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Use your Salesforce.com Chatter account from your browser.

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Description from store A simple extension to bring Salesforce.com Chatter into your Chrome browser. New: bug fixes. Lets you view your news feed, post comments, like comments and posts and submit status updates. You can follow and unfollow users and groups, and even delete posts if you want. @Mentions, searching, recommendations are all available. Image previews. Even manage multiple Chatter accounts at the same time - including both Production, Developer and Sandbox instances as well as custom domains! It's a great alternative to Chatter Desktop as it doesn't require Adobe Air to be installed on your machine and works across all operating systems. All communication from the extension is over HTTPS direct to Salesforce.com, with no intermediary servers to interfere with your data. This extension also lets you view posts across the whole company, not just your followers, which is great for driving adoption of Chatter as you can see new users posting for the first time. All you need to get started is a Salesforce.com Chatter account. Please give your feedback and let us know what features you'd like added next! Understanding Permissions: This extension does not do anything with your Salesforce web sessions - it won't log you in or out, for example. The permissions requested by this application are the minimum required to allow it to log into Salesforce Chatter and then receive and post Chatter updates. Of course, you can verify the network interactions for yourself using Chrome's inspection tools or similar extensions. If you would like a commercial licence and access to the source code then please contact us to discuss [email protected] Chatter is a trademark of Salesforce.com. This extension isn't an official Salesforce extension.

Latest reviews

  • (2018-01-15) Saves me from the email hell of chatter notifications, and the Lightning-style interface is awesome.
  • (2017-01-26) Keisuke Enoki: 機能的にはChatterDesktopを置き換えるツールとして十分ではあります。 が、このレビューを記載している時点では、マルチバイトの名前のユーザの @mension の挿入が行えないため、日本語環境ではビューア専用として(名前通りモニターとして)使うことになります。 その為☆2の評価としています。 なお、ブラウザが日本語環境であっても名前がアルファベット(@tanaka とか)であれば動作するようですし、@mension 挿入以外は正常動作しています(日本語でpost可)。 @mensionのマルチバイト対応に期待しています!
  • (2014-04-24) Walter Stegen: "must have" when monitoring several orgs
  • (2014-04-06) Boris Tsibelman: love this app!
  • (2013-09-20) Shekhar Jha: Provides all the basic capabilities and at this time better than desktop version Suggested enhancement 1. Editor should support start shortcut keys supported otherwise 2. The post display can be better by supporting basic concepts like rendering new line as new line i.e. BR which can make the post more user-friendly.
  • (2012-12-14) Scott Eng: Great app! Superior to the SFDC Chatter Desktop app, which doesn't even have support for polls whereas this app does. We work in cloud apps all day, so the ability to review, post and comment right from the browser is awesome.
  • (2012-10-19) Renato Bonomini: Quick and easy extension, an excellent non intrusive replacement for chatter desktop
  • (2012-03-22) Mike K: Terrific App, Really has grown usage of chatter in our business where we use almost totally cloud apps . We work out of the browser all day so makes sense to have this .
  • (2012-03-21) Michael Smith: Great app. Saving me lots of time and no more need to keep the Chatter Desktop running or get daily digest emails.
  • (2012-02-16) Adam Roderick: I really like this app, great replacement to the Chatter desktop. I would love it if you were able to view past posts on the groups you joined rather than just posting on them. From there you really help extend the collaboration audience to the whole company.
  • (2012-01-24) Tim Neumark: If it is a Chatter "Monitor", why do I have to click on the Chatter icon to view anything? I was expecting this to be a tab that would remain open and show me the updates.

Latest issues

  • (2021-01-12, v:2.1.0) 山崎亮: Can Chatter Monitor use after Summer '22 release?
    Hi, I am worried about Summer '22 release? Maybe Chatter Monitor use api version 29. #deatail below. https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?siteLang=en_us&id=000354473&language=en_us&mode=1&type=1 Do you have any plans to upgrade?
  • (2019-07-08, v:2.1.0) Andrew Davis: Does this support Chatter feeds from Communities?
    This works for regular Salesforce accounts, but can it display Chatter feeds from Salesforce Communities?
  • (2018-01-12, v:2.1.0) Mike Turner: Access Denied
    When I try to install the extension, I get an access denied error after clicking on the Add Extension button.
  • (2017-05-11, v:2.1.0) christophe vidal: File upload/download issue
    Clicking on a File opens simply a new Tab. Instead the file shall be downloaded. Also, it would be great if we could upload files when creating a post or when commenting. And maybe having a link when clicking on a Post / Comment to bring directly to the same post in the browser would be very useful. For example if something is not supported, it would be a good alternative.
  • (2017-01-24, v:2.1.0) Keisuke Enoki: How to use @Mension
    I can not use @ mentions when I post. How do I insert a user name? ...Is not multi-byte supported?
  • (2016-10-19, v:2.0.5) post still unread after read
    Chatter Monitor doesn't mark the post read
  • (2015-02-06, v:1.2.7) Josh Frederick: How about a Pause option?
    Not sure if this exists yet but since the extension is installed on multiple systems, it would be nice to DISABLE, or PAUSE, the Chatter Monitor if it's not needed (wanted) on that system. Also Sorry if this has come up before but it would be nice to be able to click on a Chatter pop-up message and respond to it. Great work otherwise! Keep it up!
  • (2014-09-30, v:1.2.7) Varaprasad Goud Muthyam: Details on Release cycle?
    May I know few details please, 1. What is your actual release cycle? 2. When is the next version/release scheduled?
  • (2014-09-30, v:1.2.7) Varaprasad Goud Muthyam: Document for Chatter Monitor Chrome Add-on
    May I please have a Doc. that speaks about Chatter Monitor Chrome Add-on.
  • (2013-12-06, v:1.2.0) Anders Wilson: Chrome app rights
    Hi, Why does the extension need my broswing history? Cheers, Anders


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