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Extension for AliPlugin Pro plugin. Allows direct import of AliExpress products to the user's affiliate store.

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Description from store Extension for AliPlugin PRO Plugin. Add products to your site directly from AliExpress. alipartnership.com

Latest reviews

  • (2021-08-04) Xzendor7: This is a 2021 update to my 2017 review of this product. The company longer seems to be offering support for it and it no longer functions. It imports images to your Wordpress site, but that's about it. The Buy link doesn't work and when clicked just loops back to the same page instead of going to Aliexpress. It does not matter if you are using the Aliexpress Portal, AdmitAd or EPN, the plugin just won't function. There are many people that are complaining about this and getting no response from the company. It seems like the companies focus is on their AliDropship product and that Aliplugin Pro has been left to gather digital dust; which is a shame as it was a very good product. I owned the original and the pro version and used them to generate sales as an affiliate for several years; but that was the past and the present is a very different story. ************************************************************************** The extension is an essential tool to the Aliplugin Pro Wordpress Plugin. When the WP plugin doesn't pull in products. Then this tool allows you to go directly to Aliexpress and add all the products you want to your Aliexpress store. A bonus is that it's even faster than the product pull in of the WP plugin. You ignore this extension at your own risk.
  • (2021-04-21) Sandra Reichman: Don't waste your money
  • (2020-07-04) cristian garcia: esta super, funciona correctamente..
  • (2020-01-24) Serhii Hrab: Здравствуйте, после последнего обновления плагина,темы и расширения некорректно работает импорт товара,после импорта со страницы товара(отсутствует раздел View on AliExpress ) не происходит переход на Алиэкспресс,товары которые были импортированы до обновления все работает нормально,у меня два сайта с такими плагинами и на двух такие же проблемы,помогите пожалуйста исправить данную проблему если это не у вас какая то техническая проблема то подскажите что мне нужно сделать,буду очень признателен!
  • (2020-01-20) Contabilitate Frecventa redusa: очень хорошее приложение, я им пользуюсь давно, очень доволен, всем рекомендую.
  • (2019-02-14) Марсель Сиб: Сам плагин работает ТОЛЬКО со своими темами. НО!!! В версии PRO встроенных обещанных тем нет вообще!!! При загрузке тем с официального сайта, в лучшем случае получите пустой блог! Никакого обещанного дизайна даже близко нет. Однозначное кидалово!!!
  • (2019-01-22) Ken Du Preez: Very Buggy and slow when used with Woocommerce. importing products are hit and miss. Not much help from support.
  • (2018-07-30) Best Best: Wow is amazing
  • (2018-06-13) Gado Aja: Just help you import product with limited function, after they get your money they will not bother you anymore, you will just struggle alone with your own problem
  • (2018-06-09) Tol Veasna: Great Ali Extension for Ali affiliate.
  • (2018-06-02) TEGBEE VINCENT: great guys
  • (2018-02-23) Henrie Sujarwadi: is there any 'aliplugin not pro' [plugin extension (ext.)] here, my plugin is aliplugin pro, but i can't pull product from the extensions (either bulk or selective), i just can used direct import with this plugin (draft), if you want to make it (publish) you must position "send to; publish" at selective import, you just can 'direct import' 1 product/import using this plugin, which is you open on aliexpress.com single product page, alternatively for 'bulk importing' you can used alidropship extension, that you can do the 'bulk importing' from aliexpress.com category product page (but i don't know yet if the dropship ext. will working the affiliate code or not? must testing to shopping there), now i still ask support for this so i can used 'bulk and selective' from the plugin, and choose product from there, maybe i'll switch to admitad this day to see if there are works or not? now i at epn, and they are method 3 that error when test connection, but epn said it just need 2 method to work,, i'll updated my review here, hope this helpful,,

Latest issues

  • (2021-01-07, v: ION COSMIN TOMA: We have payed for ALIplugin Pro 69 USD, but it is impossible to install it on google crome. do you have information how to do it ? Aparently it is installed, but it is the same with or without. EXAMPLE: we can't download the HIGH quality pictures, etc..
    We have payed for ALIplugin Pro 69 USD, but it is impossible to install it on google crome. do you have information how to do it ? Aparently it is installed, but it is the same with or without. EXAMPLE: we can't download the HIGH quality pictures, etc..
  • (2020-01-07, v: Noble Dandyson: how i can retrieve aliplugins download page
    hi i have paid for aliplugins and there is no space in my phone to download it.so downlaod stoped .i can't access the plugins.please how can i download it in my laptop.i did not receive email from you or invoice.i need assistance please .suport is not responding thanks my email ;[email protected] i have my licenses key
  • (2019-10-07, v: אביתר בורגוש: Problem with an out of date version extension
    Hello I've been looking for them for a few days now I purchased the plugin from you and updated it Only I have a problem The WordPress site is asking me to update the 7.3 hph plugin How can I contact them I have a few more questions
  • (2019-10-04, v: pixel: not authorize
    https://babapic.com/ say to me can not authorize
  • (2019-07-03, v: VITALII FYLENKO: ошибка
    Исправьте ошибку - [03-Jul-2019 05:41:33 UTC] PHP Warning: Illegal string offset 'type' in /home/kknkujzx/public_html/wp-content/plugins/alipro/includes/Ali/AliImport.php on line 0
  • (2019-06-27, v: VITALII FYLENKO: Импорт счетчика перестал работать
    Счетчик перестал работать показывает 0/48 нажимаю импорт цифра 0 стоит на месте. Но импорт на самом деле идет WORK, общим не понятно что происходит. Исправьте пожалуйста.
  • (2019-06-14, v: Michael Francis: Chrome Extension not Importing
    Hello The Chrome extension Ver. AliPlugin Pro is not importing products. It asks for authorization even though it has been authorized. I have contacted your support and was told that the plugin, etc. needs to be updated. All this has been done and the extension still does not work.
  • (2019-05-20, v: שלוש ארבע ו: לא יכול לייבא
    התוסף אינו נותן לייבא כלל והוא שולח להוריד את התוסף מחדש אפילו שהוא מותקן באתר
  • (2019-05-19, v: Silvia Yanes: no puedo importar desde hace 6 dias
    Hola no puedo importar productos a mi web, he intentado todo, desintalar todos los plugin, navegadores extenciones y nada no me deja
  • (2019-05-18, v: Игорь Заяц: Обновление расширения Aliplugin Pro
    Здравствуйте! После обновления расширения Aliplugin Pro, перестал работать импорт товаров.
  • (2019-02-22, v: Migi: Domain cannot be added
    I cannot add my website to the extension i don know why
  • (2019-02-21, v: Mehmet Gürdal: ali paya kayıt
    ali paya kayıt olmak istedim bir türlü yapamadım. neden yapamıyorum.


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