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Share your favourite pages with your Diaspora* friends and receive notifications directly on your browser.

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Description from store Diaspora* Publisher allows you to share your favorite pages with your friends. From version 1.9 you receive notifications directly on your browser. Before use, be sure to set up your own Diaspora pod url by right clicking on the icon which appears on the right side of the address bar and select "Options". Pod list in options page is updated from http://podupti.me/, thanks to dmorley. You can also select and share a specific part of the page. Development: https://github.com/vcuculo/diaspora-chrome-publisher More info about Diaspora*: http://diasporafoundation.org/ https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora/wiki *** Changelog *** 1.9.7 : Completely new UI Added no-shorturl option Added Chrome Rich Notifications 1.9.6 : Added German language - Thanks to Steffen Kampmann 1.9.5 : Update to manifest v2 1.9.4 : Bugfix thanks to Merle 1.9.0 : Added notifications feature 1.8.0 : Added Tinyurl.com as shorturl service 1.7.4 : Fixed bug with no-image pages Updated JQuery to v1.7.2 1.7.3 : Fixed problem with Markdown 1.7.2 : Added support for Vimeo videos with preview Added option to insert a message when posting 1.7.0 : Added support for YouTube videos with preview 1.6.5 : Added more options 1.6.4 : Minor bugfix and support to https 1.6.2 : Added French language - Thanks to Erwan Guyader 1.6.1 : Minor bugfix 1.6.0 : Added image selection 1.5.0 : Added #tag insertion 1.4.7 : Nicer sharing using Markdown 1.4.6 : Better image sharing 1.4.4 : Removed jsonlib causing error Updated JQuery to v1.7.1 1.4.3 : Fixed bug with images 1.4.2 : Fixed bug with " (quotes) page title 1.4.1 : Fixed bugs with " (quotes) and CRLF in selected text Added image in markdown syntax when <link rel="image_src"> is present in the page Added option to enable/disable images 1.3.1 : Fixed bug with jsonlib 1.3.0 : Added Internationalization support (en/it) New options page with autocomplete on pod list Use of Chrome notifications 1.2.2 : Pod list is now taken from http://podupti.me/ 1.2.0 : Changed icon, better for dark themes Added local pod list in options page 1.1.0 : Fixed problems with diaspora code 1.0.3 : Increased window size 1.0.2 : Added goo.gl url shortener for long urls For bugs or suggestions leave a review below, or fill an issue on github page.

Latest reviews

  • (2018-11-05) Christopher Lamke: This extension has greatly improved the speed and quality of my shares to Diaspora. Thank you for creating it.
  • (2018-10-10) サムネイルの画像を選べたり、良くできている。SNS共有アドオンとしては完璧だと思う。
  • (2018-05-06) Jeffrey: Does this rely on the ability for a page to show pop-ups? I seem to be having a problem, and I believe that might be the cause.
  • (2018-02-07) Funciona a la perfección, dando inclusoformato vistoso al contenido compartido y al comentario de forma automática
  • (2017-03-14) Stefanie's Aura (smokinsteffi): Very nice i like it ... :)
  • (2016-10-26) Rubén de Celis Hernández: It doesn't work properly! Chrome version: 53.0.2785.143 Diaspora Pod version:
  • (2015-02-09) Guy Verrijdt: Works fine
  • (2015-01-22) Leah Larsen: I wont let me leave it .
  • (2013-09-16) Marc Nagels-Durand: Seems to work well.
  • (2013-08-07) Francisco George: It seems it doesn't work on Chrome 30.0.1588.0 dev-m
  • (2013-06-24) FURB Furbish: This is an excellent extension of chrome. It makes it easy to post into the diaspora, adds a picture from the link, and allows you to add your own picture. Wunderbar! So easy to use! I've re-installed the extension after several users have raised security concerns over google's url shortener.
  • (2012-09-03) Bruno Kreuter: funzt einwandfrei...
  • (2012-05-26) Giulia Di Ienno: Great extension!
  • (2012-05-22) Dan Church: Maybe I'm stupid, but I can't figure out how to make it work properly. It seems to want to shorten every URL with Google and insert a bunch of garbagey-looking markdown code. That, and the window doesn't close after posting.
  • (2012-05-09) Linda J: I never have any problems with this extension, bar the situations when the site I want to share has "frames". I despise frames, and the people who use them in a deluded attempt to make a website more accessible. But the extension is still wonderful. Grazie Vittorio.
  • (2012-04-20) rv riveravaldez: Awesome! Can't believe how good it works and the absolutely smart design of the interface. Thanks guys!!
  • (2012-03-16) Emma Lyse: Shows great promise.Having trouble getting the plugin to let me add a message or tags despite them being ticked in options.Have to remember to untick 'insert page url' for youtube clips or you get the video posted twice (my music stream is full of others posts with twin vid clips).
  • (2011-11-15) Riccardo Vagelli: Eccezionale, una cosa mai vista !!! (non sò di parte di più) !!!
  • (2011-11-08) Peter Mertens: Posting images is currently not possible :-(, hangs during upload. Also, Window not closing automatically, although posts (incl. FB and Twitter) work (without pics).

Latest issues

  • (2019-05-04, v: Filippo Salustri: URL shortening & default formatting
    tinyurl is the only service that works. Please remove or fix the others. Also, the formatting inserts "<br>"s in various places where it should be inserting newlines. Basically, the preformatting is broken. Since this is really the only option for Chrome users, you have a captive market and it would be great if you fixed these problems.
  • (2019-03-12, v: Thomas Rohde (Tom): “Enable Notifications” logging me out frequently
    Ever since I installed this plugin I got logged out of pluspora frequently. Last night I disabled it, and since then I had no problems whatsoever. From a comment above I assume that it’s probably the “Enable Notifications” feature that’s responsible for this.
  • (2018-11-05, v: Tambe Zuri: sobre el addon de chrome
    Hola, antes funcionaba bién, pero ahora no funciona, abre mi muro en diaspora pero no puedo compartir artículos directamente como antes.
  • (2018-10-11, v: CSRF errors?
    Unless I disabled the "Enable Notifications" option I was getting logged out of my Diaspora session, once disabled all was well. Coincidence or a problem? At least one other person in my diaspora aspects reported the same.
  • (2016-09-09, v: Florian Schleuppner: diaspora* version
    Actually I'm having a problem with Diaspora* Publisher after upgrading my pod to diaspora* version Posting works well but the indicator for notifications doesn't work again. Thank's for looking at this issue.
  • (2015-02-09, v:1.9.6) Guy Verrijdt: Choose 'public' and choose aspects?
    All the posts made with it are "limited"; can I change this?? How can I choose between public and limited, and when limited, how can I choose the aspects?
  • (2015-02-03, v:1.9.6) Michael Singer: URL Shortener
    Can they make use of the optional URL Shortener in their chrome extension. Diaspora and a URL Shortener not fit together, since Google's privacy is not guaranteed. Would be nice if they could implement in the "Diaspora * Publisher".
  • (2015-01-09, v:1.9.6) Jan Rhebergen: setting pod
    no action after clicking submit
  • (2014-12-17, v:1.9.6) Amy Storm: Change aspects?
    Can you change aspects before posting? It says limited and I'm not sure which group that is.
  • (2013-12-04, v:1.9.6) Aljoscha Rittner (beandev): Manipuliert DOM und macht Layout kaputt
    Mit aktievertem Addon habe ich auf der Seite: http://www.heise.de/netze/netzwerk-tools/imonitor-internet-stoerungen/aktuelle-internet-stoerungen-im-ueberblick/ Layoutprobleme.


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