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Brings up the on-screen keyboard when entering text input fields. Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Pro has to be installed and running.

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Description from store This extension brings up the on-screen keyboard when entering text input fields. Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Pro (or Comfort Keys Pro) software has to be installed and running: https://www.comfortsoftware.com/on-screen-keyboard/ The first time you try the extension, reload any previously open pages before you try out the new functionality on them. System requirements: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Latest reviews

  • (2023-04-22) Belay Mulat: To use this extension, Comfort Keys must be installed on your computer. This extension activates it on chrome to auto-appear on a typing field. Very helpful!
  • (2022-12-09) Anthony “Tony”: This is not a true extension. It will only work if you also download added software. Defeats the point of being in the extension store. Misleading at best. It really should be removed.
  • (2021-11-19) Rony Nazrul: sucks!
  • (2021-10-15) blue: Doesn't work
  • (2021-10-09) Napalm Secret: Very useful expansion for me. It is difficult for me to print on the usual keyboard due to the illness.
  • (2021-04-03) kolj kolin: не работает.ни в хроме,ни в опере.а в мазиле работает.
  • (2021-01-22) Not Real: doesn't work
  • (2020-11-08) user name: Это не клавиатура, это модуль управления для полноценной программы On-Screen Keyboard Pro. модуль нужен чтобы клавиатура работала по такому же алгоритму как клавиатуры в сенсорных гаджетах. т.е. клава появляется когда в браузере указывается где мы будем печатать. ОТЗЫВ: расширение вешает комп в некоторых полях ввода где организован ajax в например web telegtam постоянная смена статуса клавиатуры зацикливается на show keyboard \ hide keyboard и просто вешает браузер vivaldi если клавиатура вот так зацикливается в веб панели
  • (2020-10-14) DJsubZERO57: bruh doesnt even pop up
  • (2020-09-16) Friends Vlogs: dont make this mistake of downloading it it is useless
  • (2020-06-23) ok pop up pl
  • (2019-11-21) Chezielle: it doesnt work
  • (2019-11-05) Beesan Mohammed: كيف ؟؟؟؟؟
  • (2019-07-08) Thomas Rossman: Does not do anything.
  • (2017-11-25) No keys is working. It's simply broken, and useless.
  • (2017-11-09) NEXIS: does not work
  • (2017-09-22) Mateo Castro: It is just an image in the extensions board, it does not work. No keyboard pop out to the screen.
  • (2017-07-27) Herbert Lubitz: does not come up on posting in social media, usless
  • (2017-03-17) Shrutika Javkar: i cant use it
  • (2017-03-12) Hoàng Tân: .
  • (2017-01-01) Monecia Passelle: great
  • (2016-07-11) Garbage
  • (2016-01-02) Роман Ягафаров: не раьотает
  • (2015-10-27) Mark Edwards: chromestore says it is installed. where is it. no one likes new apps thar don't introduce themselves. thia loads and hide. I say it will be a winner if you pay attention to suggestions
  • (2015-08-16) La Puma: only problem is it dose not look like this pic
  • (2015-01-14) SigisKa Ink: visai nieko :)
  • (2014-10-18) Zorica Parker: Having to have a separate program running in the background using up system resources just to support this extension is a deal breaker. Too bad because it looks nice. Review written with built-in Windows virtual keyboard.
  • (2014-07-17) Austin Manry: awsome
  • (2014-06-12) rongee 2049: Very good virtual keyboard with a ton of features and settings. I would have given it 5 stars if it had more detailed gaming interfaces.
  • (2014-03-24) Saturn Tube: i like it
  • (2013-09-01) Stratos Agapitos: den douleuei !!!!
  • (2013-06-28) Steven Friedenthal: some inappropriate finishing of input. Will occasionally disappear while entering a URL. Perhaps I can clear up these problems by adjusting the setting. I am tempted to rate this extension 5 stars as it vastly superior to the native Windows 8 on-screen keyboard. If this keyboard were compatible with a dual input screen (active digitizer for handwriting and capacative touch) I would rate this as the best tablet-pc input program available and actively sing its praises in all the tablet-pc forums I can find.
  • (2013-03-26) James Purdy: helpful
  • (2012-10-31) Abhishek Bakoriya: ok
  • (2012-09-02) Justin Garner: In order to use this extension you have to have "Comfort Keys" installed on your computer! This extension works as described.

Latest issues

  • (2017-03-18, v:3.0) Krismas: I cant use it
    It wont let me use it whenever i click it it sends me back to chrome web store.
  • (2016-10-11, v:3.0) problem
    I cannot use it
  • (2016-04-10, v:3.0) Sebas Osorio: Sugerencia
    Por favor arreglen la extension, para chrome no me funciona de resto en windows si excelente era el teclado que tanto buscaba pero para navegar no me funciona
  • (2015-11-30, v:3.0) AnaMarie Baker: Remove virtual keyboard
    How do I remove this?
  • (2015-11-24, v:3.0) Minehoda48130: اللغة العربية
    اين اللغة العربية؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟
  • (2015-06-04, v:2.4) Myriam LO: how to activate
    I have a UK English physical keyboard on my non-touchscreen Chrome OS PC. I want sometimes to write in Portuguese, and while I can switch to Portuguese keyboard in Chrome OS, the physical keyboard obviously does not display the correct keys. I had hoped this app would bring up an onscreen keyboard that I could use as a guide, or to select characters on the ecreen, but it does not appear. It is installed and enabled but nothing happens.
  • (2015-03-31, v:2.4) kikiplumer02: not workin
    app dnt work everytime i go to search it dont come up
  • (2015-01-08, v:2.1) Daiva Turianica: Its not working.
    Its just not coming up then im using google searc bar on chrome.
  • (2014-12-09, v:2.1) delete app
    how do you delete the app


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