 1) The 'bookmarks window' doesn't close when Chrome is closed. Can that behaviour be changed so that it does? 2) 'Window' size / pane proportions are not remembered between sessions. So, for the moment, I'm using 'pop-up' mode. Generally, there seems to be a bit of a delay when starting up. Is there animation going on that could be turned off or streamlined in some way to make the pop-up appear more instantaneously? Many Thanks.


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