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Nuke Comments on Google+™ (delisted)

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Delete a comment and block the commenter in two clicks. Take control of your Google+ experience.

Image from store Nuke Comments on Google+™
Description from store How to use: A link labeled "Nuke" will appear next to the +1 button on other people's comments on your own Google+ posts. Clicking it will prompt you to delete the comment, and once you confirm the deletion, the person will be blocked from your profile. You may also report the user as a spammer. Option for advanced users: One Click Delete&Block. Moderate the longest threads in the minimal time. - - - - - - - Changelog: v0.5.0: Added support for page accounts! v0.4.2: Fix for another UI change, made code more future proof. v0.4.1: Cosmetic fix for new Google+ UI v0.4.0: Technical fix for new Google+ UI v0.3.8, v0.3.9: Improvements to connection stability (should reduce failures) v0.3.7: Remove old nuke button v0.3.6: Integrated latest jsapi v0.3.5: Fixed major bug that prevented the extension from loading in some cases. v0.3.4: Added +1 button and Google+ badge. v0.3.3: Changed to the new cleaner icon. v0.3.2: Fix for nuke dialog in notifications pane. v0.3.1: Use a secure connection to serve the icon. v0.3.0: Changed the Nuke button to be an icon near the X and Flag icons. Fixed bug where Nuke button didn't appear for flagged posts. v0.2.2: Fixed bug where clicking the right mouse button caused a nuke. v0.2.1: Supports nuking from notifications pane. v0.2.0: Redesigned Nuke flow, added option to report for spam, added option for one click nuking. v0.1.3: Refined privacy policy. v0.1.2: Added anonymous statistics collection and a privacy policy. v0.1.1: Supports new Google+ class names in the DOM. v0.1.0: First release.

Latest reviews

  • (2013-11-23) Rabab Khan: It was perfect but where did it go?
  • (2013-11-08) Te TTillett: I Loved the Nuke Button but suddenly it has disappeared & with the merger of youtube & G+ comments it looks like I'll be needing to use it much more often - PLEASE FIX This
  • (2013-10-12) Zoraya Tonel: Almost perfect, except that it doesn't work in my page sometimes.
  • (2013-08-29) Mr. Lance E Sloan: It's a good concept, but it needs to be expanded. I would like to "nuke" commenters on others' posts and other posters, too. There are too many people who post to the wrong stream or make inappropriate comments. I'd like to block them all with one click.
  • (2012-04-13) John Hattan: Necessary if you find yourself getting popular on G+. Make comment spammers disappear with one step.
  • (2012-04-11) Tom Towles: Please update this extension so it works again after Google+ changes today. Great extension
  • (2012-02-27) Dan Leveille: Works great! :D
  • (2012-02-04) --edit-- It does work indeed :) I just was looking for it at the wrong place.
  • (2012-01-31) Kimberly Unger: Eloquent, clean, an excellent plugin!
  • (2012-01-31) Dirk Talamasca: Very nice. Quick, efficient, effective.
  • (2012-01-30) Lily G: It works as advertised. :)

Latest issues

  • (2017-11-10, v:0.5.4) Tillett for Connecticut: Will This be updated?
    I am surprised now that I need to use the Nuke Comments that it is no longer there - Will you be updating your wonderful service so that we'll be able to use it once again?
  • (2017-04-05, v:0.5.4) no nuke button
    I cant find the nuke button
  • (2016-04-06, v:0.5.4) benjamenYTDead TheGamer: Nuke
    Nuke me! but dont ;)
  • (2013-12-06, v:0.5.4) Te TTillett: PLEASE UPDATE on Fix Progress
    Where is our beloved & very much used Nuke Button?
  • (2013-11-23, v:0.5.4) Rabab Khan: Nuke has been nuked
    Where did my beloved Nuke go? It has disappeared from my comments. Please bring it back.
  • (2013-10-06, v:0.5.4) Marianne Sansum: Nuke
    This has disappeared from my comments....I come to use it and it is not there and yet it says in my tool it is still active...this is infuriating....and frustrating
  • (2013-07-22, v:0.5.4) Biplab Gupta: what is access my data after
    Nuke version in Use


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