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Beautiful email templates for Gmail. Design your templates or import templates from Mailchimp. With team sharing!

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Description from store Create and share beautiful email templates! With this Chrome extension, you can: 1) Select any template from our free library of pre-designed email templates 2) Use our intuitive email design creator to create your own email (equipped with free stock photos!) 3) Copy someone's email template to make your own by clicking on a button from any email that you received in your inbox 4) Upload your own email templates from Mailchimp 5) Share your email templates with your team 6) Use our HTML editor in cases where you know how to code in HTML 7) Access and send your email templates from your mobile phone Great for: ✅ Newsletters ✅ Discount sales ✅ Party invitations ✅ Congratulations ✅ Holiday greetings ✅ Event emails (like when you need to send a client a reminder to pay their bill) ✅ Common email responses (like asking a potential customer to fill out an intake form, troubleshooting instructions, etc) Open a template directly in your Gmail email compose window. Once you’ve personalized your template you’ll be able to send it out like any other email in Gmail. The email templates library is FREE to use, and we’re adding new templates all the time. 📲 Do you also want to access your email templates on your mobile phone? Just install our mobile add-on and send your email template responses while on-the-go: https://workspace.google.com/marketplace/app/email_templates_by_cloudhq/183322770515 🔥🔥🔥 Check out our template library here: 👇 https://www.email-templates.com/email-templates If you are a designer and would like to showcase your email templates, please contact [email protected] and include "Influencer program" in the subject line.

Latest reviews

  • (2023-10-21) null null: As a small business owner, I found myself investing in numerous apps to manage my operations. However, these apps were not delivering the results I needed, and the financial strain was taking a toll on my profit and loss statement. It was a frustrating and costly experience, until I discovered CloudHQ. CloudHQ has proven to be the ultimate solution for my business needs. It's a comprehensive platform that offers a suite of applications to streamline data and email management. From tracking emails to syncing data in real-time, printing emails, and integrating with multiple cloud platforms, CloudHQ does it all. The financial impact of switching to Cloud HQ has been significant. By consolidating all these functions into one platform, I've been able to cut down on the costs of multiple subscriptions. This has had a positive effect on my bottom line, reducing expenses and boosting profits. Moreover, the efficiency and effectiveness of CloudHQ have greatly improved my business operations. I no longer have to juggle multiple apps or deal with ineffective tools. Everything I need is in one place, and it works seamlessly. In conclusion, CloudHQ is more than just a tool - it's a game-changer. It's revolutionized the way I manage my business, saving me time, money, and a lot of frustration. In my book, CloudHQ is the real deal. It's not just good, it's the best.
  • (2023-10-13) George Katsimichas: For some reason I can't do anything, when I am going to choose a template my chrome just freeze. Any Idea ???
  • (2023-09-01) 6 Stars Cleaning: Why add on every email I sent the following text: Create and share beautiful email templates x???
  • (2023-07-12) Ryan Favour (RF_ryanfavour): WHY WILL A PUBLIC EXTENSION KICK ME OUT CAUSE IM FROM NIGERIA 🌍
  • (2023-03-31) Jeannine Earp: With its extensive library of customizable templates, intuitive interface, and years of experience in email automation, Gmail Email Templates is a solid extension that simplifies and streamlines the process of creating professional and effective email communications. 5 stars.
  • (2023-03-26) Peter Greer: Good extension that offers a wide range of customizable email templates, helping businesses and individuals save time and streamline their communication. 5/5 for me.
  • (2023-03-19) Virgil Patterson: Works great. It offers a wide range of pre-designed templates for creating professional-looking emails, however, it would be more helpful if it had a feature to preview the templates before selecting them. Though overall, I recommend this extension.
  • (2023-03-05) Anthony Thompson: This is a great add-on for anyone who sends a lot of similar emails. The templates are easy to set up and use, and they can save a lot of time and effort. However, it would be helpful if the add-on included more pre-made templates for different purposes.
  • (2023-02-27) Alba T.: ¡Perfecta!
  • (2023-02-24) Simon Yoda: Gmail Email Templates is a great tool that can save users time and improve their email productivity. With its easy-to-use interface, users can quickly create and save templates for common email messages, such as welcome emails, sales pitches, or follow-up messages. Additionally, the tool's ability to personalize and schedule emails makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to streamline their email communication process. Overall, Gmail Email Templates is a great tool that can help users send better emails in less time.
  • (2023-02-20) Guntard Heiz: I recently started using cloudHQ Email Templates, and I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed with the product. Here are the top three reasons why I think it's great: Firstly, the safety of the product is remarkable. With the increasing number of cybersecurity threats, it's important to ensure that sensitive information is kept secure. cloudHQ Email Templates provides a safe and secure way to store and manage email templates, ensuring that your confidential information remains protected. Secondly, the team sharing feature is fantastic. As someone who works in a team, it's important to be able to collaborate and share information easily. With cloudHQ Email Templates, team members can share email templates, making communication more efficient and streamlined. Lastly, I love the integration with MailKing. This integration allows you to use the email templates in your campaigns, making email marketing a breeze. It saves a significant amount of time and effort, while ensuring consistency in your communication with your clients. Overall, I would highly recommend cloudHQ Email Templates. It's a safe, reliable, and efficient tool that streamlines communication and enhances productivity.
  • (2023-02-20) Silver Tiktoker: Good extension
  • (2023-02-20) Grimes Writer: I love this extension well I will always be using it for my MailChimp
  • (2023-02-20) Jagun Molu: I enjoy using this extension for mailchimp
  • (2023-02-20) jobb Ola: it worth award very good extension, best among all
  • (2023-02-20) Damirex Oluomo: The emails look great and Make my company look great! Simple and awesome! Thank YOU!
  • (2023-02-20) Alisson Sandra: I'm still testing cloudHQ, but what I've seen up to now is excellent, and very easy to use. And if you work with mailchimp to create new templates, importing them into Gmail is just a click!! I love it
  • (2023-02-20) Annie Stewart: Works well, keep it up!!!
  • (2023-02-20) Dammy Young: Great for all things business and beyond. Excellent extension.
  • (2023-02-20) Damirex avatar: Very useful, highly Recommended for this extension
  • (2023-02-20) Taiwo Damilola Temitope: So much easier to use than many of the other extension I really love it
  • (2023-02-06) Gimel C.: I couldn't even get past the permission list on signing up with my gmail account. The access permissions to this extension wants to have access to your gmail and drive, meaning they can read, write, delete, upload, download your files and emails.
  • (2022-11-01) Afa Ina: Very helpful extension
  • (2022-11-01) Funmije Lakasagba: Highly Recommended for this extension
  • (2022-11-01) Ile Giga: This extension is grateful
  • (2022-11-01) Awe Awe: continue the good extension
  • (2022-11-01) Okomi Atata: So much easier to use than many of the other extension
  • (2022-11-01) Aduragbemi Rentals: It i very helpful
  • (2022-10-31) Lakson Dancer: I love using this extension, i have being looking for this extension and is very easy to use
  • (2022-03-17) Robert Erzan: Very much improved since its initial version :-)
  • (2022-03-09) Maria Fernanda Giraldo: I need help :( I think the tool is amazing. I have been using it for almost one year but lately when I send emails people just get half of it. Any idea?
  • (2022-03-05) Fb Chat Roulette: This is a great product! It basically brings many of the capabilities of MailChimp or Contact Contact email marketing design into Gmail!
  • (2022-02-27) Best Partner: great extension really useful for EMIAL community
  • (2022-02-27) Anto Avatar: Really great plugin - Has become an essential part of my workflow!
  • (2022-02-27) Discord Mass: This is a wonderful tool allows me use directly in my Gmail account.
  • (2022-02-27) Ben Jonas: I really like the idea of this extension. I hope it gets big and has a good community!
  • (2022-02-27) De Young: This is an amazing extension!!
  • (2022-02-27) Damxel 1: I came across there link and see this we useful for my work. I was so happy it was so useful.
  • (2022-02-27) Ply War: Best Among all.
  • (2022-02-27) Success Donald: I was invited to this platform and I was so happy that i get what am looking for done by this extension. Thanks to the owner
  • (2022-02-27) Mayor James: AWESOME EXTENSION! We definitely use it again. Thanks for developing something useful like this.
  • (2022-02-27) Chloe Jackson: Awesome
  • (2022-02-26) coin lizzy: cloudHQ helps me a lot. Thank you.
  • (2022-02-26) abidoye sodiq: I haven't tested it against other template tools, but it appears to be good at what it does.
  • (2022-02-26) Sodiq digitex: Works for me. Had no issues at all
  • (2022-02-26) Smith Luvv: Well and outstanding extension
  • (2021-12-20) Luca Willington: This useful app is much improved since the 2020 version. It just about did the job then. Now, in 2021, I find it easier to use and there are more Christmas templates available in the library. Thank you, CloudHQ, I can be greener by sending Xmas cards by email. And without having to insert links to third party websites, which the recipients can't be certain whether to trust or not.
  • (2021-11-23) Timothy Martin: This is probably the best email template generator I have found. I also love that I can share templates with my team.

Latest issues

  • (2017-07-12, v: Hersh Batkin: removing tempates
    Can I remove all the templates except my own? I only want my team to see the templates I've created. I want o get rid of the rest of the premade templates.
  • (2017-07-11, v: Brian Bachman: mail merge field for first name
    is there a way to create a template with a first name mail merge?
  • (2017-07-07, v: Jorge Dominguez: consulta
    como descargo templates
  • (2017-06-29, v: Ludovic moncla: Recipient
    hi there, i am a new user of the extension for the news letter function. i have quite a lot of email in my gmail and I don't want all my contact to see the other clients. is there a way to select groups instead of individuals in the To: section? regards,
  • (2017-06-22, v: Bonjour New York Summer Camp: Log out of Mailchimp
    I mistakenly logged in the wrong mailchimp account. Anyone knows how to un-sync that one and sync the right one?
  • (2017-05-05, v: Ornsby Motorcycle Training: Error
    When I try to use my templates today I am getting a message advising me to refresh my browser. This doesn't work. I have removed the extension and added it again but no change. I have never had a problem before :(
  • (2017-04-07, v: Tessa Hanafin: Can't change permissions
    Hi There, when installing the extension I chose to deny access to emails, deleting etc as I hadn't done enough research and wanted to make sure that was OK. Now I can't turn those back on, and I can't see the extension in my new mail. Please advise, Thank you
  • (2017-03-11, v: Cara Klein: Customization
    Can I change the color of the banners or the background?
  • (2017-02-16, v: Lauryn Sargent: Images
    Images aren't showing up when we use Streak MailMerge (works great when we send it one by one). Is this a gmail template thing or a Streak thing?
  • (2017-01-12, v: Compartir Templates
    Good day, I need to know how other users can use the templates that I have created, since inside a company we need several people to use them to send emails to their contacts since creating the templates on each computer does not make much sense. Thank you, I am waiting your answers.
  • (2017-01-06, v: Dynamic positioning
    When using these templates the html does not dynamically re-size correctly. How do I do this?
  • (2016-12-05, v: Rajiv Bhasin: What is cloud hq
    Why is the app wanting me to install cloud hq ... I thought the templates were what we were going to get by installing this app. And clod hq wants permission to view my emails.
  • (2016-07-15, v: Mitch Goldman: The "insert template" button doesn't appear
    Maybe some of the other extensions are conflicting with it (Hubspot?), but I'm not seeing the insert template button. Is there are shortcut key that I can use to try and activate it? I tried turning off some of my other extensions and reloading GMail, but it still doesn't appear. Any ideas on how to make it work? I'm on a Mac using Chrome.


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