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Avast browser security and web reputation plugin.

Image from store Avast Online Security & Privacy
Description from store Secure your Google Chrome browser against real-time online threats, trackers, and scams. Browse with confidence using Avast Online Security & Privacy. We’ll check every site you visit, from Facebook to your bank, so nothing puts you or your data at risk. Join a growing community of 400 million Avast users. - Identify and block phishing sites trying to steal your data. - Quickly check the risk rating of any website just by hovering over the link. - Block invasive tracking cookies that collect data on your browsing activities. - Block online advertising and remove your details from advertisers’ databases. - Optimize your privacy preferences and settings across your favorite online platforms. - Automatically ask sites to stop tracking you and selling your data. Learn more at https://globalprivacycontrol.org. The data we collect includes: - URL - to check if the website is safe or not - Usage data - to measure the user’s behavior on the interface and understand how the user interacts with the extension - Internal extension identifier (GUID) - to distinguish unique malware hits, to measure product telemetry and calculate aggregated statistics - Information about device (browser type, operating system version) - to obtain usage aggregated statistics - Country - to detect country specific malware campaigns, and to measure product telemetry and calculate aggregated statistics By installing this extension in your browser, you acknowledge that you have read our privacy policy (https://www.avast.com/en-us/privacy-policy) and the end user license agreement (https://www.avast.com/en-us/eula), which set out the conditions for downloading and using the selected product, and that you agree with them.

Latest reviews

  • (2022-09-25) DA H: the anti tracking feature is now behind a paywall rendering this extension pretty much useless
  • (2022-09-17) Joseph Mervyn Imutan: The anti-tracking feature is no longer free for Windows 11. Avast tells you to upgrade to Avast One.
  • (2022-09-13) Сергей Кореневский: Not support Vivaldi browser. Не работает в Vivaldi браузер.
  • (2022-09-09) Aubrey Paixão: Simples, eficiente e completo. E além de tudo é grátis.
  • (2022-09-03) Vladko Vladky: Fungeje dobre
  • (2022-08-26) 水無月: これが原因でSNSシェアボタンが正常に表示されなくなっていました。
  • (2022-08-20) Д. Янев: Great addon
  • (2022-08-20) Akotski1338: this extension used to show other people's rating of a website and it would allow me to know if a website ive never visited before is trustworthy. now all it does is block trackers. i dont know if someone bought avast or whatever but it recently became a piece of garbage
  • (2022-08-10) Sascha Gonsior: Schlechte Konfugierbarkeit. Es werden zwar Tracker geblockt,kann aber keine einzelnen Webseiten als Ausnahme hinzufügen,da die Erweiterung als Adblocker bei einigen Websites erkannt wird. Auch auf Webseiten die Facebook oder andere soziale Medien wie Twitter zum antworten eingebunden haben,blockt die App weg,man kann also nicht interagieren. Wer hat euch gefragt Facebook und co zu blocken? Es gibt auch Leute die loggen sich über Social Logins ein. Die Leitfaden sind der größte Witz und machen mehr kaputt in den Einstellungen der sozialen Netzwerke als sie nützen,gerade,wenn man diese nutzt. Als Adblocker-Ersatz viel zu bescheiden,da Google Anzeigen durch gelassen werden,die ebenfalls unseriöse Werbung machen für Systemtools(Treiberupdater/Reg-Cleaner) und andere Abzocke, da eben nur bestimmte Tracker geblockt werden. Warum man den Adblocker nicht vom Avast Secure Browser übernimmt, oder ein angepassten ublock Origin(zumal man den ja drin hatte im Secure Browser) in Chrome als Erweiterung nimmt,tja frag mal Avast. Man kann nur hoffen das Avast nicht den Weg wie Avira geht und auf die Schnapsidee kommen auch Kryptominer anzubieten und dieses Tool nur zum Ausspionieren ohne mehrwert benutzt. Beim Antiuvirenschutz zeigen die Hersteller,das es ihnen nicht mehgr wichtig ist,die Leute zu schützen,sondern durch Sinnlosoptimierer den PC kaputt zu machen und sinnvolle Tools als teueres Upgrade anzubieten,Avira ist hier ganz groß. Hier muss man Avast mit dem Ransomwareschutz in der Free Edition wirklich loben.
  • (2022-07-23) Oscar: It has always worked very well. Except for today. Today it suddently started warning that Google itself is infected (notes-pa.clients6.google.com), with the effect that I can't use Google Keep unless I turn off Avast.
  • (2022-07-15) Frol Frol: 10 балов расширению
  • (2022-06-04) Evelyn Alvarez: It looks like an advertisement for Avast One (which is good for a cellphone), and offers a free download. But, the download is for windows or mac and I'm on a chromebook so I can't use it. A couple of pop up ads came thru and that never happened before. It does let me know if I'm being tracked. If you block 3rd party cookies it won't let you opt out of some tracking. It let me block all but one.
  • (2022-06-01) John Doe: Nice extension, works well. I've particularly enjoyed the (until recently) free anti-tracking feature! I am of course, writing this review since they now demand payment for this service. I have some sarcastic remarks I'd like to make, but for now I will hold my tongue and offer some help to any other users who recently noticed this. If you go find where Chrome stores extensions and determine which folder holds this one, it seems 22.3.143_0 was added today (May 31, 2022). If Chrome hasn't deleted the previous version, you may be able to reinstate it. Good luck! Now, I suppose I could just … not be a cheapskate, and buy Avast One Premium like it says to but... no. I find it funny they renamed the extension "Avast Online Security *and Privacy*" only to now remove the best (and quite a long-standing) privacy feature. I really want to rant about it, but this review is too long already.
  • (2022-05-31) plasma 8321: This and avasts anti virus used to be good. But they're just getting more and more greedy. The anti virus is pretty much just adware now, and we cant even block trackers anymore with this extension
  • (2022-05-08) Adolfo Grosso: Hola, alguién aquí sabe si esta extensión de Avast tiene lista blanca (white list) para sitios webs especificos? Deseo colocar algunos falsos positivos ahí. Gracias.
  • (2022-05-04) Stilian Chitov: the best
  • (2022-04-17) Amirhosein Bakhtiari: perfect
  • (2022-04-01) Nikita Kokoriev: Unfortunately, the checker generates false positive alerts, which can lower the user's trust rating for sites that do not have these problems. I think that such situations are unacceptable for a company of this level. Upd:The problem was quickly solved within a day.
  • (2022-03-28) lee lee: 好用 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Google\Chrome\Extensions HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Google\Chrome\Extensions
  • (2022-03-23) ᛒᛃᛟᚱᚾ Orso: Impedisce la riproduzione video di alcuni siti
  • (2022-03-14) 平井伸治: ・ブロックされたサイトを回避する方法が無い。 ・メールに書かれていた本家とは違うURLにアクセスしても、ブロックされなかった。  他のセキュリティ会社でもされなかったので、この拡張機能が問題なわけでは無いが、  すべてをブロックしてくれるわけでは無いので、こういったものを使用していても注意は必要。
  • (2022-03-04) 蔡克文: Cloudflare is considered as a virus since today...what the hell? cannot access dashbaord
  • (2022-02-22) Kia: Won't let me remove it.
  • (2022-02-20) Surya S Mulloth: unable to open
  • (2022-02-17) Nikola Sarajlic: Great extension. I have trusted Avast for 10 years. Hasn't let me down, yet.
  • (2022-02-15) Петър Алексиев: O.K.
  • (2022-01-30) Książkomistrz PL: ok
  • (2022-01-19) Rostyslav Zaporozhets: Надиво, ті хто настворював віруси й інше, знають як їх повидаляти. Стрьомно, але працює, краще пошукаю більш не залежний додаток
  • (2022-01-18) КоЛХоЗНиК с ХаРаКТеРоМ: Расширение Avast Online Security & Privacy не корректно работает в поисковая система, используемая в адресной строке Яндекс, в поисковая система, используемая в адресной строке Googl поисковике всё работает нормально Расширение Avast Online Security & Privacy не корректно работает в Яндекс браузере что в google chrome проблема в том что не отображается оценка сайтов в поисковике должны появляться иконки с зелёной галочкой или красным крестиком указывающими безопасен он или нет
  • (2022-01-11) antonio silva: muito bom
  • (2022-01-08) unika vorita: virus eltávolitás
  • (2022-01-07) Agnieszka Kurowska: Rozszerzenie jest praktycznie wpychane na siłę do przeglądarki. Chrome ma też funkcjonalność tego rozszerzenia, różnica tylko taka że dane z przeglądarki trafiają dodatkowo do właściciela Avast'a
  • (2022-01-04) 肖云开: 非常好用的插件,希望支持一下Safari A nice tool, please support Safari
  • (2022-01-02) Alexander Fetyko: Odporúčam vrelo
  • (2022-01-02) dia fwnia: Used to be great but after the update I don't like it much. I have to disable "prevent all tracking" in "social media" so I can play a particular game while logged in facebook, but it continues to be disabled in all other sites. And I want it disabled just in one site. It's very annoying.
  • (2021-12-28) Pericles Mayer: 有選項可以封鎖廣告商追蹤,但是不知道這個擴充功能後面做了什麼事情,沒有顯示出封鎖的動作。 另外他有封鎖了清單上面的所有廣告商,唯獨就留了一個taboola.com,但就是taboola.com在一直跳窗阿;我一直以為是我電腦中毒了,後來才發現原來就是你留了一個後門給他呀。真棒!釣魚的不是其他網站,就是你。
  • (2021-12-20) Miguel Beltran Altamirano: Muy bueno...
  • (2021-12-14) Anjan Lohar: Ony one word for it. It's GREAT.
  • (2021-12-13) สังวาล รักวินัย: เยี่ยมใช้ดี
  • (2021-12-09) Robert DUBRAVSKY: ja som spokojný. funguje a predpokladám, že aj dobre chráni :-)
  • (2021-12-06) Tanvir Mohammed Akif: Please remove the errors popping on the Chrome Devtools / Console Tab ...
  • (2021-12-03) Muhammad Qasim: when I enable the Avast extension in my google chrome its shows a lot of errors in my chrome console. which do create a panic condition during development and debugging.
  • (2021-12-01) Jaider García Gómez 701: vuena ap
  • (2021-12-01) Lynx Ng: Keeps popping up 3rd party ad tracking notice when I expressedly opted out. Says toggling a switch will opt out of future ones but new ones are still added. And this is within 3rd day from switching that option. Can't trust an extension like this to secure browsing.
  • (2021-11-30) Cheyenne Perkins: It doesn't even work anymore for my computer and i don't know why
  • (2021-11-29) Catty Cute: how do I use it???
  • (2021-11-25) Dreyco R.: falta la opcion de agregar excepciones a los rastreadores bloquedos, No puedo comentar en Disqus, ya que la extencion bloquea los comentarios, tengo que desactivarla para poder comentar.
  • (2021-11-24) Filko Duriska: nejde mi nastaviť synchronizu.
  • (2021-11-18) Ryuji Matsuyama: メルカリがフィッシングサイト扱いwww そんなわけあるかw 直ぐに修正しろ!

Latest issues

  • (2022-09-03, v:22.4.151) ERROL HOVELMEIER: Failure tto renew my tracker subscription.
    Despite my bank account being debited on 26 July 2022 for the payment to renew my tracker module I never received authentication code so I decided to cut my losses and delete the module from my computer.. I have 2 modules expiring tomorrow 9/4/2022 I am considering scapping them as well and going to your competitors
  • (2022-07-14, v:22.4.149) Edwin Bailey: wrongfully charged for product
    i was chsarged for a service I never agreed to, google avast software. I already own a version of avast security.
  • (2022-07-02, v:22.4.149) Pascal BALLESTRI: problème de téléchargement
    Bonjour. Que je veux télécharger un fichier (document ou photo) il m'est dit : " Échec de l'analyse antivirus". Que faire ? Merci de votre réponse. Cordialement.
  • (2022-06-16, v:22.4.149) ELIANE LEÃO: Não consigo desinstala o Avast!!
    Ja estou a 3 dias tentando desistalar o Avast de meu micro e não consigo, dá erro direto, ja pesquisei e ja tentei de varias maneira!!
  • (2022-06-15, v:22.4.149) Saudy J. Báez Estévez: Irregularidad
    Sucede que tengo la misma extension en otra computadora y hay una opcion que en una es de pago y en la otra no entonces quiero saber porque pasa eso, es incomodo y no me deja navegar tranquila porque debo estar segura
  • (2022-06-04, v:22.4.144) RockoproYT retro#1: porfa
    que ya no me fijen mucho Avast browser security pliz es muy molesto
  • (2022-05-31, v:22.3.120) Angela: Account
    I cannot find out what device this extension was added to. Can you tell me?
  • (2022-05-29, v:22.3.120) yomeros: Avast Passwords in not running
    At left corner appears the key icon, but beside it also appears, in red, an exclamation point. In sumary, avast passwords is unable to do it's job.
  • (2022-05-08, v:22.3.120) Günter Gnibba: Produkt gekündigt
    Hallo , ich habe das Produkt gekündigt. Ich bitte um Rückerstattung von 23,99 Euro die über Google Payment abgezogen wurden Mit freundlichen Grüßen Günter Gnibba Transaktionscode: 1M447091L0969801K Transaktionsdatum: 05.05.2022 Rechnungsnummer 881038542740672136
  • (2022-05-04, v:22.3.120) Akash Saxena: Avast chrome extension is blocking my site with no proper reason or proof.
    URL: Solar.com Issue: When using avast chrome extension, its blocking the site giving malicious code reason. Even though the site is clean and site contains simple content based pages. We after updating packages and server configs also its blocking the site without showing the reason why its blocked. Can i know which code its is finding as malicious code so that we can check and fix it.
  • (2022-04-24, v:22.3.120) Annemarie Mugan: cookies
    Avast is forcing me to accept it's cookies and blocking my way to the internet unless I do. I have tried to restart my computer but it does the same thing. I have been using Avast for the past 10 years and I always pay for a one year or more. I have 11 months left of my contract with Avast. After seeing what they are doing to me, it will be the last time. Do you realize this behavior is almost like blackmail? They are supposed to protect me but not like a mafia. I have taken a screenshot and so I would love to hear from Avast.
  • (2022-04-20, v:22.3.120) René THEVENIN: Panne de Avast Premium Sécurité
    Depuis quelques jours Avast Prenium Sécurité ne fonctionne plus Est-ce normal ?
  • (2022-04-01, v:21.0.118) john brandist: Phishing website not detected
    The website https://vistmark.shop/ is a fake online shop used for phishing. Avast Online Security and Privacy indicates "Everything looks good", but I know the site is a scam. Why doesn't Avast identify this site as fraudulent? How can the site be added to an unsafe list?
  • (2022-03-31, v:21.0.118) Joaquin Gabriel Puebla: el antivirus no me permite ingresar a mi página web
    Doy cliente de ustedes y el antivirus no me permite ingresar a mi portal https://semanarioquintopoder.com/. Hemos verificado todo pero no tenemos ningún virus en la página y resulta extraño xque la utilizó todos los días.El informe dice que la página está infectada por JS:Agent-EIY(Trj). Necesito desactivar el antivirus para poder trabajar. Gracias
  • (2022-03-10, v:21.0.118) joshua elliott: subscription
    I've subscribed to a 2 year service but yet when issues arise and I click "resolve issues" it diverts me to a subscription page.... WTH?
  • (2022-02-20, v:21.0.101) Alain Desarzens: Cookies and access to a website, linked to bonus Always blocked by
    Hello, Your support will be apreciated. Websites are blocked. by cookies or caché or by the anti virus Avast.or by chrome google web or VPN, or by the Bonusjunkies, I could not find the solution. Can you give me the authorization to access the second website called by bonusjunkies I'm inviting you to join BonusJunkies, a site that lets you earn money with social media. Sign up today for a $30 bonus! https://ref.bonusjunkies.co/wolfe999 #earnmoney #cashappfriday #makemoneyonline #onlinejob (40 to 60usd free to install) Take a look Free Money and Traffic https://themillionnaireclub.blogspot.com click on associates.(Gcard, secret code 4DMD with Ogogo , 5Billionsales - alll free to join - each time $300 free. Thank you and explain Alain [email protected]
  • (2022-02-18, v:21.0.101) Antonio Gomes Da Silva: NÃO CONSIGO BAIXAR ARQUIVOS
  • (2022-02-16, v:21.0.101) Norberto Carena: ¿Es gratis?
    En ninguna parte se anuncia como producto gratis, y tampoco menciona cuanto cuesta ese servicio. Podrían ser un poco más transparentes...
  • (2022-02-10, v:21.0.101) Carlos José Pedrosa: Preço
    Caros amigos, Vocês descrevem as funcionalidades, mas esquecem de informar quanto precisaremos pagar por mês. Grato pela atenção, Carlos José Pedrosa [email protected]
  • (2022-02-09, v:21.0.101) J V: Promoting every chrome startup
    Really annoying every time I open my chrome. This is negative marketing im starting to hate avast.
  • (2022-02-08, v:21.0.101) David Riley: Opening Time
    Since I renewed Avast, It takes forever to open pages and at time it will not open at all, this includes my email
  • (2022-02-07, v:21.0.101) Ana Cristina Oliveira Ferreira: antinvirus
    comprei o antivírus de vocês e cada problema que aparece, tenho que comprar um novo produto para resolver, quero cancelar minha assinatura
  • (2022-02-05, v:21.0.101) LunaIsNow: Tab opens every time I open my chrome
    So I don't want the add-on to my chrome but avast opens a tab every to: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/avast-online-security-pri/gomekmidlodglbbmalcneegieacbdmki?utm_source=app I really don't want this and cannot block it. Please stop this from happening because its really starting to get annoying
  • (2022-02-03, v:21.0.101) Romina Metallari: Pagamento di due abbonamenti
    Buongiorno, senza nessuna autorizzazione ci è stato addebitato il costo di due abbonameti senza averli richiesti, chiediamo il rimborso in quanto non abbiamo attivato nulla di nostra spontanea volontà.
  • (2022-01-30, v:21.0.101) Jaime Kmiecik: disable ads
    I'm having trouble disabling certain ads. when I click on "deactivate", a window opens with the website of this advertisement and in the extension it says "Deactivation in progress", please help me.
  • (2022-01-28, v:21.0.101) SALVIA Valérie: PROBLEME
    Bonjour, je n'ai plus accès à mes mails à cause de "Google Chrome" qui veut l'accès et bloque ce n'est pas normal, merci de m'aider SVP...
  • (2022-01-23, v:21.0.101) Tamás Dömsödi: Blocks too much
    It blocks too many things, breaking websites (no pictures loading at all). It also blocks hCapta making it impossible to acces some websites.
  • (2022-01-21, v:21.0.101) Бомбина Светлана: Необоснованное списание стоимости продукта Аваст
    Списали деньги, техподдержка не отвечает. В подписках кабинета в Аваст нет ничего, поэтому не могу указать номер идентификатора заказа (просто потому, что его нет!!) Сколько потребителей еще так пострадало? И сколько "срубил" аваст? Кто-то может подсказать решение?
  • (2022-01-16, v:21.0.101) Матвей Антропов — интернет-маркетолог: Не могу отказаться от некоторых рекламодателей
    Нажимаю "Отказаться" от услуг рекламодателей на Chrome 97, процесс запускается, проходит минута, но 33Across, Adform, Amazon и ряд других все равно остаются в разряде тех рекламодателей, от которых я не отказался. Почините проблему.
  • (2022-01-10, v:21.0.101) Prefeitura Municipal de Caarapo: Parem q enfiar propaganda
  • (2022-01-10, v:21.0.101) RIVA LAURETTA: virus
    accendo il compiuter e mi dice che ce un probliema, ma io ho fatto l'abbonamento perche' non l'ho risolvono ??
  • (2022-01-08, v:21.0.101) Lena: aclaurence
    plantamorangapor agenho da idaam trocopor engenho
  • (2022-01-08, v:21.0.101) Николай Харченко: Как отключить подписку .
    Как отключить подписку, 3года подряд списывают средства с карты без нашего ведома. Мы не пользуемся данным приложением
  • (2022-01-07, v:21.0.101) Perth ช่าง Kid: search reccommendation
    it not accurate alway mark sites as secure even if theres malware and no additional features website not secure but mark as secure can llead to people having malwware it not accurate no real time sccan and dont report i searched virus site and it marks as secure virus site cant be secure, its infected with malwarre how wil it be secure have more features 0 stars cuz it pops privacy reccomendations when im busy
  • (2022-01-06, v:21.0.101) Екатерина Ильина: Аваст на мобильные устройства
    Мне дарили Аваст в том числе и можно было установить на мобильное устройство. Планшет я продал, где найти это предложение?
  • (2022-01-06, v:21.0.101) Luis Eduardo Diaz Guzman: Compre servicio premium por dos años
    si compre el servicio premiun para 10 dispositivos; por quê no me deja ingresar el codigo de acceso a mi p c ?
  • (2022-01-04, v:21.0.101) Александр: Требует установить.
    Постоянно открывается страница с предложением установить это расширение! Где отключить эту настройку? Задолжало уже!
  • (2022-01-04, v:21.0.101) Wynona R Burgstiner: Un asked for advertising popups
    I have your virus protection and like the way it is now, please remove my email from your advertising popups. I have used your virus protection for over 7 years and do not need any additional protection with my Google, Chrome and computer. How do I stop these as I was looking at my Mail this popped up and covered my screen. It is annoying and may even convense me to drop Avast after all these years.
  • (2022-01-04, v:21.0.101) Gilbert Nys: Heb Avast Ultimate onderschreven voor 10 toestellen. Heb er 2 Hoe moet ik mijn tweede pc actualiseren naar Ultimate ?
    Heb Avast Ultimate onderschreven en betaald. Hoe moet ik mijn tweede pc actualiseren ?
  • (2022-01-04, v:21.0.101) Sofía Spieth: Cancelación
    deseo cancelar mi suscripción a avast
  • (2022-01-04, v:21.0.101) Walter Sneader: How can I tell if this is running?
    have clicked alt ctrL. What do I do next?
  • (2022-01-04, v:21.0.101) Ігор Климишин: Show the site as secure, not phishing
    The site https://rodovid.lviv.ua/ Avast Online Security & Privacy is mistakenly defined as phishing. I am the owner of this site, and I know it is not. Please review this site to determine if it is safe.
  • (2022-01-03, v:21.0.101) Michelle Le moan: licence
    ma licence est valable jusqu'au 01 juillet 2022 arrêté de me qu'elle a expiré
  • (2022-01-02, v:21.0.101) Ömer Esat Ulu: good but slow
    Full scan works slowly, I waited an hour and a half for it. Can you fix this ?
  • (2022-01-02, v:21.0.101) Alexandre Santos: Avast online security
    As classificações do Avast online Security desapareceram de alguns sites. Obrigado!
  • (2022-01-02, v:21.0.101) Александр Панкевич: аваст
    у меня одна проблемма. КАК УДАЛИТЬ ВАШ ДОЛБАННЫЙ АНТИВИРУС!!!
  • (2021-12-21, v:21.0.101) Elio Chicoli: indirizzo e-mail
    come faccio a trovare il mio vecchio indirizzo e-mail e tutta la posta in arrivo
  • (2021-12-20, v:21.0.101) Kara-Mia: SUBSCIPTION lapsed- how do I become "Active" agaiin?
    I can't find my anti-virus information I have always found Avast (free) protection effective. Once I upgraded I found a plethora features that I just loved! How do I reinstall?
  • (2021-12-16, v:21.0.68) Michel M: unwanted antivirus
    I already have an antivirus program. Why did Avast installed without my permission and even worse it won't let me uninstall. That antivirus is WORSE than a virus. It's creating conflict with my actual antivirus. Let me know ASAP how to uninstall this program. What you're doing is wrong.
  • (2021-12-15, v:21.0.68) lester wilkes: activation
    had to restore Microsoft version, lost AVG. how can I get new Activation code


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