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Instant collaboration, as simple as messaging.

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Description from store Hiro let's you organize things with simple text snippets. They even work for the most chaotic people and are perfect for things like: • Keeping tabs with friends. Money owed, things recommended, all in one place. This information is normally spread across dozens of emails or chats. With Hiro it's easy to pull it all together. • Organizing things freely, without any complicated structures. Still using textfiles on your desktop? Like us. That's why we started working on Hiro. We wanted the speed & simplicity of text with the ability to sync & share. • To tie the wisdom of your contacts together, instead of a gazillion chat histories. What's the best new restaurant in town? The greatest 80ies sci-fi movies? Normally this questions get asked over and over again, Hiro collects all the answers in one place. Hiro is ridiculously fast, works offline and syncs seamlessly across all your devices. ------------------ FAQ: ------------------ How is this different from Evernote or other note-taking and note-sharing apps? Hiro is always perfectly synchronized among all devices (whit a backup in the cloud), allows offline access, sharing with friends and opens immediately. Doing three of those things at once is easy, all four at the same time is the hard part. Do you support orgMode, Pomodoro, Eisenhower or other productivity concepts? Yes. Because Hiro is just pure text, we don't enforce any structure but let you choose the one that suits you best. It's a bit like Notational Velocity, just with the added benefits mentioned above. I'm already using Whatsapp or any other group messenger, is there any use for Hiro? Yes. See the examples in the screenshots. Hiro is for more permanent information. If you ever scrolled and searched like crazy across various apps and your email client because you thought "it must be somewhere in here", you'll appreciate Hiro. Do people have to signup to use Hiro? No. Unlike Dropbox or Drive, you can share private tokens that the person you want to communicate with can use without signing up at all. Your mum will love this. I'm using textfiles, Textmate or my inbox as task-management tool and organizer. Should i look at Hiro? Very, very strong yes. A lot of people choose Hiro exactly because it allows them to use plain text for taskmanagement, so groups of friends and colleagues can create whatever organizing principle they like. Which character sets does Hiro support? Hiro supports and syncs Unicode UTF8, UTF16 and UTF32, including the Supplementary Multilingual Plane that can hold pretty much everything from musical or mathematical notes to Emoji . Aside from the responsive width of the HTML5 app, it's perfectly safe to use it as pastebin for a quick note containing pretty much any programming language, including Javascript, markdown source, JSON, REST, CSS, HTML etc, and of course some good old ASCII art with friends. Is Hiro like an online word processor? No. Those tools are for longer texts, when your mind is focused on formal writing. Hiro is for all the things where those tool would be too slow or too much overhead. Think quick notetaking and notesharing. Scrappy notes or post-it's. Is Hiro totally free? For normal daily usage: Yes, forever. But some power features require a monthly plan, which is our business model, instead of selling your data to advertisers. But you can always share as many notes as you like with as many friends as you wish.

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  • (2015-01-28) Christopher Lupo: Oh my goodness. Somebody finally made a decent responsive notes webapp with a gorgeous interface. Well done

Latest issues

  • (2020-03-23, v:0.11.2) crawling children: non working
    so i just got the app on my chrome book and i clicked on it but nothing was happening if you could please fix that it would be great!
  • (2016-11-15, v:0.11.2) 502 Bad Gateway
    The site is down. I'm worried about my notes. Please help.
  • (2015-12-28, v:0.11.2) Hassan Rasool: keeps adding back
    i have removed it a lot of times but it keeps adding back to my extensions. please do something about it. its very annoying.


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