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Let your Cisco phone dial a number by the click of a button right within your Google Contacts or any site you visit.

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Description from store Note: This is the beta version of the Cisco Dialer Extension! Cisco Dialer adds a little phone icon behind every phone number within your Google Contacts to quickly dial a number on your Cisco based IP phone. The new version also supports dialing from any site, the context menu or the omnibox. Just open the extension settings and add the address of your phone. Now open Google Mail and select Contacts. Select a contact and hover over a phone entry. You should now see a little phone icon. Click on it and your phone should start dialing the number. If you activate the option to make any number dialable on any site then you can hover over any supported number and a dial button should appear right next to the number. If you click on it your phone starts to dial. Have Fun! Tested with the Cisco SPA500 Series IP Phones but should also work on other Cisco IP based phones.

Latest reviews

  • (2021-12-09) Илья Алифанов: Thank for your job. Hello, i installed your extension. This make my job easies. You are awesome!)
  • (2020-01-29) Will Anderson: Works great most of the time. I use APTO for a CRM and the dialer icon displays behind the pop up window with the phone numbers. Can you make it go to the top or front of the screen?
  • (2019-10-23) Paul Goodison: Just works, and very well. I assume this is no longer under development, which is a shame. But we have a bunch of Cisco/Linksys phones (SPA range) and works great.
  • (2018-11-28) Baldeep Birak: Love it. No more manual dialing needed.
  • (2018-11-26) TNM TRANSPORT: Chris! you are Awesome!!! good job. I really love this plugin
  • (2017-08-13) Bernhard Linz: 100% Tool! It just do what it should! I'm only use the "dial number from Website" feature - and it works perfect! I like that i can change the dial parameter in the avanced options - so i cloud change the URI from "Dial" to "EditDial"
  • (2017-06-19) panda bossna: middle for god
  • (2016-10-20) Hello Sky: Awesome works like a charm !!! thanks a bundle
  • (2016-06-27) TheBiggest Mac: Works like a charm in Yandex.browser (based on Chrome).
  • (2015-05-20) Brad Griffiths: THIS IS AWESOME! I've created a web directory of contacts and this is the perfect companion for our SPA502G and SPA504G phones. It does exactly what it says it does, very clean and simple. When I had a problem the developer responded the same day and it was resolved the next, that's a great effort considering we're on different sides of the world. I'm looking forward to this feature set being marked as stable (although it hasn't stopped me rolling this version out to my users and they haven't had any issues). If you've got SPA500 series phones give it a go, I promise you won't regret it. Great job, I give it 2 thumbs up :)
  • (2015-03-14) Adam Greenberg: AWESOME!!! Works great. I have a cloud phone company would like your help, CENTREX | http://ctrx.co
  • (2015-03-12) Mario T.: Makes my day soooo much easier and the developer is so quick in replying! :)

Latest issues

  • (2022-05-04, v:1.2.3) P S: Plugin doesn't do anthing
    Hello, i installed this plugin as i was looking for a way to dial on my desk phone from the web browser. It just doesnt do anything, after i set everything up. No error, no dial, nothing. Under user/password, what is actually ment? the user from the phone or the sip data from the provider? Both doesn't work, but i'm interested nevertheless. Greetings from Germany
  • (2021-07-14, v:1.2.3 beta) Oliver Morris: hi great looking product
    i have the ip as 192.168.6.*** and user name and password to long-on the the device , im getting error 404 im on a SPA514G. any help wil be great thanks
  • (2021-02-17, v:1.2.3 beta) Nasir Khan: Cisco IP Communicator
    It works for my desk phones, but does not work with Cisco IP Communicator or Cisco Jabber, is this not compatible ?
  • (2020-02-14, v:1.2.3 beta) Reiko Fischer: Dial failed: unauthorized
    Have you a sample for configure User and pass in SEP<MAC>.cnf.xml?
  • (2020-01-29, v:1.2.3 beta) Will Anderson: dialer Icon
    Works great most of the time. I use APTO for a CRM and the dialer icon displays behind the pop up window with the phone numbers. Can you make it go to the top or front of the screen?
  • (2019-11-18, v:1.2.3 beta) Operations IMC: SPA 525G
    Hello, I added the app, then add the IP address from my cisco phone but when I click on the button it is doesn't work. Maybe I miss something?
  • (2019-11-13, v:1.2.3 beta) Saroj Tripathi: My tab got freeze due to Cisco Dailer
    There are certain number patterns that made our browser freeze if cisco dailer try to process the text for number. The pattern is like : 200 00 00 2000000 200 00 00 400 000 000 400000000 400 000 000 and so on.. Can we get some help or fix from developer team? Thank you.
  • (2019-07-30, v:1.2.3 beta) Areen Azoian: ERROR 404
    I keep getting this error and it wont dial, my phone ip shows as and i put that into the phone address. Is there anything im missing or need to add?
  • (2019-03-05, v:1.2.3 beta) Compatibility with Cisco Jabber
    Hi there, is there any possibility to make this work with Cisco Jabber? I'd like to be able to use my software to dial by simply clicking on the numbers on a webpage. Thank you! Imraan.
  • (2019-01-17, v:1.2.3 beta) Paul Gaponov: numbers shuffle on the page
    Hello, my friends cisco dialer is acting weird. its really hard to explain, ill do my best. when there are multiple phone numbers on one page in this order Company: ABC Phone #: 555-555-5555 Company: CBA Phone #: 555-888-8888 Company: XYZ Phone #: 321-123-4321 Company: XYZ Phone #: 333-987-6543 at first its good, but as soon as you refresh the page, phone numbers will shuffle in following order Company: ABC Phone #: 333-987-6543 Company: CBA Phone #: 555-555-5555 Company: XYZ Phone #: 555-888-8888 Company: XYZ Phone #: 321-123-4321 I can create a video and show you exactly what I mean. as soon as we disable the extension, everything seems to be working fine, except there is no click to dial.
  • (2018-10-25, v:1.2.3 beta) Maxad Vorot: extra feature for ext calls
    Could you add feature for calling ext number inside company? Some checkbox and field. If i dial 3 or 4 digits [Dial:{number} ] else [Dial:9{number}]. Thanks in advance!
  • (2018-10-03, v:1.2.3 beta) CP-8841 Can't Connect
    I am getting a could not connect to phone error. I have tried using Host name and the IP address. What should I try next?
  • (2018-09-27, v:1.2.3 beta) Ella: Compatibility with cloud based services
    There are several of that us at a company that uses Cisco Extension (Beta) to make fast and efficient calls through a cloud based service used for cold calling. Recently, we have ran into the issue of the contact number not changing each time we click on it. When I disable the Cisco Ext app, it seems to work fine. There seems to be an incompatibility between Cisco Ext application and websites. Please advise. Thanks, Ella.
  • (2018-09-06, v:1.2.3 beta) messing up posted phone numbers
    I'm using it on truckersedge.dat.com on the old version of this web site everything works perfect, but after they updated to newer version cisco extension starts messing posted numbers. If somebody can contact me I would explain and show more detailed.
  • (2018-05-15, v:1.2.3 beta) Jonathan Codorniu: CRM Salesforce
    Hi Is there a way I can get salesforce to automatically log calls made via the cisco dialer app? Thank you. JC


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