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Enhance your productivity transforming long emails into simple audio recordings easily created in Gmail!

Image from store Google Contacts & Record audio in Gmail
Description from store Sending audio notes is great! We do it all the time in Whatsapp or iMessage. You can use this extension to send vocal messages to your contacts straight from Gmail! The extension works easily and does not require any third party software. Your contacts will receive the audio message in their inbox and they can listen to it without having to open a web page or anything. Your audio data is only stored locally and never saved so you can be safe that your audio messages are only heard by you and your contacts. No one else. This extension is built by Nat.app, an Executive CRM (relationship management tool) that automatically figures out when you lose touch with someone. We are not affiliated with Google LLC or Alphabet Inc. You can learn more about Google Contacts here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Contacts

Latest reviews

  • (2020-10-09) Michael JOHNSON: Hi Nate, Works great except for my voice is slowed down and I sound slow and deep like a Gorilla, like the reverse of a helium effect. Why is this happening? How do I fix it? Thank you,
  • (2020-10-02) PubliKanguro Tecno - Marketing: Gracias es una excelente opción para mejorar los correos, complementarlos y dejar de depender tanto de Wahstapp que me parece una app util pero más informal.
  • (2020-09-14) Joe Celentano: This has been Google Contacts opener for as long as I can remember. Now all of a sudden it says it is an audio recorder for gmail? I deleted it because it asked for new permissions and I didn't ever remember adding an audio recorder extension, then could not figure out why my contacts opener was missing. The developer has definitely messed up here somehow.
  • (2020-09-08) Ernesto Puig: This app used to be a chrome extension that opened a seperate window just for google contacts. Now the name has changed to an audio recording service (with no notification) and it just opens a new tab in the browser which I could do with a bookmark.
  • (2020-09-05) Jean-Bernard Bégin: Quel est le rapport entre contacts et cette appli pour envoyer un message vocal par courriel ?
  • (2020-04-03) Максим Подольский: Очень удобно! Черти из угля сами не могли сделать?
  • (2019-11-02) Zsuzsanna Vári: Looks and works fine, also pretty easy to use. 😊👌
  • (2019-07-28) Shah Alam: You are denying yourself a luxury if you use Google Contacts along with the Gmail in Google Chrome and still not using this extension. Works flawlessly and greatly improves productivity. Thanks, Roger.
  • (2019-05-31) Michael Warmuth: Funktioniert in Chrome einwandfrei. Via Alt+C direkt auf die Kontakte zugreifen zu können ist gerade bei Multi-Monitor-Arbeitsplätzen eine sehr nützliche Sache, denn man kann sich ja das PopUp entsprechend selber anpassen. Top!
  • (2019-03-17) Jaehyuck Jerry 양재혁 Yang: I have over 14,000 contacts. It takes time to upload the contacts.
  • (2019-01-09) Christoph Bühler: Läuft nicht bei mir, nützt nichts so.
  • (2018-11-30) Oscar Garcia: Funciona muy bien... así tienes todos tus contactos a la mano.
  • (2018-10-05) Waleed Khalid: very useful, simple and fast extension
  • (2018-09-20) David Snow: Since the latest gmail upgrade both gmail and contact have been very slooow, and contacts has been even harder to find. For gmail I had to switch to the slow internet gmail settings even with my 30mb internet speed.
  • (2018-08-03) T Garnes: Works quite well so far. Not sure why Google has made it so hard to get to google contacts, even with their gmail update.
  • (2018-06-06) Sergio Arraiz: una extension muy importante y necesaria, por ejemplo, me ayudo a ver algunos contactos que tenia registrado cuando mi telefono se me daño
  • (2018-06-05) Thierry Bourret: Incredibly slow and buggy
  • (2018-05-09) Hank Segal: Does not Work
  • (2018-05-09) tom minor: It's cool. Works fine. I just wish the icon was the google contacts icon.
  • (2018-05-08) Roger, thanks for a GREAT extension. This is what Google/Alphabet should provide!! This is easy to use and is slick: Stable; Nice UI; Easy to add Contacts or get more details on Contacts (last communications, etc.) This is EXACTLY what I was looking for and I wanted to send kudos, for a job well done!
  • (2018-04-27) John Johnson: Smooth, stays open in the background... Great idea. Good app for anyone who uses or depends on their Contacts list. Super job on programing.
  • (2018-03-24) Luc T: used to work great! now for some reason it doesnt syncronise my google contacts from my phone to my browser extension - WHICH IS THE WHOLE POINT OF THIS EXTENSION!!!
  • (2018-02-13) Smartbuild Engineering Ltd: Would be GREAT if a shortcut could be added to desktop/pinned to taskbar (another extension is use called Vysor allows this which makes me think it's possible. Cheers!
  • (2018-02-08) Does what it says it will.
  • (2018-01-23) Yoshi KK: 簡単に連絡先にアクセスできるところは優れているが、表示項目やソート機能があれば更に良い。
  • (2018-01-17) Gregor Purdie: Very Ronseal. Excellent work.
  • (2018-01-09) Mileise Acosta: no es mala
  • (2017-12-28) Александр Макаренко: Да. Действительно так удобнее.
  • (2017-10-06) Alessio Monsecchi: Ottima! Semplice e funzionale
  • (2017-08-17) Colin Klenner: Does what it says, no fuss, clean and easy.
  • (2017-08-08) Sean: Does it

Latest issues

  • (2021-01-22, v:6.1) Alexis Kirkeeng: updater
    windows 10
  • (2020-12-02, v:6.1) Galen Massey: Recipients
    Recipients of the recordings can't open the recording.
  • (2020-10-13, v:6.0) Tony Ellerd: Popup Size?
    How do I set the popup window size? The options link is grayed out.
  • (2020-10-13, v:6.0) Novák Hunor: can't play sound on mobile
    Dear NatAPP, I've tried your products a few days ago, it works totally fine. But today, if I attach a sound in gmail with your extensions, if somebody try to open it in their mobile, it says: "there is a problem with this file", and can play it. On PC you can open it, but can't fast forward into, so it seems an endless audio. What's the problem? Tried everything, reinstalled the extentsion. Hope you can help, Regards
  • (2020-10-09, v:5.2.1) Michael JOHNSON: Voice Slowed down
    Hi Nate, Works great except for my voice is slowed down and I sound slow and deep like a Gorilla, like the reverse of a helium effect. Why is this happening? How do I fix it? Whats your email? I can send you an example. Thank you,
  • (2020-09-08, v:5.1) Thomas Hume: Your app has replaced a previously installed extension called Google Contacts Opener without my permission.
    Your app has replaced a previously installed extension called Google Contacts Opener without my permission. The old app is by Roger Charles (his email is available upon request). Results from a google search on the old extension name are directed to your app. This seems very sketchy.
  • (2020-09-07, v:5.0) Ralph Beard: Contacts app has disappeared
    Not sure what has happened, but somehow this app has changed from the Google Contacts shortcut app to Nat.app - Record audio in Gmail
  • (2020-08-19, v:1.4.5) Dick Henry: Contact Extension
    When I click on contacts nothing happens, does not go to my contacts. Using Linux Mint.
  • (2020-03-15, v:1.3.12) Greg James: doesnt work
    I have Google Contacts Opener icon on list of extensions, but on this Win10 computer, I click on it and it doesnt bring up Google contacts! How to get it to do what it is supposed to do?
  • (2020-03-10, v:1.3.12) Dayak Sagana Raja: Thanx
    Thank you Sir
  • (2015-11-22, v:1.2.2) Eric Clark: Multiple Contacts or Groups to Display
    Great app. I am trying to figure out if it will display a group I have associated to my contacts. Any guidance would be appreciated.
  • (2015-10-26, v:1.2.2) Fred Akinola Erunkulu: Not opening
    hello Roger and thank you for a lovely app. its not responding ..each time i click it, nothing happened..it worked well a couple of days ago. and when i right click and click on contacts, it brings me back to the store.. what should i do?
  • (2015-10-26, v:1.2.2) Payment
    I will make a donation sometime in the near future. I am so glad to be able to put you in my contacts! and that we both live in the same state. Thank you for providing such a wonderful product!
  • (2015-09-13, v:1.2.0) Pierangelo Trovesi: STAMPA
  • (2015-08-21, v:1.1.7) Martin: Enhance
    Is there a way to add a shortcut to the chrome://apps/ page so it will also load on the Chrome App Launcher?
  • (2015-08-20, v:1.1.7) Shaine Peters: same as others - nothing happens
    I followed your suggestion to another user and deleted and re-installed.. I did this 3 times and changed the size settings each time. Still nothing, other than launching in its own window which is easy enough without the extension. Just want to let you know - I did not rate it or leave you a poor review as I am sure you will find the problem and offer a solution.
  • (2015-08-11, v:1.1.7) Steve Wilner: install this app?
    So I saw your answer below. I am 62 and struggling. I moved to Windows 10 and also seeing many things CHANGING but not sure why? My Contacts and phone numbers are giving me fits and disappearing and duplicates.........so really unsure to change more with this app? small user base so fairly new? Thanks for reporting. The Hangouts icon does appear to have vanished. Google is apparently in the process of merging Voice and Hangouts. If you go to the "Try Contacts preview" in the sidebar and click on a phone number, you'll see a brand new calling interface. I have both Voice and Hangouts extensions installed, so my calls go through in both versions. I have no control over any of this, as the Contacts extension only opens Google's app. « collapse Posted by Roger H. Charles - Aug 3, 2015
  • (2015-08-03, v:1.1.5) Cannot make a phone call because no "Hangouts" option available
    ACTION 1: A contact is displayed in the Contacts window, the cursor is placed over the telephone icon to the right of the contact's phone numbers. RESULT: "Call with Google Voice is displayed. ACTION 2: Left-click on the telephone icon. RESULT: A small "call-out" panel is displayed containing the correct phone number at the top, the text saying "Phone to call with", a pick-list containing with one choice: "Google Talk", and a green "Place Call" button at the bottom. Clicking on the "Place Call" button changes that button to "Calling ..." with no call ever made.
  • (2015-06-03, v:1.1.3) Cynthia Smith: contacts
    I am trying to add a new contact in and it will not let me
  • (2015-02-20, v:1.1.1) Jack: Can't get it to work
    I've got the icon on the top right of Chrome, but when I click on it, nothing happens. If I right click I get "Contacts, Options, Remove...etc" but nothing like the display on your website. What gives? How do I use this?


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